separation of church and state

Separation of church and state … a simple concept, right? The government will not support one religion over any other. And yet, as Larry tells us, down in Florida (and other places as well) they are attempting to do just that, by trying to pass legislation that would make the study of the Christian bible mandatory in schools. What about Jews? Muslims? Atheists? Hindus? This nation is only about 70% Christian, so … why should they dominate? Please take a few minutes to read Larry’s excellent post. Thank you, Larry, for permission to share your work!


Living as a Democrat in rural, Republican Florida challenges one’s sense of inclusiveness and social propriety.  A recent controversy in local politics regarding funding our library’s request to make the New York Times available online to library cardholders is a case in point. My friend at BY HOOK OR BY BOOK has shared a great post regarding this issue.  It is indicative of a population which refuses to leave the 1950s.

On Florida’s horizon is a bill filed by a State Senator which would require courses be made available in our public schools at taxpayers’ expense providing studies of the Bible.  The following is the letter which I have submitted to our local newspaper.

State Senator Dennis Baxley, a Republican representing the Ocala region, has filed SB 746 to be considered during the 2020 legislative session. The bill would require courses providing studies of the Bible’s Old and New Testaments…

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10 thoughts on “separation of church and state

  1. I also agree with separation of religion and state. Back in the day I taught life skills to disadvantaged youth. I had pretty much free reign on the design of those classes. Because there was so much religious diversity in one class (most were immigrants); much to the horror of my peers I tackled the topic of religion by highlighting the similarities of them. It went over well and a healthy discussion ensued. I acknowledge this was pre 9-11 and I would be leery of attempting this today.

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    • My closest friends are Syrian refugees who have been in this country for about 5 years. I have learned much about Islam from them, and frankly there ARE many similarities between Islam and Christianity. I think education, opening minds, learning, listening, and trying to understand is just what this world needs if we are to survive … we simply cannot keep hating each other based on our differences.


  2. Jill, the promotion of one religion is unconstitutional. All religions or none need to be taught. My kids said the holistic Religion studies were among the best classes they took in college. Keith

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    • I agree! My preference would be none, I think, for there is almost no way that, teachers being humans, religious classes could be taught without some degree of favouritism or prejudice. Leave religion to the churches and to parents to teach. I’m unsure what holistic Religion classes are … I’ll have to look that one up.


    • I fully agree. This is a secular nation and religion has absolutely no place in our government, certainly not in our schools. If people want their kids to get a religious education, there are plenty of parochial schools they can send them to, or else they can homeschool. But, the religious right are determined to ‘convert’ all those of us who are not of their own faith, even though I’m not sure they even believe most of what they claim to. Sigh.

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  3. Are there not enough churches willing to do this and maybe not enough other religious establishments willing to provide comparative studies or schools to provide both. If they’re trying to make their state Christian they’re liable to turn state against state this way.Teach the religions to co-exist,

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    • Oh sure, the churches and religious places can and gladly will, but see, it’s the control thing. The religious right want to make sure we all understand that they are dominant, that all those of us who are not Christians will be relegated to some sub-class, be shown that we are somehow less for not sharing their beliefs. Control, manipulation … sigh.

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