Afternoon ‘Toons!

The first thing I saw in the news this morning made my blood boil … the republicans in the House of Representatives are requesting that Hunter Biden and the whistleblower be subpoenaed to testify before the investigative committees.  First, Hunter Biden?  They have no reason to ask Hunter Biden to testify … that is harassment of a private citizen without cause.  But even worse, is their “demand” that the whistleblower testify.  That is akin to painting a big, red target on his or her back.  It would almost certainly be signing his/her death warrant, given the crazies in the Trump camp that are running around fully loaded for bear.  So, I knew that anything I would write at the moment would be a rant.  It’s Saturday, and this afternoon I will be going out for lunch and a bit of shopping with the girls, so I really don’t want to be in a growlie mood.  So, instead I decided to look at some of those brilliant political cartoons and at least maybe have a chuckle or two, at the expense of the idiots in Washington.

Lindsey Graham.  Sigh.  Lindsey seemingly has no conscience, is two-faced, and seemingly goes in whichever direction he perceives the winds of fortune to be blowing, even if it means stabbing a friend in the back, as he once did his ‘best friend’, John McCain.  More recently, ol’ Lindsey, who fully supported Bill Clinton’s impeachment back in 1998-1999, is refusing to even do his job, says he won’t even read the transcripts from the impeachment investigations.  



Since long before he took office, Trump has called climate change a ‘hoax’.  Since taking office, he has actively done everything in his power to add to the problem, to decimate and destroy our environment.  He has long said that he would take the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, making us the only nation on the planet not committed to doing everything in our power to keep the planet from becoming uninhabitable.  Last week, he kept that “promise”, and took the first step toward pulling out of the Accord.  It was a sad day for the citizens of this nation, and one that will ultimately make us the pariah, the most hated nation on earth.  Climate change is real, folks … it’s Trump who is the hoax!

climateclimate-2climate-3climate-4climate-5Nick Anderson cartoonclimate-7

Trump recently announced that he is changing his state of residence from New York to Florida.  I don’t recall what b.s. excuse he gave, but the reality is it’s naught but a tax dodge.  New Yorkers cheered, while Floridians drowned their sorrows in either a bar or the rising sea tides.

Trump-floridaTrump-florida-2Moving to Florida


I rather thought this looked more like Boris than Donnie …

There was some good news last Tuesday, as people in states like Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania used their vote to tell the nation that they are fed up with the GOP corruption running rampant in the Era of Trump.


And, of course, as I mentioned in my opening blurb, there is the whistleblower and the fact that the GOP is basically calling for his/her execution …


And, of course, there is that proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, the looming impeachment, which I hope succeeds beyond our wildest dreams and that Trump is booted out of the White House before the end of the year!  Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

impeachimpeach-2impeach-3Attacking the CIATom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c191103.tif

And, to offset any angst you might be feeling … take a look at this … guaranteed to give you a chuckle.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friends!

10 thoughts on “Afternoon ‘Toons!

  1. Jill, good toons. Couple of comments:
    – Graham is getting approriate criticism. Pelosi is doing her job. Graham needs to do his. These public servants risked a lot to speak the truth. Graham owes them and us his attention to this matter.
    – Biden won’t be asked to testify. He is peripheral to the story. Now I would like to hear why Dan Coates and Sue Gordon were asked to leave their positions.
    – There is a sidebar to Senator Kennedy’s dumb reference to Nancy Pelosi. Check out my post where I cite a few quotes.

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    • Thanks Keith! Yes, Graham is more interested in playing political, partisan games than in doing his job. You’re right about Biden, but I read earlier that somebody on the republican side of the aisle said that if Schiff doesn’t call each of the names on their list to testify, it will prove he isn’t conducting a fair process. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I did check your post and I fully concur.


      • Jill, the House Republicans will cry foul no matter what is done. I saw a blurb the president now does not want public testimony. Why? He does not want people to hear what they will say. Unless the whistleblower wants to reveal him or herself, the person should not be called – plus the person’s complaint has been validated.

        I want to hear from Bolton and Mulvaney who lied to the press about not knowing something when he was heavily involved. I also want to hear from a Dan Coates and Sue Gordon about why they were forced out.

        The diplomats take their oath seriously. In my view, the president took the oath with the seriousness of agreeing to Terms and Conditions at the bottom of a webpage. Keith

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        • You are right … look how they kept saying the investigations weren’t ‘official’ because a full House vote hadn’t been called, and then when the Democrats called for the full House vote, they still weren’t satisfied. Methinks they have a pony in this race and are running nervous, eh? But, to turn the process into a three-ring circus is NOT acceptable. Seems to me that far too many of our elected officials are taking the salary we pay them, but forgetting their “terms of employment”, ie that oath they swore.


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