I Thought We Were Better …

There was a big college football game between Louisiana State University and the University of Alabama, to be played on Alabama’s home field yesterday afternoon.  For some reason that still evades me, Trump and Melania attended the game … at our expense, of course.

Now, in recent weeks, Trump has received less than warm receptions at other sporting events, such as game #5 of the World Series where Washington Nationals fans ‘boo-ed’ him and chanted “lock him up!”  One Fox News commentator said …

“They should hold those fans accountable. You don’t boo the president! You show respect to him!”

Excuse me, sir, but respect is earned, and thus far Mr. Trump has done nothing to earn mine.  Though I have mixed feelings about the boo-ing and chanting, it is a means of peaceful protest, and I’m pretty sure that had I been at that game, I would have boo-ed as loud as any.

And then, there was the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) last week that was attended by Trump, accompanied by his sons Junior and Eric and Republican lawmakers Kevin McCarthy, Mark Meadows and Peter King.  The crowd there also jeered the party, and some even held signs calling for Trump’s impeachment and removal.  One gets the impression that he is not as well-loved by ‘everybody’ as he claims, yes?

So, fool that he is, he made plans to attend this Alabama college game.  College campuses were almost made for protest, it seems.  Young people in the U.S. today are politically savvy and most are not very happy with the way the country is being run, so it stands to reason that there will be protests, right?  But wait!  Officials at the University of Alabama declared that any students caught “disrupting” Trump’s visit would lose their reserved seating for the remainder of the season.  This is a direct violation of students’ First Amendment right to engage in peaceful protest, to make their voices heard.

And so it was that Trump received a ‘warm’ reception at the game on Friday night.  Too bad … I think it would have been appropriate if everyone had protested by boycotting the game.  But, there was at least one protest outside the stadium …baby-trump-balloon-2The baby Trump balloon was on display at a park near the stadium!  For a few minutes, anyway … until some over-zealous Alabaman/Trumpian decided to … slash it!baby-trump-balloonAccording to one of the organizers of the protest …

“It was a random dude just ran up to the balloon, stuck a knife in it, and ran off. We had police close by because of another driver earlier, so they went over and arrested him and his getaway driver.”

Three things bother me greatly about this:

  • Why has Trump, with Melania in tow, wasted taxpayer money and his time to attend three separate sporting events in the course of two weeks? Does he really have so much free time on his hands?  Is there not work he could be doing?  Is this what we pay him for???  Or are we paying to feed his over-bloated ego, paying for him to “be seen” by his loyal masses?

  • If the students of the University of Alabama had to be threatened in order to give Trump a ‘warm’ reception, doesn’t that tell you something about the sentiment of the public toward Trump? And … where were the students’ first amendment rights?  I know it’s Alabama, but last I looked on the map, it is still one of the 50 ‘United’ states, and as such, its people have the same rights, as afforded by the U.S. Constitution, as any of us.

  • Where is the civility? I do not recall a single time that anybody acted in this manner when President Obama made a public appearance.  But then, I don’t recall Obama ever acting in the manner in which Trump acts in public, either.  Perhaps it’s true what they say, that sh*t flows downhill, and Trump’s behaviour has flowed all the way down to his fans.  But, are we really going to allow Trump’s behaviour and hateful rhetoric cause us to regress as a society to the point that we cannot even allow a peaceful protest?

The right to peaceful protest is one part of the foundation of this nation.  But, like every other right, it is contingent on accepting the responsibility that accompanies it.  When protests turn violent, we risk losing that right.  But, think about it … remember during the 2016 campaign when more than once, Trump urged people to perpetrate violence on protestors?  Remember he even told one group at a rally that he would pay their legal bills if they were arrested for beating up protestors?  I wonder if he will offer to pay the legal bills for the man who slashed the balloon?  Remember when Trump applauded then-candidate, now-Congressman Greg Gianforte for beating up a reporter who simply asked him a question he didn’t like?

No matter what side of the political fence a person is on, there is simply no excuse for violence.  This, coupled with the lunacy of the gun culture in this country, is a recipe for disaster.  I thought we were better than this, but more and more I’m learning that we are not.

41 thoughts on “I Thought We Were Better …

  1. Jill, the idea that he went there, for one purpose and one purpose only: acceptance and adulation, is enough for me to blow a gasket. I don’t know how the major news outlets carried it, but damn it, this is beyond petty and petulant. He knew he’d be accepted better there. It’s the confederacy after all, right? It’s his base. It’s where they still love him. Once again, I think most people are numb to the crazy president. Just a shrug of the shoulders and whatever, I suppose. He’s just such an….fill in the blank. . UGHHHH

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    • Yep, he went to be seen, to be ‘adored’, to boost his ego after the other two events. And we paid for his little ego trip … and for Melania to be seen, as well. WE PAID for this ridiculousness!!! I’m sick and tired of it. he wants to cut social programs, cut Social Security, repeal ACA, but he can flit all about the place for photo ops! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No, you really don’t want me to fill in the blank … it would be X-rated! 😉

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      • You know, I think about the previous occupant in the White House. What an absolute role model he was. Good family man, nice wife and kids. No scandals, unless you count the stupid manufactured Republican ones. And now we have this ridiculous, abhorrent man, whom the evangelicals think has been sent from God. Is it any wonder I drink? LOL.

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        • I know. Sigh. Courage, grace, dignity, intelligence … all those things we lost when Trump replaced Obama. You know I have a bumper sticker on my van that reads, “I Miss Obama”, right? The other day at Kroger, a lady across the aisle was getting out of her car, and I could tell she was speaking to me, but of course I couldn’t hear her, so I motioned to her that I can’t hear, and she walked over, pointed at my sticker, and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I miss him too!” When I got the sticker, David was afraid somebody might vandalize my van, but so far nobody’s touched it! But then, I live in a non-white, non-republican neighborhood and rarely take my van, which has well over 220,000 miles on it, past the grocery store. And no, ’tis no wonder at all … I find my consumption of wine has increased of late, too!

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          • That’s good to know Jill. I, however, live in a mostly white small town that voted for the idiot 59-36% in 2016. Needless to say, I won’t be putting any bumper stickers on my vehicle anytime soon. Even at the grocery store, I see these people coming in with their MAGA hats and t-shirts. It’s tough to take. But, I refrain. Usually if my wife’s with me, she holds my arm and says: “Be Nice”….UGHHH….it’s hard Jill!

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  2. Thanks for this important post. I didn’t know about the university ultimatum. Though I try to avoid watching 45 because watching him tends to make me feel sick. I watched the video of his reaction to being booed at the world series several times. Melania looked embarrassed which is understandable. 45 genuinely looked like he might cry, just for a couple seconds until he regained his composure. I was surprised that he could be vulnerable and caught off guard by the fact that he is not adored by everyone. Is he that oblivious to reality? Does he have any idea that his own behavior has brought on this disdain? It has left me even more disturbed.

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    • We are of a like mind. Seeing him makes me feel ill and also makes me want to throw something. Since I cannot afford a new computer right now, I just avoid watching him at all! I, too, watched that clip multiple times, and for just a second I actually felt empathy for him, but it didn’t last long. I only had to remember all the things he has done to earn those ‘boos’. No, I don’t think he understands that he is only reaping what he has sown with his corrupt ways and his divisive rhetoric. He’s got such an ego that he honestly seems to believe everybody loves him. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, as. Native of Louisiana and avid LSU fan, that game was very significant for those of us who love the thrill of football and seeing the home team win. From the moment my husband told me about the Trumps attending I was tempted to not even watch. But I just couldn’t not support our guys who have worked so hard to be the best team we have seen in years. It was a great game and I was happy not to see focus on the Trumpturage. Knowing the students were blackmailed into feigning support and suppressing their right to protest incited mixed emotions in me. While it infuriated me that they were threatened, it encouraged me that it was necessary due to auch animosity towards the evil in Washington.

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    • I’m glad you were able to enjoy the game, despite the hoopla surrounding Trump! And, even gladder your team won!!! I think it is wrong for politicians to bring the controversy that surrounds them into this arena. Sporting events are supposed to be fun, entertainment. We don’t need politicians taking the spotlight for themselves … they do enough of that in other venues. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be able to attend sporting events … only that they should do so quietly and respectfully, not with a bunch of pageantry and preening.

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  4. the students need to take the issue up with their academic council first, then to the board of regents. you are correct, their rights were violated in that threat.
    And no, we are not better than this anymore..this sort of violent behavior is becoming more and more “normal”.

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  5. Jill, first it was a great football game. I am less concerned about a president going to events. I am more concerned with students being told how to act. However, it may back fire on those who did so, as people remember being threatened. Keith

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    • As you already know, I cannot find it in myself to take an interest in football, but I acknowledge that it was quite a game, from all reports. My problem with the prez attending is that he turns it into a photo op for his own self-aggrandizement … at taxpayer’s expense. And yes, my bigger concern is with stifling the voices of the students under threat. What country are we living in again?

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      • Jill, this thought keeps echoing in my head. Picture being a student at U of Alabama. A home football game is a huge social event even for the less avid fans. But, you are told you must feign appreciation for a person who recurringly demeans the office he represents and our democracy. If I were a student, I would remember that.

        I am not one who would be inclined to boo anyone, yet I would not be clapping either for such a person. Civil disobedience is meaningful and entirely appropriate. Keith

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        • If I were a student and had been told such, I would almost certainly have lost my season pass, for I would have defied the order. Else I would have stayed home and not attended the game. I’ve never taken orders well when they were contrary to common sense, when they went against what I thought right and just. ‘Tis a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.


  6. Hello Jill. He is looking for something he can use in campaign advertisements. Him walking into places to cheering crowds. It was funny they posted the fight entry video claiming he was being overwhelmingly cheered when you could clearly hear the boos. As for clamping down on college dissent that has been a Republican tactic for years. They have been trying to keep students from voting in all the southern states. This is a pure authoritarian move. Make sure the Dear Leader feels good. It is a far cry from when the tea party would burn Obama in effigy at events. Hugs

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    • No doubt you are right, but there ought to be limits. Oh, silly me, I forgot there are no limits on the corruption and that he is ‘above the law’. So, in my book, he is already a dictator. Bah Humbug. I’m so tired of this … all of it … and I’m tired of PAYING for it! Hugs, my friend.

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