Junior Writ A Book!

Junior-book-1Junior, aka Donald Trump, Jr., has allegedly written a book.  Now, I say ‘allegedly’, because let’s face it, Junior doesn’t come across as the brightest bulb in the pack, but rather as a ‘chip off the old block’, in other words not much more literate than his father.  My guess is he either had a ghost writer or a lot of help from people with far higher IQs than his own.

Disclaimer:  I have not read Junior’s book, nor will I.  I did see a display of them at Barnes & Noble yesterday, but I did not even touch them. 

The title of Junior’s book is Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.  Another “us vs them” book.  The dedication reads …

“I dedicate this book to the DEPLORABLES. While the elite of the other party look down on you and would rather you stay silent, I salute your work ethic, patriotism, and values. America wouldn’t be great without your blood, sweat, and tears.  I will always stand with you!  I am proudly one of you.”

They just can’t leave Hillary alone, can they?  It’s as if they are obsessed. I imagine Hillary is getting more than a few laughs out of their ridiculous obsession.  But I digress.

junior-book-memeThe book, I am told, is currently ranked #3 on Amazon’s ‘bestseller list’, though it has only a 2.5-star rating on Barnes & Noble and doesn’t appear on the New York Times Bestseller list.  Perhaps Jeff Bezos is trying to play nice with Trumpie and manipulated the Amazon rating?  Anyway, people have been having fun with this, or rather making fun of Junior.junior-book.pngComedians Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig — aka The Good Liars ― on Thursday changed the covers of “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” at a Barnes & Noble store in Brooklyn, New York, to “make it a little more honest”.  The Good Liars are the same group that put this poster on the New York City subways …crazy-rudy.pngAnd back in 2017, they planted fake merchandise in the Trump Tower gift shop.  The fake products included KKK hoods, urine-proof sheets, a Vladimir Putin calendar, Russian flags and much more.  Check out their video that tells all about it!  But, back to the book …

The Good Liars weren’t the only ones to spoof Junior! FiggeredWritten by Ben Fletcher, a “UK based actor, writer, producer, director, publisher, and failed politician”, it is touted on Amazon as …

This book will be a book that will change your life as you know it forever. That’s right. Forever.

This is going to be the book that will change forever the way that you look at all of the things that are going on across our great nation and also the rest, not-so-great, bits of the world.

This is going to be the look that makes you realize just how many of the problems that we see and face each day are the fault of those snowflake generation liberals.

In this book, no one is going to be spared.

In this book, political correctness has had its Green Card denied and been turned back at the border.

This parody was released on November 5th, the same day as Junior’s book.  I read a few of the customer reviews and you can tell the democrats from the republicans just by those comments.  Democrats all found it hilarious, republicans all pouted and said, “I don’t see the joke”.  ‘Twould seem the republicans have lost the ability to see humour, have lost the ability to laugh at themselves, eh?

But, if you’re still scratching your head over the #3 Amazon ranking, Junior may have had some help in selling that book.  Turns out that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has bought up a large stock of the books and is giving them as gifts in exchange for campaign donations.RNC-letterDespite the Amazon ranking and favourable reviews, most reviewers did not think highly of the book.  The Guardian reviewers Ed Pilkington and Martin Pengelly were among the naysayers …

“… it reveals its author to be every bit as devoted to partisan trolling, childish insults and grudge-holding as his father in the Oval Office.  Trump Jr tells readers he did not set out in writing Triggered to offend anyone. Which is surprising, as he does such a good job at precisely that.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is a “feeble old fool” at the head of a “crooked investigation”; conservative commentator Bill Kristol is a rat; the Squad of four leftwing congresswomen that includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should be renamed “Hamas caucus”; George W Bush is a loser like Romney.

One of the more striking aspects of the book is the way in which Trump Jr portrays himself as a victim of liberal political correctness. “I’m essentially not allowed to have an opinion any more, let alone express that opinion in public,” he writes.”

junior-colouring-bookBut, there was one thing in the book that has drawn the ire of many, particularly veterans, when he appeared to compare the sacrifices by U.S. troops killed in combat to …

“… the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed — voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off of the office.’”

Understandably, many including myself found that offensive.  There is no comparison between men and women who gave their lives in service to their country, in a war they did not start, to a family who chose to divide and destroy an entire nation.  The “sacrifices” they have made have brought them profit and power.  The sacrifices the soldiers made brought them and their families nothing but grief.  No comparison.

Yesterday, Junior stormed out of a book launch in anger.  The ultimate irony is in this headline:

“Donald Trump Jr. stormed out of an event for his book — which accuses the left of stifling open debate — after getting heckled for refusing to do a Q&A”

The funniest part about this is that the people there were Trump supporters!  They just wanted him to answer some questions. Like his father before him, this boy knows how to make a fool of himself, then blame us for laughing!  For those of you who are old enough … remember what the old Sears & Roebuck catalogs were used for?  Perhaps Junior’s book could serve a similar purpose?

Lest you think I’m being too hard on “poor li’l Junior”, I leave you with a couple of final pictures … the ones I always see in my mind whenever I hear his name …junior - killertrump-sons-killers


39 thoughts on “Junior Writ A Book!

    • I don’t know … remember we didn’t think even Trump’s and Vlad’s money could buy the election for Trump, but … well, we see how that worked out. I like to think we have learned our lesson and will shun anyone with the name Trump forevermore, but … sigh.

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    • you know, the dnc should give out codes for people to get my music to calm them during this tempestuous political season. That could probably work.

      The rnc wouldn’t have such an interest, they don’t want people calm, they want an anxious fear based voting block.

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  1. Junior actually thinks he might run for something in the future. Give me a break. These guys have such a high opinion of themselves. They call Democrats elitist and the base believes it. The guys with the golden toilets are bastions of the working-class ? I don’t get it Jill. Oh, and here’s the irony of all ironies…We know damn well that Trump Sr. won’t even read Donnie Jr.’s book. But, he promotes it on Twitter nonetheless. Dumb…..and dumber.

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  2. Do you know why he’s obsessed about that stupid deplorables remark? because it demonstrates the hatred and contempt that darling Hillary has for people who aren’t elite like her, people who don’t have the same beliefs as her, and people who don’t think the same way she does.
    This is the very reason why someone like trump, an idiotic television personality was able to win and if the polls and history are to believed, he’ll win again in 2020, not that I’m thrilled about it but I’m being real. I wonder how much of a meltdown there will be if this happens.
    People like Hillary, and all of the other scummy democrats and, yes, republican washington insiders have demonstrated for decades that they didn’t and don’t give a damn about the average person in this country. They’re only in politics to serve themselves and not their constituents and for her to call people who speak out against that elitist attitude deplorable, well my friend, that is just reprehensible and shows what a narrow-minded stupid person she really is.
    No donald isn’t any better, he hasn’t drained the swamp, he is complicit when his cultish followers chant things like “lock her up” and “send them back”, both of which are understandable reasons to have the belief that some trump supporters are deplorable, he hasn’t made Mexico pay for the wall, he says things daily on twitter that are just stupid but I for one am appalled that every 4 years in this country, we have to make the choice between the lesser of two evils.

    We deserve what we get every single time and it’s people’s apathy over the decades that have caused this mess, people who don’t care about politics, people who don’t vote in local elections, don’t take the time that it may require to get informed on the issues, they’d rather watch stupid cat videos on Youtube and be shocked that one human can murder another over a stupid chicken sandwich.

    so even though I didn’t vote for trump and won’t vote for him in the next election, I suppose I’m one of those deplorables too even though I am not a racist, not a homophobe, not scare of Islam, none of thise things that the media just love to obsess over every single damn day to convince people that things are really falling apart.

    I hear from people who spend the weekend off the grid that life outside of social media is great, no antifa thugs beating up someone wo is wearing a hat, no trump supporter telling someone of a different skin tone to get the hell out of their neighborhood. I think I’ll go for a walk and perhaps find some civilization.

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    • Good post. There are some good thoughts in this comment, as well. Hillary ran a horrible campaign and her use of “deplorables” was a galvanizjng factor. against. Trump is a gifted sales person, but a horrible manager (per financial reporters).. Trump looks for props to sell off fear and image . He is not steeped in knowledge, so labels, name calling are key tools of his.

      As for Junior, he adds “unearned” smugness to the mix, which is a trait I detest. It is a trait Roger Ailes valued when he set up Fox – it is not important to win a fact basd argument, as it is more important to be overbearing and smug. I was annoyed when Junior had an overt lie with CBS Morning News that went unfettered.

      To me, the best microcosm of Trump’s modus operandi is with the Trump Foundation that hit the news this week and last year. Trump agreed he misused funds and repaid the trust $2 million. And, all the Trump children had to attend Board training. Trump’s CFO was on the Board and no one ever told him he was. Keith

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    • Dear sklawlor,
      Your comment is spot on! Don Jr’s “book” is pure right-wing propaganda only Trump’s devout supporters would consume such garbage. It’s the same whenever Hillary puts out a book, trying to politically spin a narrative to her advantage, all about her. It’s hard to believe any politician telling the truth because their interests are not aligned with the public, especially so when it comes to an inept narcissistic billionaire. I wish conservative voters lose the rose colored glasses and simply use common sense! Oh how we’re desperately in need of a third party!!!

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  3. PS Have you seen the you tube video of that teen girl ‘trying’ to rap about being a Maga Kid? Made me want to vomit. This world is becoming so frightening to me that I’m glad I am on the far side of my time here.

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  4. Hello Jill. I find it stunning that the tRump family rails against the elites while trying to convince the cultist commoners that the tRump’s are “just like them”. The tRump’s fly in private planes, are chauffeur driven, living in penthouses, and living the life of luxury mostly on the taxpayers dimes. They do hate that they do not fit in with the wealthy society they claim they are part of , but that society looks down on the tRump’s as crude thugs and pretenders. So the tRump’s do not fit in either ends of of the spectrum, they are neither elites nor are they commoners, but they want to convince both groups they belong to them. Weirdos. Hugs

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    • I’m with you on that, Scottie. I am always amazed when I hear of someone saying, “He’s one of us”, and I want to ask them if they, too, have gold toilets in their homes. People, some of them anyway, have lost their bloomin’ marbles! Hugs!

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  5. I’m pretty sure daddy dictated parts of this book to him, for how else could he know some of the thingshe is cefending daddy big bucks for doing. Other parts would have been written by the powers-that-be in the RNC. No way would Jr. have strung so many words together. Meanwhile, Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank for finally being able to profit so much directly from the Trump family. I cannot believe Jr allowed Amazon to sell his book for him. He cannot think his way out of a wet plastic bag!

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