Day One of Inquiry-Media Already Drops the Ball

Since I couldn’t bring myself to write about yesterday’s televised hearings, I will share with you Jeff’s take on the media’s response which was, to say the least, largely lackluster. Thanks, Jeff, for a great assessment … you are spot on!

On The Fence Voters

So day one of the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump is now in the books. Ambassador William Taylor and Under Secretary of State George Kent gave testimony for over five hours. Day two is tomorrow, with former Ukrainian Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch set to take the stand. I thought day one went well for the Democrats, and I planned on giving my overall opinion on some of what I observed–until I saw the following tweets:

Unfortunately, my mood changed quickly. Really NBC News and Jeff Mason of Reuters? Is this is the best you can do? A “lack of pizzazz,” “boring,” and “hearings begin…

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6 thoughts on “Day One of Inquiry-Media Already Drops the Ball

  1. Jill, I am repeating what I said on Jeff’s site. To me, judging sober testimony from an enterainment shows poorly. I found Messers. Kent and Taylor credible, honorable, duty-bound and courageous. I am proud we have public servants like these gentlemen. I also think when Taylor answered a question saying what the president did was “wrong,” that actually resonated with a few Republicans.

    Yet, a point made near the end should be highlighted. The aid was not released until after the whistleblower issue was made public and there waa bipartisan frustration with the president. Mr. Nunes and friends need to be reminded of this point and Taylor’s point that what the president did was wrong,

    On a related issue, I left a message for a GOP senator and spoke to a staff member of my GOP congressman. Why? Because they outed the whistleblower. I shared my disappointment with them and said while I was not calling them a weasel, what they did was weasel-like behavior. Whistleblower laws exist for a reason, especially to protect them from vindictive bosses like the president. Keith

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    • As always, Keith, you make excellent points. The timing on the aid being released to the Ukraine is particularly notable. I, too, was very impressed with Taylor and Kent … they were professional through and through, and made very credible witnesses. Jim Jordan, on the other hand, is an ass.


      • Jill, when one’s argument is poor, berate, bully, and demean. That should be informational. At the heart of all this is what the president did was wrong. Even if Rudy Guiliani were Gandhi, we cannot have a shadow diplomacy with people unvetted by the Senate. And, as we know, Guiliani is no Gandhi.

        There is an even bigger issue of which this is a part. Other countries do not know who speaks for America. Those are not my words. That comes from other diplomats,


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        • Our foreign ‘policy’ for the past nearly three years is a joke … WE don’t even know who speaks for America. Most days, I think nobody in our government actually speaks for the nation as a whole. You’re right about Trump’s m.o. — if you have no valid argument, then just argue more loudly!


            • I fully agree. She has shown, I think, remarkable courage under fire, and integrity. I was stunned when Trump basically blamed Somalia’s Civil War on her! She has more integrity and dignity in her little finger than Trump has in his whole 300-pound body!


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