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Because I cannot afford a new computer at the moment, I shan’t write about today’s impeachment proceedings except to say that should Jim Jordan and I ever run into each other in person, his head is likely to look like a rotten turnip once I am done bashing it!  Since it is not prudent for me to write about the proceedings today, I figured a few snarky snippets or mini rants might alleviate some of the pressure in my head.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell posted the following on Twitter last evening …

“Critical legislation is currently frozen in place. Casualties of Democrats’ apparent inability to make headway on anything besides fighting with the White House.”

Seriously, Mitchie???  How many bills have been passed by the House that are sitting somewhere in your office because you refuse to even bring them to the Senate floor for a vote???  This was the most hypocritical statement I have ever heard!  The House is doing its job at the moment, investigating the criminal activities of the person sitting in the Oval Office.  You’ll get your chance to try, and hopefully convict him soon.  Meanwhile, why not earn your fat paycheck by passing some of the legislation that has been sent to you by the House?McConnellYou could start with … For The People Act to secure America’s elections, expand voting rights, and get money out of politics.  It was passed by the House and sent to the Senate 250 days ago!  The election is in less than 12 months, and your fat patootie is still sitting on the bill to ensure the integrity of the election.  Do Your JOB, Mitchell!

Gonna need a new computer after all if I keep beating the lettering off the keys …

U.S. representative Devin Nunes from California is an idiot.  There has never been any doubt.  I’m seriously considering reprising my Idiot of the Week feature for people like Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell, and Devin Nunes! The man once co-sponsored an act to discourage frivolous lawsuits, but yet he himself seems to be ‘sue-crazy’.  In just the past two years, he has sued …

  • A stone fruit farmer in Dinuba, and two other people, for conspiring to damage his 2018 reelection by asking that Nunes not be allowed to call himself a “farmer” on the ballot.
  • The research firm Fusion GPS and a Democratic group called Campaign for Accountability for attempting to interfere with his “investigation” (quote marks are mine) into ties between President Trump and Russia when he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
  • Twitter and a couple of parody accounts, including @DevinCow, who has called Nunes “a treasonous cowpoke.” He is asking for $250 million to assuage his hurt feelings.
  • McClatchy, parent company of Nunes’ hometown paper, the Fresno Bee, for writing that he had a financial interest in a winery sued by an employee who was asked to work on a charity cruise where men behaved very, very badly.
  • And, most recently, Esquire magazine and the journalist Ryan Lizza, who Nunes claims have defamed him to the tune of $75 million in writing about the Nunes family dairy farm, which is not in California, but in Iowa.

nunesSheesh … is he trying to compete with Donald Trump for the Guinness World Record of most lawsuits?

I could actually write an entire post about Nunes, but he’s not worth that much of my time or energy, so I will confine myself to his latest antics.  Now, Nunes is a conspiracy theorist … almost as much of one as Alex Jones!  Back in 2018, he came up with some long-winded theory that the FBI was conspiring against Trump.  As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes participated in yesterday’s impeachment hearings … the ones I’m not writing about tonight.

Nunes began with an opening statement which included a misleading claim that Democrats on the committee had tried to “obtain nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials.”  Then he went on to allege that the Ukraine whistleblower who reported Trump’s call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was “acknowledged to have a bias against President Trump” and falsely claimed that the whistleblower’s “attorney touted a ‘coup’ against the president.”

Nunes also falsely claimed that Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was to express “concerns about foreign corruption,” even though Trump did not mention “corruption” once on the call. Nunes also falsely claimed that the “officials’ alarm at the president’s actions was typically based on second-hand, third-hand and even fourth-hand rumors and innuendo,” even though multiple witnesses testified about first-hand interactions with Trump and with others.

Here’s another one whose head should be made to look like a rotten turnip!

Oh, and now that you’ve gone and mentioned Trump …

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, arrived at the White House today for a visit with Donald.  Don and Recep have a close relationship, there are ties that bind them.  Back in 2015, after Trump threw his hat in the ring, he did an interview with then-Breitbart host Steve Bannon.  When asked about how he would deal with Turkey if he were to become president …

“I have a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major building in Istanbul. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one. … And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well. They’re amazing people. They’re incredible people. They have a strong leader.”

Yep, straight from the horse’s mouth … a “little conflict of interest”.  But wait, it gets even better.  Two of Erdoğan’s sons-in-law play a role here.  One is Turkey’s Minister of Finance, and deals directly with Trump and Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner (you remember, the one who lied on his security clearance forms and was, therefore, not given the highest level security clearance?).  The other son-in-law is actually a Trump business partner and advisor.

After a phone conversation between Trump and Erdoğan last month, Trump pulled our troops out of Syria, leaving Erdoğan to invade the Kurdish-held lands and devastate our allies, the Kurds.  And yet, Trump praised Erdoğan …

“We’ve been friends for a long time, almost from day-one. We understand each others’ country. We understand where we are coming from. They’re highly respected in their country and in the region.”

Understands???  Trump understands NOTHING!  Another dictator that Trump praises and claims a kinship with, while he feeds our allies to the sharks.

Well, I thought this little rant might help me calm down, get rid of some of the angst residing within my head, but it has only made it worse.  Perhaps a little snack …

50 thoughts on “Filosofa’s Mini Rants

  1. Jill, rant away. A few thoughts. I shared with Roget I spoke with a staff member for my Congressman and left a message for the junior senator from KY. Why? Both outed the whistleblower. My message was clear;
    – this is poor form and violates the whistleblower protection rules
    – I said clearly I was not calling them a weasel, but their actions were weasel-like (I made sure the staff member took down that part to tell the Congressman)
    – we need our leaders to be our better angels, not our worst.

    I shared how proud I was of Messers. Kent and Taylor yesterday that they represent our country. They showed honor, political courage, and respect for duty. None of these attributes are top of mind to define the president.

    I said I have concerns, but one that stands out for all – why do we have Rudy Guiliani running shadow diplomacy without being vetted by the Senate?

    Another moment yesterday that resonated is when Taylor said what the president did was wrong, It was.

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    • I agree with all of your points. Did you by chance hear back from your congressman? Y’know … I hadn’t thought about it before, but you bring up an excellent point … why the heck is Giuliani conducting our foreign affairs when he has no official role in the State Department, and has never been confirmed by Congress to do anything more than be a lawyer for Trump. Good question!


      • Jill, it also fits into a bigger issue that other countries do not know who speaks for America. These are not my words as they come from another country’s diplomat.

        A related issue, neithei Ivanka or Jared were vetted by the Senate and they are representing us. It gets even more complicated that Jared’s security clearance was denied and then overridden by his father-in-law. Further, the CIA picked up chatter that Jared was usable by other countries since he needed $1.2 billion for a balloon debt payment. Where did he get such money is an important question? I wish I was making this up. Keith

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        • This is another good point, about Ivanka and Jared … they couldn’t pass a top level security clearance, yet they jet-set around the world on our dime, acting in some official capacity. I think it’s safe to say that the Constitution has been trampled in many ways under Trump. Yes, I do remember Jared’s situation and the fact that his need for cash made him, and by extension this entire nation, vulnerable. Sigh. So much corruption … I can’t keep up with it all.


  2. I tell what I could do to help. I shall write them each long and friendly letters explaining as an observers and friend of the USA the benefits of true socialism and how they should from their positions of advantage embrace this and set a good example to other Americans.
    Then their heads will spin around and maybe explode.
    What do you reckon?

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  3. I feel the heat coming from that keyboard Jill! I saw a story where John Bolton told some hedge fund guys that he thinks Trump’s decisions are based on his personal business ties. Really? No way! It sure would be nice if Mr. Bolton called an Uber to take him to the impeachment inquiry going on. How about doing what’s right Mr. Bolton? He’s got a book coming out soon. I know he doesn’t want to screw up some of the bombshell stuff he probably has on Trump. But how about being a patriot first….book salesman second? Nice concept eh?

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    • Trump? Making decisions for the nation based on his business ties??? GASP!!! Surely not … he would surely never seek to profit from his position! I’m with you … I’ve never liked Bolton, see him as a warmonger, but this is his chance to show he has a pair. Yep, a great concept … too bad some others don’t ascribe to it.

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      • Never a fan of his either. But, if, as you say, he grows a pair? I might slightly change my opinion of him. He’ll always be a warmongering neoconservative though. Can’t change that.

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        • Good comments. I hope he testifies. His reference to a “drug deal” involving Guiliani is apt and colorful. I am tired of the nitpicking. What Trump did and directed was “wrong.” We should not lose sight of this. Keith

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          • There is so much detritus swirling around that it is sometimes hard not to lose sight of one thing or another, isn’t it? I was reminded tonight that I was going to do a piece on Stephen Miller, and I completely forgot. There was a time that Miller’s white supremacy would be at the forefront of everybody’s minds! Sigh. I cannot keep up!


  4. I must shamefacedly admit that I did not watch the televised Impeachment Hearings as they were taking place. I had surmised that there would be an abundance of bloodletting by the GOP Representatives and I abhor violence. Thus it seemed in my computer screen’s best interest, as well as the preservation of my sanity, to ascertain information after the fact via the various new sources that I read. I did enjoy Josephine Harvey’s column in Huffpost that recounted the interaction between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.). Jordan had declared that Congress would “never get a chance” to question “the guy who started it all.” To which Welch replied : “Thank you, I say to my colleague, I’d be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify. President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there.” Trevor Noah tweeted : “Jim Jordan – You just got Welch’d”. I really enjoyed Trevor Noah’s Daily Show episode of Trump Impeachment Hearing – Day One. Be that as may be, we are not discussing the hearings, so I will endeavor to comment on your well stated mini rants. One can only hope that in 2020 Kentucky does not reelect Mitch McConnell. Mitch is long overdue for both retirement and obscurity, his is a voice that would not be missed. Needless to say that there are a legion of other GOP voices that would not be missed…Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan quickly come to mind. The Trump bromance with Erdogan is at the very least nauseating and has become increasingly reprehensible in light of October’s events. “A little conflict of interest” indeed, more like a monumental conflict of interest! Jill, I find a snack does not alleviate angst…however, several glasses of wine might work rather well! Thank-you!

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    • Ha ha … I hear you! My laptop is tired of being abused and pays me back by shutting down unannounced from time to time! I didn’t watch the entire 5 hours, for I don’t have an hour to spare in a day, let alone 5 of them, but I watched a bit here and a bit there, enough to want to hug Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent, and, as I said, bash Mr. Jordan’s head in with my solid wooden rolling pin! I found a glass of wine and a bowl of rice worked quite well! 😉


  5. It’s a little unbelievable that the House and the Senate holds so many fools Like Nunes and Moscow Mitch who while making stupid statements are actually undermining their own Country and the process laid out by the Constitution.Mitch has not covered himself in glory blocking all the legislation come through from the house especially that which ensures the safety of the election process just before an election.even though there is adequate proof of foreign interference. But of course that interference is from Russia who have kindly put a new business in Mitch’s back yard in Kentucky. I can’t understand why Mitch is still the Speaker of the Senate.

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    • We seem to have an abundance of such people these days. Or perhaps we always did, but they simply weren’t as well known, didn’t stand out like sore thumbs. I sometimes wonder if these people were so greedy and self-centered all along, of if the power of their position went to their heads. And, I wonder why We the People keep sending them back to Congress to do their dirty deeds. Hopefully, Kentuckians will send Mitch packing next year, but I’m not holding my breath. Meanwhile, where does all this end? It won’t end with Trump’s impeachment, even if the Senate finds their cojones and ousts him. Sigh.

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