Robert Reich And The Founding Fathers Speak

Many people who support Trump, both in and out of government, claim that what Trump has done is not an impeachable offense.  Some even go so far as to claim his extortion of the Ukrainian president, holding up much-needed military support in exchange for President Zelenskyy announcing he would investigate Trump’s rival Joe Biden, is “business as usual”.  I can talk until I’m blue in the face, and those people will say I’m just a sore loser, still angry because Hillary Clinton didn’t win in 2016.  They’d be wrong … Hillary actually did win by nearly 3 million votes.  The unfair skewing of districts in many states, however, handed Trump enough undeserved electoral votes to carry him into the Oval Office.

But, about impeachment … though I studied Constitutional Law for two years, and have read the Constitution probably 30-40 times, I am not an expert on Constitutional Law.  But I know of someone who is.

Robert Reich-4

Robert Reich

Robert Reich is an American economist, professor, author, and political commentator. He served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. He was Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997. He was a member of President Barack Obama’s economic transition advisory board.

Reich has been the Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley since January 2006. He was formerly a professor at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and professor of social and economic policy at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management of Brandeis University.

Suffice it to say that this man knows how government works, and knows the Constitution far better than, say, a president who has never read the short, 8.000-word document.  So, let’s hear what Mr. Reich has to say about whether what Trump has done is impeachable.

30 thoughts on “Robert Reich And The Founding Fathers Speak

  1. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello Jill. This post is a great explanation of the thoughts on impeachment and the reasons why our founding fathers included them in our constitution. It seems while they were hoping that the best of us to wanted to be in public service they also wanted to protect the country from the worst of us. To any Toy Box viewer who doesn’t already know about Jill’s blog I strongly recommend you go check her site out. She has a grand diverse section of well researched topics and has a very personable way of writing that keeps you engaged while you absorb the information. Hugs

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  2. This is an excellent short video and a great history lesson. I get trump asking for foreign influence, but every single republican being OK with it?

    Every single one of them and 1/3 of our citizens. Are they truly incapable of seeing the danger down the road?

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    • He makes his point well. Yes, and Trump is still to this day trying to rally the masses to chant “Lock her up” as regards Hillary. Now he has a list of people, including Robert Mueller, who he thinks should be in prison. Sigh. These are definitely NOT normal times!

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  3. Jill, the actions (plural) that Trump took with respect to Ukraine were wrong. They harmed both our reputation and national security. They also were criminal.

    It matters not his party. Trump owns this impeachment process. He was forewarned, his actions were hid, and he has lied about them. The question to ask is why is the president running a shadow diplomacy with an unvetted and highly dubious person?


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    • Agreed. If ANY other president had pulled half the things he has, they would have been sent packing long ago. It’s as if he believes he has already been installed as dictator, and he can choose what parts of the Constitution to uphold and which parts to shred.

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      • Jill, you have used the term “cult” to define the fervent following of the US president. It is Jim Jones like in certain respects, although they would likely stop short of the kool-aid drinking. In a response to your comment on my recent post, I encouraged you to read editorials by Leonard Pitts (on the cult-like blocking of news critical of the president) and David Brooks on the honorable and duty-bound public servants exemplified by three diplomats who testified. These folks know what an oath means; I am confident the president’s understanding is more self-serving. Keith

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    • Thanks! He is a professional and I thought he laid this one out so very well. Plus, he has worked in administrations of both parties and is highly respected by both. No, these are definitely NOT normal times, in your country nor mine.

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  4. That should be enforced watching for all Republicans though no doubt he’s be accused of political bias and of inventing things as in ‘what they said was in the phone call to Ukraine wasn’t’, it was invented. Everyone is out to get him. Well, I daresay that’s true but only before he’s sold the country out altogether or taken it into ruinations and bankruptcy with his ridiculous trade deals.

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    • I fully agree, it should be required viewing … he states his case so well, I think. I’m sure you’re right that they would accuse him of political bias, but the fact that he has served in both republican and democratic administrations and is well-respected by both, should negate that claim.

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