I Feel A Snarky Snippet Coming On

Yep, friends, I know it’s hard to believe, but I have still more snarky snippets in my pack!  There’s just so much material … sigh.  I am working on a piece about Stephen Miller that I started last week, but frankly I’m not sure when it will see the light of day.  I can only wallow in the muck that is Mr. Miller for so long before I am physically ill and have to step back out for a while.  Stephen Miller is perhaps the most evil person I’ve encountered in many years, perhaps ever.  Anyway, to release some of the pent-up angst, I found plenty to snark about …

Loyalty … to the country, not the prez

The representative for my district is Warren Davidson, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, therefore a radical right-wing republican.  Last evening, he posted on Twitter:

“Executive Branch employees swear to faithfully discharge the duties of their office. If they disagree with #POTUS they should resign, not join in a ‘resistance.’”

He was referring, of course, to Acting Ambassador to the Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent, both of whom testified before the House impeachment inquiry that Trump’s attempted extortion to force Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to open a false investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter in exchange for military aid that was already approved, was disturbing, was wrong, and potentially damaging to the national security interests of both the Ukraine and the U.S.  He referenced an OpEd in The Hill that claims, in a nutshell, that Trump can do whatever he pleases and that none of the people in his administration have a right to protest or to speak against his actions.

Bullshit.  People who work in government do not work for the president.  They work for We the People, and their loyalty is to the people of this nation, not the president.  I well remember that Trump asked James Comey, former Director of the FBI, to sign a loyalty oath … an oath not to the country, but to Donald Trump.  Comey refused.  How many in the administration have signed such documents, though, that we don’t know about?  This, my friends, is unconstitutional, plain and simple.

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent were acting appropriately and were courageously putting the best interests of this nation before the megalomaniac in the Oval Office.  They were concerned with the manner in which foreign policy is being conducted, more like mafia tactics than respectable government negotiations.  Not to mention, they were legally obligated to honour the subpoena by the House, which some in the Trump administration seem to have forgotten.  My hat is off to both of these gentlemen.  As for Mr. Davidson … I will work diligently to help people in his district see that he is a greedy, manipulative authoritarian who deserves to be given the boot next year.

Pardon Me?

When due process of law takes place, it should not be overridden by the ‘man’ in the Oval Office.  Let’s get something straight here … Donald Trump is, for better or for worse, the president, but he is not the king, of the United States.  Most presidents use their power as needed, but try not to abuse it, and try to act in the best interest of the country.  Donald Trump is the polar opposite.

  • Major Matthew Golsteyn of the Army Special Forces was awaiting trial on charges that he murdered an unarmed Afghan in 2010.
  • Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance was convicted at trial in 2013 for ordering the shooting of a group of civilians in Afghanistan, an order he then tried to cover up.
  • Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher of the Navy SEALs was charged with the murder of a captive in Iraq but was acquitted this summer of all charges except for the minor charge of posing for a photo with a corpse.

Last week, Donald Trump used his pardon pen to pardon these three war criminals, one of whom had not yet even been convicted.  This is a bit different from your run-of-the-mill pardon.  These pardons were issued against the advice of top defense officials and are largely seen as a sign of disregard not only for the decisions of military juries, but for the judicial process itself.

Oddly, the majority of the military’s rank-and-file are supportive of Trump.  This surprises me, for he has done nothing for them, has done nothing for veterans, and even attempted to rip off veterans when he promised a donation from his charity, then attempted to renege.  So … what’s the allure?  But, the top brass are less enamoured with Trump, especially after these three pardons.  Privately, many worried that Trump’s actions could erode discipline by sending a message to troops and commanders that in some cases the laws of war would not apply.

He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t think, he doesn’t care.  Speculation is that he will also pardon Roger Stone … what a farce this government is becoming.

Sometimes it backfires!

You have to love this one.  U.S. House representative Elise Stefanik played a role in last Friday’s impeachment hearings, accusing Democratic committee chairman, Adam Schiff, of trying to silence her and other members of her party, “simply because we are Republicans.”  She also rather contentiously questioned the former United States ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch, who was testifying before the committee.

Donald Trump was pretty pleased with her, tweeting …

“A new Republican Star is born. Great going @EliseStefanik!”

I had to chuckle, though, for this one actually helped Ms. Stefanik’s opponent in next year’s election, Tedra Cobb!  Ms. Cobb’s campaign received more than $1 million in donations over the weekend!  One such contributor was none other than Kellyanne’s hubby, George Conway, who donated $2,800.  Others included George Takei and Mark Hamill.

And, just because I sense you guys need a few laughs, I give you … Seth Meyers as he summarizes last week with humour for us!

59 thoughts on “I Feel A Snarky Snippet Coming On

  1. Pingback: Snarky Snippets … And A Rant (Or Two) | Filosofa's Word

    • Thank you!!! Snarky Snippets started out as a one-off, just had a few ideas, but none enough for a full post, so I combined them. But, people liked it and these days there is no shortage of material!

      Yep, I hear that growl from across the pond … you guys have your own sources of angst … I’ve long said that Boris and Donnie must have some shared DNA!


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  2. Tough luck with your rep Jill. Anyone who makes a big deal about belonging to a ‘Freedom’ group is immediately on my Suspicious Behaviour Radar. In a Democracy you don’t need to shout it out, unless of course you intend to distract folk from your true intentions.

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  3. I think the pardon power of any president is one of the worst things The Founders put in our Constitution Jill. I realize sometimes it may be warranted. But even presidents I voted for, Obama and Clinton, both did a few of these that were not very well received. Frankly, they were wrong. And now we have a megalomaniac in charge who doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything. Only him. Perhaps we should put it on the list of a zillion other laws we will have to revisit, once the idiot is not longer infecting our society. I mean Sheriff Joe? Really? And these war criminals? UGHHHH! Snark X 10000

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am 100% in agreement with you! And I bet money that if Trump is impeached AND convicted, Pence will pardon him within a matter of days. When he pardoned Arpaio … that man is an ass from the word ‘go’! I’m thinking that perhaps you and I should be put in charge of ‘updating’ the Constitution! First order of business … OUT goes the 2nd Amendment!

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  4. Trump should just admit a blanket ‘Yes, I did it, but I didn’t mean too. I just can’t keep my fat mouth closed or my fat fingers still’, every day.He’s no more a diplomat than he is a President. The Republican party are tainting themselves with their continued attempts to explain this mess and support Trump.Long may they continue as the voters are just walking away from the Republican/Trump cause.

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    • Heh heh … he basically does say just that … “I did it … so what … whatcha gonna do ’bout it?” Sigh. No, he couldn’t be a diplomat if his life depended on it! He speaks first and thinks later … or … does he even think? Surely you are right and the republicans, at least those who aren’t so wrapped up in self-interest that they cannot see the forest for the trees, will step back from the toxicity that surrounds all things Trump.

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  5. Wanting to impeach a president for a quid pro quo is astounding especially since former congressmen in the district of criminals go on to become lobbyists after their terms of criminality are self-served. Isn’t this the ultimate in hipocracy?
    Becoming a lobbyist to influence future congressmen on legislation seems like a quid pro quo to me but how come no one ever mentions this? How do you answer this inquiry?

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    • I agree. Congresspeople should not be allowed to be lobbyists immediately following their terms. It still does not justify having a president who acts the way he does and thinks first and foremost of himself. I am so impressed by these public servants testify who at great risk are telling the truth and in a context of service to our country. I was tickled that some of the Congresspeople asking questions need to take an oath before they start, Nunes being top of mind.

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    • Par for the course these days, that’s what being a politician is all about… what’s in it for me me me. They’re all bought and sold to the highest bidder. How else can anyone justify the NRA, or evangelicals influencing Repugs? Money talks unfortunately. Thanks for sharing some quality snark this evening! 🙂


    • Sigh. Scott … he has committed so many impeachable offenses that I couldn’t fit them all into a house. “Quid pro quo” is not the entire issue. The issue is that he used his position as a representative of this country to withhold much-needed and already-approved military aid in exchange for what basically amounts to rigging an election. He did the same in 2016 when he worked with Russia to discredit Hillary Clinton. Oh yes … he worked with Russia. He knew precisely what Putin was doing and approved of it. No, this isn’t hypocrisy … this is trying to hold the ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office accountable for his actions … his ILLEGAL actions.


  6. Jill, Col. Vindeman’s opening remarks were powerful, especially when he defernded his colleagues calling criticism “reprehensible.” To his right sat a VP Pence staff member who had been given the moniker “Never Trumper” by the president. This kind of labeling means his base can ignore her testimony. It also should be noted the president attacking Marie Yovanovitch during her testimony is not only wrong, it is childish and may be deemed criminal as the message was a threat to her and future testifiers.

    But, ask Mr. Davidson two questions for me. 1) Why did Devin Nunes lie during his opening statement? Is he not also bound to tell the truth? 2) Why is Mr. Nunes still on the Committee after his unethical leaking of what the committee was investigating in 2017 to the White House that led to his stepping down as chair? Also, he made a bipartisan committee partisan by releasing a Republican version of their findings, in 2018 which GOP Senator Richard Burr (chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee asked him and Speakser Paul Ryan not to?

    Sadly, for our country, these are two embarassingly true stories. Keith

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    • Vindman … his opening remarks were indeed powerful, and I was disgusted by Nunes and Steward, and of course Jordan, for their own behaviour. It would see that we don’t have adults in Congress, but a bunch of children wanting to “duke it out” on the playground. Trump attacking Ms. Yovanovitch was an act of pure idiocy! I hope they add “witness tampering” or “witness intimidation” to the impeachment articles.

      Your two questions are both valid … I could not watch his entire 8 minute opening statements where he was naught but a mouthpiece for Trump and his lies.

      Yes, sadly for our country. Sigh.


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