Why Do We Need Bigotry?

A couple of news items crossed my path yesterday that had a common theme … bigotry.  Bigotry takes many forms – misogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, Islamophobia and more – all of it ugly.  The human species is the only one on earth that has this superiority complex, and I’ve yet to understand why.

A ‘big’ march …

Back in 2013, after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of a young, unarmed black man named Trayvon Martin, a new movement came into existence:  Black Lives Matter.  In the years following, there were far too many incidences of police killing unarmed black people with little or no provocation, and the words, Black Lives Matter, sometimes shortened to BLM, became even more relevant as we came to realize that the U.S. is still very much a racist nation.

But then, some portion of the Caucasian population took umbrage at the phrase and started their own counter-movement, ‘All Lives Matter’.  They questioned why black lives mattered more than white, for they lacked understanding.  Nobody was saying that black lives mattered “more”, just that they mattered “too”.  It was a statement of equality … a life is a life, whether the person’s skin is black, white, or green.  Since the beginning of this nation, people of colour have been looked down on by society, and the time is past for us to stop that!  That is what Black Lives Matter is about … equality.

But, it isn’t only black people who are discriminated against in this country.  Jews, Muslims, Hispanics … and one of the most misunderstood groups, LGBTQ people.

Back in 1970, on June 28th in New York City, there occurred what would become known as the first “Gay Pride” march, to mark the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  This was the birth of the Gay Pride movement … pride as opposed to shame or social stigma.  Like the Black Lives Matter movement that would come later, it was about equality.  But, just as with Black Lives Matter, bigots misunderstood the meaning.

In response to Gay Pride, or LGBT Pride, a relatively small group of people recently formed what they call “Straight Pride”.  But that “Straight Pride” movement is not about equality … not in the least.  It is a highly discriminatory movement, an anti-LGBT movement that seeks to harm.  Fortunately, the movement has not gained much momentum and doesn’t appear to be taken seriously by very many.

Last Saturday, a group calling themselves the ‘Super Happy Fun Group’, planned a ‘Straight Pride’ march in Dallas, Texas.  The group told their followers they were going to make a “mighty impact on Dallas” by marching through downtown on Saturday, “spreading the joys of straight pride” to all who would hear.  Dallas police took the threat seriously and had a dozen uniformed and plainclothes officers on hand to protect the demonstrators from counter-protesters.  The local paper, the Dallas Observer, sent a reporter to cover the event.

The turnout?  Three people showed up to march in the ‘big parade’.Dallas-straight-pridePerhaps there is hope for this nation after all?  Perhaps some people are getting tired of the hate and bigotry that is tearing this nation into bits?  Is it too much to hope for?  Yeah, probably.

A change of heart? 

I’ve mentioned before my aversion to certain businesses that engage in discriminatory practices, such as Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A.  Of late, Chick-Fil-A has come under heavy criticism for their anti-LGBT practices, including making large donations to anti-LGBT groups.  When Popeye’s came out with their chicken sandwich that is considered to be comparable to Chick’Fil-A’s famous chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A apparently began losing a significant amount of business.

Chick-fil-A announced Monday that it would no longer be making charitable donations to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army—two organizations with decidedly anti-LGBTQ stances.  However, in years past Chick-fil-A had claimed to have distanced itself from the anti-LGBTQ cause, but its tax returns told a different story.

Time will tell if the company has truly changed its stance.  I have my doubts.

Y’know, friends … we wouldn’t need Black Lives Matter or LGBT Pride movements if people just treated everyone with kindness, regardless of their skin colour, religion, gender preferences.  The world is a big, sometimes scary place, and life is hard sometimes for most all of us.  We’re all in this together, folks … why are there always some people who judge others based on the colour of their skin or other superficial criteria?  Isn’t there enough hate in this world without adding to it senselessly?  There is no room for this clannish, tribal mentality in today’s world.  Women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights … those should not have to be fought for, they should be the natural order of things.  Sigh.

38 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Bigotry?

  1. Try living as an Aniwaya Cherokee and Blackfeet Native American and start talking to Christians about what their Christian ancestors did to us, and continue to do to us to this day. How about that one? This is why I stand with lgbts and all others who are persecuted and harmed by psychotic religious freaks.

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    • I find the Christian religion to be one of great hypocrisy. They claim to believe in such concepts of loving their fellow mankind, taking care of the poor, treating everyone with love and compassion, and yet they support the death penalty, would strip women of their rights if they could, greedily fight against safety net programs like food stamps, housing assistance, tuition assistance for those less fortunate. That said, I do know of some Christians who live their life according to those beliefs, but these days they are few and far between. The ‘evangelicals’ I define as greedy, bigoted, self-centered, and arrogant hypocrites. What this nation as a whole has done to the Indigenous People is criminal … I’ll not argue that. But, what they’ve done to African Americans, and now Muslims and Latinos is also criminal. When the trumpeters cry “Make America Great Again”, what they are really saying is “Make America White, Christian, and Male-dominated Again”.

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      • It is far past time for all of us harmed by these psychotic freakshows to truly start fighting back and start truly standing up for ourselves. I am so sick and tired of Christians and Muslims hiding behind their brutal, psychotic religions of hate, bigotry, misogyny and death to get away with all their Crimes Against Humanity they have committed.

        Since when should any human being lay down for psychotic religious freakshow haters like these? Since when should atheists, lgbts, Native Americans, Africans or any other group of people lay down their lives for these psychotic freaks without standing up and fighting back tooth and nail?

        I abohore violence, but you know what? It is far past time for both Christians and Muslims to reap back all the hate, all the bigotry, all the evil, all the death they have sown.


  2. So pleased I found this, I had searched for LGBT on WP and so many posts were full of hatred 😥 We need to unite as a planet, we need to learn to care about each other. I choose to be friends with nice people, I don’t care what colour, gender, sexuality, religion etc. they are, that doesn’t matter to me, if someone is a nasty bigot then I will never accept them as a friend. There are so many small minded people out there. I am out and proud as a genderfluid pansexual, but I still know many people who are still to scared to come out. A lot (nog all) of the hatred comes from people claiming to be Christian, but to me that doesn’t sound a very Christian thing to do!

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    • Thank you! There is entirely too much hatred in the world today. My philosophy is “live and let live” … we’re all on this planet together, and in this day of extreme climate change, we better learn to live together in peace and work together to save the environment. If we don’t none of us will survive to care about a person’s skin colour, religion, ethnicity or gender identification. Congratulations for not being afraid to let the world know who you are … I know that took courage.

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      • I’ve often wondered with these psycho ChristoTalibans who spew such hate and death against lgbts, using the bible and Leviticus to justify their hate and bigotry, would feel if lgbts started demanding that all adulterers be put to death according to the laws and rules of Leviticus and Deuteronomy?

        Or if we all started demanding that all adulterers be put to death. Man the millions of Christian adulterers out there would meltdown over it and start screaming how much that was hate speech and how Jesus did away with those rules.

        The hypocrisy of the Abrahamists never ceases to amaze and astound me.

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        • Ah, well … I don’t think that getting down and wallowing in the mud with them is the answer. As I am not a Christian, I’m not sure what the laws and rules you refer to are, but as I said in my previous comment, some are hypocrites who don’t live what they claim they believe. Still, no reason for the rest of us to act the same, yes?


          • Let me ask you this. What are lgbts to do about these psycho Christians who want to put them to death based on their psychotic cherry picking buybull verses?

            What are we atheists to do about them? We are attacked, our children taken from us, we are denied even the right to hold office in some states. We have Christians constantly demanding all our rights be taken from us and we be put to death.

            What are Native Americans to do about them? When Christians are still constantly harming them? Destroying their sacred burial grounds, stealing their children and putting them in Christian homes for adoption instead of with a Native relative or family?

            Are we atheists, are lgbts, and Native Americans supposed to continue to lay down for these psychotic ChristoTalibans? How many times are we supposed to turn our cheeks to this? How many more lgbts, atheists and Native Americans should die before we are allowed to say enough is freaking enough and we fight back?

            We have Christians seeking to pass laws to put atheists, lgbts to death or take away all our rights. And we are to lay down for this?

            And I say the same about Muslims. How many lgbts, atheists and others must die by the hands of psychotic Muslims before we are allowed to say enough is enough and truly start fighting back?


            • No, we cannot simply lie down and accept the bigotry and evil, but I still think there are better ways of fighting back than to call for people to die, don’t you? First thing that needs to be done is to replace Trump with a president who actually cares about people, and replace the members of Congress who care more for their own wealth than the well-being of all the people in this nation. Then, we make laws, enforce the laws, punish those who consider their race/gender/religion/ethnicity/gender identity, etc. to be superior. But, we cannot devolve into a revolution where we are wantonly killing people for any reason.


              • No, we cannot simply lie down and accept the bigotry and evil, but I still think there are better ways of fighting back than to call for people to die, don’t you? First thing that needs to be done is to replace Trump with a president who actually cares about people, and replace the members of Congress who care more for their own wealth than the well-being of all the people in this nation. Then, we make laws, enforce the laws, punish those who consider their race/gender/religion/ethnicity/gender identity, etc. to be superior. But, we cannot devolve into a revolution where we are wantonly killing people for any reason.

                So Christians and Muslims have been putting lgbts to brutal deaths for centuries. Same with us atheists. What do we got to do to make them stop this evil against us? Even to this day? You got thousands of Christian pastors, foaming at the mouth, to shouts of hearty amens and praise the lords by their psycho followers, how Christians should have the right to put to death atheists and lgbts. I have watched these freaking sermons on video. Hundreds upon hundreds of them. And they have their desired effects, because tens of thousands of Christians in the US alone? Are busted each year for outrageous hate crimes against lgbts, atheists and others.

                This isn’t about Trump either. This was going on long before Trump showed up. He is just a part of the disease. The real problem is? YOU DAMN CHRISTIANS.

                YOU REFUSE to actually do something about your ChristoTalibans. YOU REFUSE to truly stand up to these purveyors of hate, bigotry, misogyny. YOU REFUSE to really do anything about it. And you are all commanded in your bibles to do so. You leave it up to us atheists, or lgbts, or others persecuted by these scumbags, and then when we do stand up for ourselves? Why we are again, the ones in the wrong.

                The ONLY WAY this is going to stop? Is for you supposed True Christians, or True Muslims who say you are all against this shit? TO GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you do not? Then what you are going to get is a whole bunch of pissed off atheists and lgbts who are going to start doing something about it. And then? It is we who will again, come under attack for doing the things you damn Christians and Muslims should be doing to put a leash on your rabid dogs extremists who are spewing this kind of vile shit and causing people to be brutally murdered by it. But you all will not. Why? Are you freaking afraid of them? Why are you Christians not standing up to your ChristoTaliban Pastors of Hate like you all scream against Muslim Talibans? Do you all not find it pretty damn hypocritical of yourselves to demand that Muslims do something about their psychotic extremists while you all do absolutely nothing about your own Christian psychotic extremists?


              • Your own bible states? As you sow, so shall you reap. And do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With what Christians have done to literally millions upon millions upon millions in their history, I think it is far past time for Christians to reap back all they have sown and have done unto them as they have done unto others. just like it says in your bibles. Maybe if that happened? Christians would actually get the hint and actually start living their Lords commandments?


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  4. “The human species is the only one on earth that has this superiority complex, and I’ve yet to understand why.”
    It’s really quite simple, human beings have devolved, along with a mindset that forgot who we truly are. Originally we came from the stars, love and light beings who knew our place in the universe. As we devolved (fallen from grace), reference the Bhagavad Gita, we are finally starting to emerge from the dark ages- the last period/ stage of the Kali Yuga. Ancient Indian mythology offers great insightful metaphors.
    Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga. We forget our roots and only perceive the superficial, the mask we wear (ego) not understanding the play were all in (construct/ matrix).
    When we forget it’s just a role we’re playing, what happens? We start judging, comparing, discriminating, anger and hatred arise, we become polarized/ schizophrenic. We forget that our brothers and sister are a part of us… unity, Christ consciousness, our Buddha nature, LOVE. Hence all the problems in world stem from amnesia of the mind/ darkness.
    Not to worry, we are slowly emerging from the Kali Yuga period toward light. So if we somehow survive self-annihilation and save the world from global warming, then we’re good! 🙂

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  5. You know I had a thought. It will seem weird to pragmatic folk who don’t give any credence to spiritual or other worldly ideas, but I’m sharing it anyway. While I am not religious and do not align with any particular religion, I believe in a guiding force for Existence and that such existence relies on the balance between darkness and light. The real problems arise because of fear of obliteration, yet neither can exist without the other. It is interesting that legends of visits by extraterrestrials of gentle, wise, superior intelligence have filtered down through many races across the globe since time began. Those beings are often referred to as the ‘grays’. I can’t help but recognize that ‘gray’ is achieved through the blending of dark and light. Just some mind ramblings of a very tired and equally discouraged wanderer in this dream we call life.

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    • Your mind ramblings are always a treat, my friend. I am very much a pragmatist … for me, seeing is believing. However, I am not so foolish as to discount that there may be more to life than … life as we know it on earth. I’m open to the idea of a spiritual world, most always have been. I don’t ascribe to the idea that there is some “higher being” who controls everything, but I wonder, sometimes, if there is more to life than meets the eye. Hugs, my fellow tired and discouraged wanderer.

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    • Thank you, my friend! I think that with 75 years between us and WWII, the Holocaust, and more than 50 years between us and the Civil Rights movement in this country, we are quickly forgetting the lessons of history. It doesn’t excuse the unrelenting bigotry we are seeing today, though, and I hang my head in shame for being a part of a country that is becoming increasingly filled with hatred toward any who are different. Is it hatred, or is it fear that manifests itself as hatred? Sigh. Time for coffee and deep discussion, coupled with some laughs … I need some laughs.

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  6. Jill, sadly hate crimes are on the rise here. Plus, white nationalists are recruiting boys as young as eleven.

    Today, Susan Cernyak Spatz, the oldest and very active Holocaust survivor in my city died at age 97. She taught at Holocaust Studies at UNCC and would show the kids her tattoo courtesy of the Nazis which read ” Protective Custody: Prisoner 34042″ in German.

    We should honor her and others who promote white nationalism. It is wrong. It is hateful. And, it has to be carefully taught.

    Since the US president won’t condemn it, we should. There is a huge difference in people saying “your rights are not as important as mine” and those who “defend their rights”. Keith

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    • You are right … white supremacy is on the rise, and the hate groups of all sorts are cozying up to young boys. On the debates tonight, one candidate (I disremember which) mentioned a young man who was recruited by a white supremacist group at age 14.

      I read the article in the Charlotte Observer about Ms. Cernyak-Spatz and though I’ve never known of her before, I mourn her passing. Very few who lived through the Holocaust wanted to talk much about it afterward, so she is to be commended for keeping the memory alive for younger generations. And now, very few who lived through that era are still alive. In another few years, there will be none to share the firsthand experiences, and … like so many other lessons before, they will be forgotten. It is already happening. I grew up on the knees of grandparents who had experienced it first-hand, and as a child it was so real to me that I often had nightmares about the Nazis. But, today, with none to share their experiences, it fades into the background, and we see the rise of such groups as Richard Spencer’s and others. You are right … we cannot allow Trump to make it “okay” to be a bigot … we must speak out.

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      • Jill, the torch passes to new generations to speak the hard truths about history:

        – the Nazi movement purposefully captured Jews, intellectuals, gypsies, homosexuals and expunged multiple millions of human beings calling them less than human. This is genocide
        – the American settlers committed genocide, as well, on Native Americans first claiming rights to land and killing the Native Americans when they rose up in protest.
        – Slavery has never been right dating back to the bible. It matters not who is being enslaved. It is wrong. Watching the movie “Harriet” about Harriet Tubman, the cumulative asset value of the slaves could exceed the value of the land which is why people wanted to maintain this sinful way of life.

        – Then, there are the enslavements and genocides around the world anc over history. Sometimes the enslavement is tying low wage jobs to people at risk. This is economic slavery. This occurs today in the US and other countries and is not restricted to the Jim Crow period.

        – Finally, we had the Lavendar Scare in the US, where homosexuals were fired from government jobs, even if they were highly proficient and experienced. This is after Brit Alan Turing helped shorten WWII, but had to hide that he was gay.

        Bigotry is not right. It is also unwise. If people are treated as possessions, then their intellectual capital cannot be allowed to flourish. Keith

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        • The thing that occurs to me is that, pondering on all the examples you give of man’s inhumanity to man … if the human species has been on earth for thousands of years, perhaps longer, and we STILL haven’t learned that superficial differences are of no importance … do we really have any reason to believe that we will ever do any better? I’ve pretty much lost faith in that happening, though I will continue to fight for it until my last breath.


  7. There’s going to be a lot of work to manage this planet as the problems with global warming start to hit. It’s going to be much easier to manage if you can call the man at your side a friend no matter his colour. And who cares if our friends are gay as long as they’re working with us. We don’t have to follow their ideas and they don’t need to follow ours but we each need to know we can trust the other. That should be the way every day.

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    • You are spot on with every word you say. In the next decade, we … citizens of the planet … are going to face challenges as we have never done before, and our only hope, I think, of being able to meet those challenges is going to be if we set aside our differences and work together as a team. And I don’t just mean my country or yours, but all the nations of the globe.

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  8. Great post Jill. I think we have made strides in this country. We really have. But, the bigotry and racism of the past will never truly go away, at least not while you and I are still breathing air. And it’s one reason why I wonder if Mayor Pete would ever have a chance in 2020. I’d like to think he could. But I just wonder what the Republican Party is capable of. Really, nothing is too low, as you know. I can imagine what an ad campaign would look like against the Mayor. I can imagine it, but I don’t want to. I would hope that America would give him a chance. But, as to your post, I’m just not sure we’ve come far enough yet. What do you think?

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    • We did make strides, my friend, but now we seem to be sliding back to the 1950s in far too many areas. I don’t think Mayor Pete will win the nomination in 2020, BUT … think about it … 10 years ago, he wouldn’t even have made it this far, he would not have been on that debate stage last night. And 20 years ago, neither would have Harris, Booker, Warren, Klobuchar, or Gabbard. So yes, we have made progress, but it’s far too little, and I fear that in many ways we are losing much of that progress. The Republican Party … sigh … I don’t even want to think about the dirty tricks they will pull out of their hat over the next 12 months. We might hope their voters are too smart to fall for their b.s., but … oh what am I thinking??? 🤣🤣🤣 😭😭😭

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      • You’re right Jill. I don’t think he’ll make it either. But, perhaps a VP slot? That’s quite possible. Yes, progress isn’t fast enough for most of us. But, progress nonetheless. The slow and methodical march of democracy continues. Once the orange man is gone, we can go back to speeding it up a bit!


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