Two More Patriots Testify

Our friend Jeff has some sobering thoughts, after today’s impeachment hearings. His words are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Our world has turned upside-down, my friends. Please take a minute to read Jeff’s post …

On The Fence Voters

The right-wing echo chamber not amused

Today we heard testimony from two more patriots. Today, we also heard more of the same from a political party that’s out of touch and out of defenses for the President of the United States. Indeed, the last two weeks didn’t go well for him.

And frankly, the next several weeks will not go well for him either. His impeachment is imminent, though it’s not clear what the Democrats plan is for the next stage. I’m assuming it’s a work in progress, but it does appear that witness testimony has concluded today.

Of course, there’s always the chance that former National Security Adviser John Bolton might reach deep into his conscience for some patriotism and decide to come forward. But, he’s got a book deal. That’s much more important.

Former National Security Council official Dr. Fiona Hill and State Department official David Holmes answered…

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6 thoughts on “Two More Patriots Testify

  1. All we can hope for is that Republicans (other than those questioning in the hearing – and I use the term loosely because they seem to be presenting their arguments rather than asking questions) take heed of the testimonies. It’s clear to me, that Dr. Hill, Mr. Holmes, and Lt. Col. Vindman in spite of the consequences are telling the truth. They have brought clarity to a very muddied web. Americans should hold these patriots in the highest regard.

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  2. I totally believe these people are non-partisan and yet knowing there will probably be some repercussions they still come forward. I salute their courage, Now I’d like to acknowledge the common sense of all the Republicans who decide to leave the sinking ship and give an honest vote for impeachment at the end of the hearings.No-one will ever take you seriously as a political party if you can’t be seen to work on behalf of the people this time. You will be remembered for your vote.Come on, make my day.

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    • Like you, I salute the courage of these people who, though forbidden to do so, come forth out of a desire to do the right thing. Your words for those ‘common-sense Republicans’, I’m afraid, likely fall on deaf ears, though I hope I’m wrong about that. They’ve shown small bits of conscience from time-to-time, but are quickly put back in their place by the ‘higher ups’. I do hope, though, that some of them will take you up on your challenge to ‘make your day’, Harry. 😉

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