How About Schiff for President?

Adam Schiff, who I once thought of as rather ineffectual, has proven himself to be quite the opposite over the past few weeks during the impeachment hearings. He has stood strong in the face of much criticism, and stoically gone on about the business of the day. Our friend Jeff tells us a bit about Adam and floats an idea … not for the present, but perhaps for some point in the future. Thanks, Jeff, for giving Adam his due credit, and for helping us to get to know him a bit better!

On The Fence Voters

Schiff’s stature grows with inquiry leadership

It’s been quite the wild ride the past two weeks. I’ve weighed in with my thoughts throughout this impeachment inquiry. So many things have stood out—the patriotic testimony of career public servants, the continued obstruction by the President of the United States, and the sycophantic performances of the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, to name a few.

But something else also stood out as well. While I’ve gotten to know a bit more about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff the last couple of years, his stewardship over the hearings was beyond stellar, in my view. The contrast between himself and the Ranking Member, Devin Nunes, couldn’t have been more stark. His steely resolve and iron-willed determination differed mightily from the conspiracy theorist and Trump boot-licker Nunes.

Time and again, Republicans attacked his leadership, as well as the rules he set down before the…

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5 thoughts on “How About Schiff for President?

  1. I love Adam Schiff. I do. I find myself daily thanking the nation at large for flipping the House last November and making him Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. That said, the only reason why I object to raising him on a pedestal and saying he should be president is because I want ALL of our Congresspeople to be as moral and elegant and smart and committed to justice as he is. Elevating Schiff to the presidency makes it sound as we only need the president to achieve that high bar. I say no. I want them all to do it.

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    • You make an excellent point! Like you, I think we should be able to expect our elected officials to act with a bit of dignity, and a whole lot of integrity. Sadly, of late we have been severely disappointed. Thanks for that perspective, for I hadn’t thought about it that way!

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