Throw The Bums Out!!!

Politics in the United States, or anywhere for that matter, should not divide the people of the nation.  Politics is not supposed to be a game played by only those who can afford to play.  Politics is not supposed to be about the holder of the highest office in the land seeking to commit crimes under the very noses of those who put him into office.

Politics should not be about Donald Trump saying that yes, he did things that were against the law and will continue to do them, and there is nothing that the people he purports to represent, the people who pay his salary (before you say it, yes, he does receive a salary) can do about it.

Politics should not be about a representative who is involved in a university sex scandal bullying his peers in an attempt to validate the criminal activities of the president.  In the United States, the U.S. Constitution provides for a system of ‘checks and balances’ between the three branches of the federal government.  Instead of following the Constitution, though, those who have taken an oath, who have sworn to uphold that very document, are trampling it every day.  The republicans in Congress are naught but paid lackeys … hired hands who say “Yessir” and “Whatever you say, sir”, and when told to jump, ask “How high, sir?” to Donald Trump.

President Lincoln proclaimed in his Gettysburg Address on the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863 …

“… government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Friends, it has either perished or is lying dormant today!  Today’s government is of the Donald, by the Donald, and for the Donald … nobody else matters, not even to about half of our representatives and senators in Congress!  You want to talk about ‘quid pro quo’?  Here’s the real ‘quid pro quo’ … Donald says to your district’s representative, or your state’s senator …

“You gotta support me … you gotta throw up roadblock after roadblock to get this impeachment thing stopped.  You do this, I will come do a rally in your state to support you before the election.  You don’t do it?  I will tell so many filthy lies about you, call you so many ugly names, that you couldn’t get a job collecting trash.”

Our elected officials have forgotten that Donald Trump is NOT their boss!  I am their boss, you are their boss, every one of 330 million+ people in this country are their boss.  Donald Trump is not.  We must remind them, and there are two ways to do that.  First, we must call and write to them and inform them in no uncertain terms that they will rot in hell before we will ever vote for them again.  Second, we must vote them OUT!

My own representative in the House, Warren Davidson, is a grade-A jackass who panders to Donald Trump, bends over as far as he tells him to, licks his boots, and then runs around the state doing Donald’s dirty work.  Devin Nunes of California is a weasel, a little yappy dog who does Donald’s bidding even when it is unethical, immoral, and illegal.  He plainly broke the law when, during the Mueller investigation, he told lie after lie and passed on information to Trump that he had no right to do.  The Federal Election Commission is investigating Nunes for campaign finance violations.  Jim Jordan is a bully who is under investigation by the State of Ohio for his role in the Ohio State University sex scandals when he was the assistant wrestling coach some twenty years ago.  This is the bunch of jerks into whose hands we have entrusted our lives, my friends!

We’ve come a long way from 1787 when a group of men gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to draft a document, a guideline for the newly formed United States of America.  Those men hoped to put forth a set of laws that would serve as a foundation for the government and the people of this nation.  They were deep thinkers, unlike almost any in our government today.  One of their foremost goals was to ensure that we could trust our government, that we would not be forced to tolerate corrupt politicians or unfair laws.  I think that the framers of the U.S. Constitution would be appalled if they could see the mockery that our government is today.

Donald Trump is turning this nation into something it was never intended to be, and our elected representatives in Congress are helping him do it.  Trump has committed impeachable crimes, and the House of Representatives is in the process of impeaching him for those crimes.  However, the republicans in both chambers of Congress are doing everything in their power to turn the impeachment process into a three-ring circus.  Each and every one of the republicans in Congress are guilty of obstructing justice.  Nunes is threatening to open a second investigation and call his own witnesses.  He and others have apparently taken an oath of fealty to Donald Trump and forgotten about the oath of office they took to this nation.  There is one and only one way to rescue what is left of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people”

Throw The Bums Out!!!

66 thoughts on “Throw The Bums Out!!!

  1. *Cough* Socialist Revolution *Cough*……
    Just did that to give some of the Trumpeteers apoplexy.
    I double-dog dare them to come over to onto some of the current UK FaceBook sites …talk about having a fresh one torn off….
    (Suggestion: ORDER! The John Bercow Fan Club)

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  2. Since you raised the ‘checks and balances’ issue, I am rather surprised that your Founding Fathers didn’t enshrine in law that they would be overseen by a body that was legally impartial, elected in a strictly non-political way, and with the legislative powers to enforce them, regardless of who might be attempting to evade them.

    Or did they try that?

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    • Well, the Supreme Court is supposed to be non-partisan, non-political branch of the government, and it was until recently, but today it is far more partisan than ever before. But, as for the executive and legislative branches … nope, the Founders believed that they would, overall, maintain integrity enough to keep each other honest. Mostly, it has worked, but in these days of hyper-partisanship, coupled with a madman at the helm, it is failing miserably.

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  3. Okay, I been out of commission for a few days, or weeks. Did Trump really make that threat to his flunkies? I predicted he would fall apart and revert to his terrible twos if impeached, but saying those things publicly? And they are still sucking his ass? I thought Americans were taught to be proud! Aint nothing to be proud of there, unless it’s pride of how afraid of a jerk one can really be. There truly is no limit to what power will make a person do to retain it!

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    • No no … I was paraphrasing, but that is the implication. Why else do you think they are licking his boots even though none actually like him? And he’s proven it before. He denigrates any who speak or act against him, then supports their opposition. This is why some, such as Jeff Flake, retired from Congress rather than pander to him.

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      • Retiring rather than pandering is giving up of responsibility.
        And even worse, it makes even more room for real panderers to move in. Like Trump needs any more real panderers around him.

        I think you should take that paraphrasing and put it out there as real false news. Trump’s supporters believe anything he is saying, so why not say he IS saying that. Let them wonder if he really has their backs.
        We already know he doesn’t have anyone’s back but his.

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        • You make a good point, and I thought much the same … if those who have retired or are retiring because they don’t like Trump’s lack of conscience, then why don’t they stay and actually fight, rather than tucking their tail betwixt their legs and running home? I wouldn’t doubt one bit that he has said almost those exact words, but since I don’t have a direct quote, it would be fake news. Not likely I’d get in trouble for that, not these days when it seems to be the “thing”.

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  4. tar n feather ’em, dribble honey over their naked fat butts, and tie ’em to a stake on an anthill. Then, lock ’em up in a cage with no shower and just one toilet, then send ’em to our embassy in Turkey just for kicks and finally relocate the bums to Siberia with only a bearskin for warmth. There they can kowtow to Putin all they want.😊

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  5. Trump’s supporters are going to back him no matter what vile things he says or does. The only way he’ll lose SOME of them is if the economy heads south and effects them personally. The irony is that the best thing that could happen to save the country from the disaster of four more years of Trump may be a bad recession heading into the 2020 election. It pains me to say that, in my opinion, the lesser of two evils would be a recession.

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  6. Jill, it was reported on CBS this morning, US intelligence officials reported to the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence the Russians have been pushing a story for over a year that Ukraine influenced our election not them. The person in the White House and his sycophants have bought this hook, line and sinker. Now, rather than embrace a key ally, he is extorting them. We have a national security risk right in front of us and his party is abetting this crime. That is not patriotism. Keith

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    • I saw that this morning! I suspect that the person in the White House and his band of cohorts knew the truth all along … since some of them met with Russians during that time … but were happy to have Fox and others perpetuate the myth that it was the Ukraine behind the election-meddling. We do, in fact, have a national security risk, and Trump has made us far more vulnerable than we were three years ago. I fear for the upcoming election … between voter disenfranchisement, gerrymandering, McConnell’s refusal to even consider election security bills, and the hefty influence by Russia … I have to ask just how fair this election can possibly be?

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    • Demand a paper ballot election. Nothing done electronically is safe. I don’t know when the last paper ballot election was run, but the infrastructure still is there. They have a year to figure it out. Demand it, or suffer the consequences.

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      • Jill, a letter to the editor in my paper today was entitled “As a Republican, I won’t follow blindly.” The following are his first two paragraphs:

        “Why are American citizens turning a deaf ear to the obvious wrongdoings of the president of the United States..

        As a registered Republican, I am appalled that my fellow American citizens aren’t ashamed of the total disregard for the truth that is being emitted from Washington.”

        This emperor has no clothes. Keith

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        • I saw several comments along the same lines on the Facebook page of Senator John McCollister, a moderate republican. Dare we hope that people are beginning to see what Trump is, and to be appalled by it? Fingers crossed. I got the impression, though he didn’t say it in as many words, that Senator McCollister might be willing to support impeaching/convicting/removing Trump.

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          • Jill, I hope Don McGahn and John Bolton will testify. McGahn will speak clearly to Trump’s continual obstruction of justice as White House Council and Bolton resigned for a reason. I still want to know why Dan Coats and his #2 resigned or left. Is it related specifically to the Ukraine issue or is it just a compilation of the president holding Sean Hannity’s views as more important than that of the NSC? Keith

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            • I fully agree … I thought McGahn would have the courage to defy Trump’s ‘order’ not to testify earlier on, but … sigh. They all seem to fear him. In McGahn’s case, Trump threatened to tell people to boycott the law firm he works for. I’m with you on Coats … at first, I didn’t see anything particularly suspicious about it, but the more that I learn about Trump’s actions around that time, the more my antennae quiver. Never a dull moment.

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      • I suspect we could demand ’til we keeled over and it wouldn’t do any good. As we’ve been shown, our voices mean little to them.

        I was just about to email and ask where the heck you were and if you were alright! You okay?

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  7. Hello Jill. Did you see that Nunes has a ethics violation filed against him in House? Seems he made a trip to Ukraine to meet with the corrupt former prosecutor that he tried to hide. Then during the hearings he claimed to have never met and not to know the guy. Also a court ordered the State Dept to release documents under a FOIA request and they did release some but not all ( contempt of court ? ) but what the documents ( emails ) show is that Rudy Giuliani contacted and coordinated with the White house which then sent emails to Pompeo who then sent emails to Rudy Giuliani. It ties both the White House and Pompeo to the whole scheme to force Ukraine to start investigations to assist the tRump campaign and illegally interfere in US elections. No wonder the State Dept has refused to send the documents to the House committees as asked for. The more rocks get turned over the more corrupt and low level mob boss this administration is found to be. Hugs

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    • Hey Scottie! Yes, I saw that, and they this afternoon, I saw that Nunes is planning to sue CNN, the Daily Beast, and I think another media outlet. Pretty much his modus operandi … if all else fails, go on the offense. Come to think of it, he IS pretty offensive! 😉 You are so right … this is turning into one huge web of corruption, lies, power grabs … where, I wonder, does it all end? Sigh. Hugs!

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