The Outcome of the Senate Trial is Not a Done Deal. Here’s Why.

I, like the majority of us, have been guilty of lamenting that though the House will almost certainly impeach the most corrupt president we’ve ever had, I was equally certain that the Senate would never vote to convict and remove him. My reasoning being that it will require 20 republican senators and every single democratic senator to achieve the 2/3 super-majority required and there are not 20 republican senators with integrity. While that may well be the case, I was wrong in that I forgot, briefly, what a powerful voice We the People can have when we work together to use it. Our friend TokyoSand reminds us …


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Do you remember the days and weeks leading up to the Senate’s vote on the disastrous Republican “repeal and replace” healthcare bill during Trump’s first year as president?

I do. Thousands of everyday Americans called their Senators, and attended town halls, and demanded meetings in their local offices, and wrote op-eds for their local papers, and more. We demanded to be heard on this incredibly important topic and we did not give up. Back in 2017, we had no reason to believe that the Republican Senators would vote the way Democrats wanted them to. But we cared a LOT about this issue and nothing was going to stop us.

And then we won. The Republicans failed to get enough votes to pass their bill.

We’ve all seen the power of a motivated citizenry. So I’m very perplexed as to why everyone, and I mean everyone, says out loud that the…

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20 thoughts on “The Outcome of the Senate Trial is Not a Done Deal. Here’s Why.

  1. I’ll give you another rather sinister one which may be in the back of folks’ minds.
    How many times have you seen ‘If they impeach our president ‘we’ will take to the streets’ or something similar.
    There are about 50,000,000 devotees of the ‘Anyone But a Democrat’ movement. So be generous and pair that down say 30,000,000 devoted followers of the Unholy Church of Trump The Ascendant. Then be still generous and say only 10% of those are of the frothing at the mouth, gun waving, screaming abuse at anyone with a Democrat sticker sort…….that’s 3,000,000. In a society with free access to guns?
    Folk might just want to simply kick the bum out in November 2020 then those jerks will have to suck it up.

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  2. Jill, thanks for the link. I made the following comment on TokyoSand’s post.

    “We have a national security issue right in front us and are not asking enough why questions.
    – why is the president running a shadow diplomacy with Rudy Guiliani, who has not been vetted by the Senate?
    – why does the president ignore the seasoned diplomats and intelligence officials to chase conspiracy theories postulated by talk show hosts.
    – why are diligent, courageous and honorable public servants focusing on helping Ukraine gain better footing, when the president is so focused on his campaign?
    – why is there obstruction of documents and witnesses? The president cries foul, but he is blocking witnesses. He can’t have it both ways.

    As an independent and former Republican voter, I am deeply concerned by what has transpired in the White House with Ukraine. I am also concerned by an over zealous protection of someone who needs greater scrutiny, not less. I fully support the impeachment hearings. What witnesses are testifying under oath at great risk is very troubling.

    A letter to the editor in my paper today was entitled ‘As a Republican, I won’t follow blindly.’ The following are his first two paragraphs:

    ‘Why are American citizens turning a deaf ear to the obvious wrongdoings of the president of the United States.

    As a registered Republican, I am appalled that my fellow American citizens aren’t ashamed of the total disregard for the truth that is being emitted from Washington.’

    The emperor has no clothes.”


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