Letter To Republican Senator

I think that if there is a chance that the U.S. Senate will remember their oath of office, will remember that their oath is to the U.S. Constitution, not the president, and that their loyalty damn well better be to We the People, it will only happen if we remind them.  Seems many of them have forgotten where to look for their conscience, their values.  I think the time has come to remind them.

Below is the letter I have sent to the republican senator in my own state.  Feel free to take any of the ideas expressed within if you write to your own senators.

Dear Senator Portman,

I am writing to you today, because as a resident of the State of Ohio, a citizen of the United States, I am very concerned about the actions of the Senate. 

First, I would like to remind you that you took an oath whereby you swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Your loyalty is to the people of this nation, not the ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office today.  We currently have the most corrupt president in the history of this nation, and frankly he has brought our reputation to its knees.  We are no longer regarded as a trusted ally by virtually any nation.  We have let the people of the entire world down with our complete disregard for the environment.  And all this has occurred in the last three years, and all because of the corruption that begins and ends with Donald Trump.

I believe it is a foregone conclusion that the House of Representatives will vote to impeach Donald Trump, possibly before the end of this year.  And then, Senator, the ball will be in your court.  The majority of people in this nation support the impeachment, conviction, and removal from office of Donald Trump.  Nothing less is acceptable, for the fate of not only this nation, but every nation in the world is at stake.  I firmly believe that within the next twelve months, Donald Trump will do everything in his power to ensure that next year’s election will be so dishonest and unfair that it will be a complete sham, a mockery of any democratic principles that remain in our nation.

I ask that you think long and hard about the actions of the Senate, search your own conscience and ask yourself if your loyalty to Donald Trump is of more value than your loyalty to the people who voted you into office.  Is your dedication to Donald Trump truly worth selling out your own values?  Is it worth risking your own career?  Can you look your three children in the eye and tell them how important it is to always ‘do the right thing’?  And perhaps for you the most important question:  Do you wish to be re-elected in 2022?  We the People have long memories, and if you fail us this time, I promise to do everything in my power to see that you never serve a third term in the U.S. Senate.

I think you know the right thing to do.  Please remember your oath of office, remember the people you are paid to serve, and do the right thing.


Jill Dennison, voter/citizen/taxpayer

46 thoughts on “Letter To Republican Senator

    • So do I. It gets discouraging sometimes, for if we get any response at all, it’s usually just a standard form letter, but still, at least the letters of protest are on record and they cannot say they didn’t know how we felt. It’s important to make our voices heard.

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  1. “The right thing” is fudgible if you don’t outright tell him, or any senator, what the right thing is: IMPEACH DONALD J. TRUMP!
    Don’t let him interpret. Spell it out. I M P E A C H D ON A L D J T R U M P !

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    • Thanks Larry! As I said to 1Earth, Portman is a cut above the others, especially Scott and Rubio, but that doesn’t mean I expect him to do the right thing in the impeachment vote. Unless we can show them how siding with the Prez in this will lead to their eventual downfall …

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  2. Jill the problem is nearly all senators default to the party line. Portman most certainly does not represent ALL the ppl but only constituents who voted for him and support his respective party.
    A quick search indicates Sen Rob Portman is a Republican unfortunately. Which means most likely his staff have been told to ignore all liberal complaints regarding Donald Trump. Why should he fight for you if he knows you openly oppose & will never re-elect him?
    He will fight for the interest of conservatives, his party and Trump. I’m not sure any amount of calling, writing, protesting will change his mind. Objectively and practically, the citizens of Ohio must VOTE HIM OUT!
    It’s up to all of us to go door to door and convince our fellow citizens to vote for liberal candidates. That may be a difficult task in a predominantly Red state like Ohio, but not impossible! How badly so you want him out? Then start knocking come election time. Good night and good luck Jill. 😉

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    • I actually think Portman is a cut above some of the others, for he has voted his conscience on occasion in the past. However, I think he has the same fatal illness the rest of them have today, and I don’t look for anything to change. Sigh.


  3. Jill, well done. Not only does Trump not want McGahn, Bolton, etc. to testify, the GOP Senators don’t either. This is a national security issue. A president using another country for political gain can be used by a Kim, Xi, Erdogan, etc. to gain something for their country. Plus, we are screwing a chance to help Ukraine when they need it most. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith! I’m imagining a world where everyone just tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That world looks a lot different than the one we wake up to every day. Trump either doesn’t understand, else doesn’t care, the many ways he is putting not only the country, but the world in greater danger every day. The word ‘stupid’ comes to mind.


      • Jill, the truth will remain elusive in too many offices of leadership. Just think of the conversations in those offices – what personal crumbs can we throw Trump’s way to gain concessions. A blatant example might be, you give us more money and we will let you claim victory.


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        • Oh yeah … I’m betting that at least some know how to play him like a fiddle, and he’s got such an ego that he cannot see it, but rather thinks they love him, as they pander and jockey for the best position.


  4. Excellent letter Jill. At times, Portman has at least tried to resemble a ‘reasonable’ Republican. Alas, he’s failed more often than not. Just like the other 52. Unfortunately, unless we see or hear a tape of some sort come out that shows the ‘great one’ doing something so repulsive, so heinous…..he’ll fall in line with the rest of them. I give you props for taking the time though. You’re trying!

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    • Thanks Jeff! Yes, I don’t really dislike Portman … at least not nearly as much as some other republicans in Congress. But, it seems they are all scared to death of Trump, and we need to help them to understand that they need to be more afraid of us than him! I am indeed trying, but … I surely would like to see some results sometime soon!

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