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Good Tuesday morn, friends!  The madness just never stops, does it?  Every day there is some new atrocity taking place in Washington, something new to set our teeth on edge and our blood pressure soaring.  I wonder if we will even get a break from it on Thanksgiving?  At least there is one upside … I never have to go looking for a topic to write about!  Snarky Snippets started out as a one-off … one day I had a number of notes on things I wanted to write of, but none were worthy of an entire post by themselves, so I decided to compile them into a ‘bits ‘n pieces’ type of post.  Perhaps a day will come when there is no snark, when I go back to reviewing books and writing humorous pieces.  I doubt it, though.

Off with his head!

Remember yesterday when I told you that the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, had threatened to resign if Trump had his way in attempting to micromanage the Navy and override Spencer’s decision to oust Edward Gallagher?  Well, it seems that Secretary Spencer displeased Donald Trump with his views, and you know what happens to any who have the courage to have a viewpoint that opposes Trump’s own whims … off with their heads!

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, a Trump sycophant since day #1, requested Secretary Spencer’s resignation.  In other words, Trump ordered him fired for not supporting Trump’s demand that the Navy fully reinstate Mr. Gallagher, despite his humiliating behaviour.  According to the New York Times

“In a statement, Mr. Esper said he had lost trust in Mr. Spencer because his private statements about the Navy SEAL case differed from what he advocated in public. But Defense Department officials said Mr. Spencer prompted the ire of Mr. Trump when he threatened to resign over the president’s handling of the case of the SEALs member, Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, and publicly said he disagreed with the president’s handling of the matter.”

So, there you have it folks … you speak against the whims of Trump, and … off with your head!off-with-his-head

She’s baaaaaack …

Sarah-cartoon-2Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former White House Press Secretary, is rather like a bad penny that just never goes away.  In her former position, she was a spectacular failure.  She presided over punishing Jim Acosta of CNN by suspending his White House access. She phased out the daily press briefings that in recent history have been the main way presidents answer to the public. Her legacy would be “defending the indefensible and not being truthful with the American people,” according to David Axelrod, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama.

As she left the White House for the final time, Trump said …

“I hope she decides to run for Governor of Arkansas — she would be fantastic. Sarah, thank you for a job well done!”

Well, guess what?  She recently told the New York Times that she believes she has “been called” to take up the mantle, to become the next Governor of Arkansas.  No word on just who ‘called’ her.

“There are two types of people who run for office. People that are called and people that just want to be a senator or governor. I feel like I’ve been called.”

All I can say is I’m glad I don’t live in Arkansas!  Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, was governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, and I generally respected the man, though I rarely agreed with him.  Suffice it to say that Sarah is not the (wo)man her father was.

Where is the justice?

The House of Representatives has been trying to gain access to Trump’s tax returns and related financial records for months.  In April, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed his longtime accounting firm Mazars LLP, for those records.  Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled against Trump’s attempt to block Mazars from complying …

“Contrary to the President’s arguments, the Committee possesses authority under both the House Rules and the Constitution to issue the subpoena, and Mazars must comply. We conclude that in issuing the challenged subpoena, the Committee was engaged in a ‘legitimate legislative investigation.’”

Once again, justice prevailed … for a few short weeks.  Naturally, Trump’s lawyers filed an appeal.  There was only one place left for them to go … the U.S. Supreme Court.  And go there, they did.  And guess what, folks?  The Supreme Court bowed to “his majesty”.

Yesterday, at Trump’s request, the Supreme Court issued a stay of the mandate of the lower court.  Five justices signed the stay, and it is said that “no justice publicly noted any opposition”.  I can guess which five signed the document, and I can also guess why no opposition was noted.

SCOTUS-1.jpgThe stay is just that … it is good only until for ten days, until noon on December 5th.  If Trump’s lawyers fail to file a formal petition to the Supreme Court for a hearing on the case, the stay will expire, and Mazars will have to turn over the subpoenaed records.  Does anybody actually believe that will happen?  Y’know … the more he fights turning over his financial records, the more suspicious I become.  I am now fully convinced that those records would put an end to his presidency, and possibly even land him in prison, else he would have allowed them to be released before now.

If the person who should by all rights be held to the highest standards of accountability is above the law, then I think we can only conclude that there is no law in this nation.Trump-Liberty

Now that I’ve started your morning out with a bit of snark, go forth and share the snark!  Snarl at somebody wearing a red hat!

45 thoughts on “Your Morning Dose Of Snarky Snippets …

  1. I just hope Trump has not been following political happenings in little Alberta, Canada.
    Our conservative premier just effectively fired the man investigating his rise to power by legislating his job out of existence. He called it a cost-saving matter. Of course, he didn’t say whose costs he was saving. The investigator had already levied fines of over $200,000 against his party for breaking government rules. Now there is no one to continue the investigation. Wouldn’t Trump have loved to do that to Mueller?
    If you have already addressed this political item in my absence, sorry to bring it up again, but I missed a lot while out of commission. I might never catch up.

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    • Oooohhhh … that’s some dirty, underhanded dealings on Kenney’s part! Fortunately, those investigating Trump are members of Congress, elected within their states, and Trump cannot fire them or eliminate their positions, though I’d be willing to bet money he has asked his lawyers to find a way for him to! Trump tried to outright fire Mueller, remember, but his lawyer wouldn’t go along with it, and Jeff Sessions, his AG wouldn’t go along with it, so his hands were tied. Don’t even try to catch up, rg … just pick up where you are today. Believe me, you didn’t miss anything important.


  2. One day things will get better for your country Jill. I hope so, even if only because I like you so much. But you have nailed it; your politics are corrupt, the NRA has to be insane, you seem to have gone backwards in racial equality, and as for the environment ~ who in America gives fuck?
    Maybe there are the two of us who hope for a better future. 💖💖💖

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    • I’m sure that one day they will get better, but I strongly suspect it won’t be in my lifetime. I think, if Trump is re-elected next year, we will be under an authoritarian government long before the 2024 election. Heck, we’re halfway there now, with Trump claiming he has ‘absolute’ power and is above the law. It is up to the Supreme Court now, and I don’t have confidence that they are as unbiased as they should be. Thanks for caring, Jack. Love ‘n hugs! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Exactly what i’ve been saying all along, double standards when it comes to dishing out “law”. For the political elite and mega-wealthy, law is negotiable depending upon how much power and money one yields. For common folks, break the law and go straight to jail. For our brothers & sisters of color… shoot first, ask questions later. Now is that any way for a “civilized” nation to behave? We need a revolution b/c our current system sucks big time!


  4. I’m worried about the SCOTUS Jill. How they rule on some of these issues could be monumental. We know what they SHOULD do. His taxes are a legitimate request as part of the Dems oversight duties. Thus, they should let the lower court ruling stand. Also, we know he’ll appeal the decision compelling Don Mcghann to testify. Again, that decision should stand as well. I feel all eyes will be on John Roberts here. He’s the wildcard, I feel. If he’s worried about his legacy, which I feel he does, he’ll do the right thing. I’m just not sure anymore.

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    • So am I, my friend. With the addition of Kavanaugh, I fear the court is no longer non-partisan and ‘fair & impartial’. Many judges, past and present have been of one ideology or the other, but yet they almost always ruled by the Constitution, even if it went against their own personal beliefs. Kavanaugh is a Trump boot-licker just as sure as Kellyanne is, and he will do Trump’s bidding. Now, it really bugs me that Trump is wasting the time of the Supreme Court in his efforts to save his own ass, both regarding his financial records and McGahn’s testimony. As you say, these rulings could well set a precedent, one that will give all presidents from here on out, authoritarian rule, will place them above the law, and we will never be a free nation again. At least, not until the people of this nation revolt. I’m not sure anymore, either, but I have my fingers crossed that Chief Justice Roberts will rule properly. And … that Ruth Bader Ginsburg can hold on. Sigh.

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      • The fact that Ginsburg’s health is so fragile is yet another reason he MUST be defeated. Can you imagine him appointing 1, or even 2 more scotus justices if he wins again? If that doesn’t scare the hell out of everybody nothing will

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        • Yes, that is indeed scary as hell, and it cannot happen! Already, the Court is not as impartial as it ought to be, but if he gets even one more of his picks in there, law and justice will become a joke in this country. I’d still like to see Kavanaugh impeached for the crime of lying to Congress, but we both know that’s unlikely.

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          • The candidates rarely bring up the importance of not giving him another shot at appointing a Scotus justice. They need to. It’s so important. These people serve for years and years. We can’t let the illegitimate POTUS appoint another one Jill! No way.

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            • Sigh. I know. Since I’m not convinced that the Senate will grow a pair and vote to oust him, I’m thinking the next best hope is that he trip down the stairs of Air Force One and break his thick neck. You’re right that this is a major concern, but I can see why the candidates don’t bring it up. They need to project their image based on what they can DO, not just what he is doing wrong, or could potentially do wrong. They must run a positive campaign, not just an anti-Trump one. But, you know I agree with you … he cannot nominate another. I wonder if we should start collecting donations now to hire a kidnapper to nab him and dump him somewhere in Siberia. Or in the Pacific Ocean.


  5. Jill, there is a toxic reaction to people who fly to close to the president, especially when they compromise their integrity. Spencer went behind Esper’s back to deal with Trump on spmething he should not be involved with. Spencer joins a long list of people who exit relationships with this person. His long time fixer is in jail for lying to Congress to protext his client (among other things), yet is ignored when he tells the truth about Trump calling him a racist, a con artist and a cheat.

    Huckabee-Sanders could get elected in Arkansas, but really should not. She has tainted herself by continuously lying for her boss

    The happiest people in America turned down offers to work for Trump (or their spouses said don’t you dare). Keith

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    • You’re so right … I imagine there are a lot of people who wish they had never taken that job in his administration. No amount of money is worth that! There is a toxicity that surrounds him, and I suspect that ultimately it will catch many more in its web, for he uses people then throws them under the bus when they are no longer of use.

      Sarah Huckabee Sanders sold her soul upriver to lick Trump’s boots, and that in itself should be enough to keep the people of Arkansas from electing her. But … I suspect she may ride daddy’s coattails into the governor’s mansion.


      • Jill, you know I cite the attorney Thomas Wells quote often regarding “Donald Trump lies everyday, even about things of no consequence.” There were other things of interest in his article, one involving a red flag he ignored during a car interview with the now president. Wells noted how Trump bragged on his busy social calendar and remembers him lying about the height of his Trump Tower. Wells said he wanted to work for him, but wondered why he was saying all of these things. In retrospect, he said he should have followed his gut. Keith

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        • Yes, I was just reading a Nicholas Kristof piece where he said back in 2016, on the campaign trail, someone counted 71 lies in an hour-long speech. And here another incident from Thomas Wells … “Wells recalls being curious that newspaper accounts varied as to the number of rooms in Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower — eight, 16, 20 or 30. So Wells asked him how many rooms were actually in the apartment. “However many they will print,” Trump responded.” And yet, his approval rating actually inched up last week, despite the testimonies of Vindman, Hill, Yovanovitch, Taylor, Kent, and Sondland. And now, apparently the decision about whether McGahn can testify or not rests with the Supreme Court. I wish I trusted them to make the right decision. Sigh.


          • Jill, it is driven by the economy which presidents have little impact on. Note I said the same thing during Obama’s tenure. To me, if someone says Trump is a great president as he is handling the economy so well, the response then you are also sayinh Obama was a great president – 90 consecutive months of growth under Obama, 34 months under Trump. Keith

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            • You are so right … every time I hear Trump take credit for the “great” economy he claims, I think he had next to nothing to do with it, and really, isn’t the economy remaining stable in spite of him? For, his tariffs certainly caused nothing but harm. Good point about Obama … I wonder what their comeback to that would be?


  6. Leading the nation and the world into complete unbridled chaos if this nonsense continues. Pandora’s box has been unlocked and the fingers of oppression are curling over the edges to try and choke all decent people.

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  7. I hope Sarah Suckabee Sanders gets treatment for her malady soon. If not she’ll be trying for the Presidency next.
    Delusions of Grandeur. Trump’s tax records are proving hard to come by. I hope his lawyers forget the deadline.

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    • I think her condition may well be beyond any treatment, and she seems to believe she is normal and the rest of us are idiots. If she runs for president … ever … I swear I will jump off a cliff! Much as I would like to have a woman in the Oval Office … she is a disgrace to women everywhere!

      Not a snowball’s chance will they forget the deadline! I do so wish that somebody at Mazars would be courageous and leak them to the media! Oh what a field day we would have!!!

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  8. There seems to be a lot of in-fighting, lying, and nepotism going on in Washington and State Capitals. Sad really, yours is great country being run like a banana republic. I can see it getting worse before it gets better. Hugs Jill ❤❤❤

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    • You are so right … it’s as if they are trying to destroy themselves from within. Y’know … in school we are taught that this is a great country, but then later we learn that many of the myths are just that. We learn about the way the Native Americans were treated, about the terrible institution of slavery and how it really was, not how the textbooks teach it. We learn about the Japanese internment camps of WWII and about the St. Louis ship, and we conclude that while there is much to love about this country, it was never actually ‘great’. A new nation, feeling its way, making mistakes, trying to do better. But today, Jack? I won’t go so far as to say that there are not still good things about this country, for there are, but it is so far from being great … We have a government that is as corrupt as any tin-pot dictatorship, and worse … we have some 40% of the population that are okay with that. We have a gun culture that still leaves me speechless. We put more CO2 per capita than any other nation into the air, yet are actively fighting against any regulations to try to clean up the environment. And we are regressing in terms of equality for all. We see more incidents of racism than we have in the past 60 years, and other forms of hate and bigotry are on the rise. No, my friend, this is anything but a great country. Frankly, I am ashamed of it and like you, I think it will get worse … possibly much worse … before it gets better. Hugs to you, Jack! ❤

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