Just Two Snarky Snippets …

Well, guys, Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to get down to business here.  Filosofa is back on the job with a dose of snark to start your Friday with a grrrrrrrrrowl!

Donnie goes on the campaign trail … in London!

Guess what, folks?  Trump is going to be visiting the UK again next week.  Yep, he’s going back to embarrass us some more, demean our allies yet again, but that’s not all!  He’s also planning to hold a fundraiser there, whereby he plans to collect $3 million in donations from the Brits.  You can pick up your jaws from the floor now … yes, you heard me right … he’s going on a campaign rally, albeit a high-class campaign rally, in London.  But, more about that in a minute.

The initial reason for his trip is the annual NATO summit.  Trump has bullied and threatened until finally the NATO leadership has given in to at least one of his ‘demands’, and they have reduced the amount the U.S. contributes to the alliance’s central budget.  According to the alliance’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg …

“The U.S. will pay less, Germany will pay more, so now the U.S. and Germany will pay the same.”

The concession was made in hopes that there would be no grandstanding and drama at the summit, but I’m not holding my breath, for no doubt Trump will find something else to bitch about, will find yet another way to humiliate the citizens of the U.S.  To all my UK friends, please accept my sincere apologies in advance.

Now, about that fundraiser …

The invitation lists three tiers of donors:

  • For $125,000, a donor can join a roundtable, get a photo with the president and attend the reception.
  • For $50,000, a donor gets the photo and reception.
  • For $35,000, they can just attend the reception.

First of all, who in their right mind would pose for a picture with him???  But, to pay $125,000, or even $50,000 for it???  What comes to mind, though, is … what would anybody in the UK donating to his campaign have to gain?  Now, your ordinary person like me or you might kick in $25 to a presidential hopeful, and if we did, it would be only to help the candidate we believe best qualified for the job, for we are not in a position to trade favours.  But, when people donate hundreds of thousands of dollars, they do so in exchange for political favours.  Ponder on that one for a bit.

It is said that he is expecting to attract expatriates, and that donors must present a valid U.S. passport in order to attend, but … I guess I just have a suspicious mind.  And … if an expatriate is living in London, it seems unlikely to me that he would have an interest in helping Trump win next year’s election. Trump-State-VisitThe fundraiser will be hosted by Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel, co-chair Tommy Hicks Jr., national finance chair Todd Ricketts, and Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale.  I sincerely hope the Brits put on their best display and that the baby Trump balloon is flying high!

Donnie’s twin across the pond?

I have long said that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shared DNA with Donald Trump.  Two peas in a pod.  Granted, Boris is smarter and more literate than Donnie, and even slightly easier on the eyes, but beyond that, they think alike, which is no good thing for either the U.S. or the UK.  As we all know, Donald Trump and his band of thugs have done everything in their power to roll back environmental regulations, putting animals, people and our very planet at risk.  Apparently, Boris isn’t much of a believer in climate change either.

On Thursday, a British television station, Channel 4 News, hosted a climate debate ahead of next month’s election.  Neither Prime Minister Johnson nor Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage bothered to show up.  Nigel’s excuse was that the discussion wouldn’t be about Brexit, apparently the only topic he knows how to talk about, but his absence was no great loss.  One would think, however, that the nation’s leader would be concerned enough to want to attend, to share his own views with those who will be voting in just a couple of weeks.ice-sculpture-2The Brits know how to do things up right, though.  Since Boris and Nigel failed to show up, their places on the debate stage were occupied by ice sculptures with their party’s logos.  Melting ice sculptures.  The network said the ice sculptures “represent the emergency on planet Earth.”  Seems fair enough to me.  Nigel’s absence wasn’t much noted, but Boris’ absence fueled criticism that he has sought to avoid both the public and tough questions from the press during the election campaign. In typical Trump fashion, Boris’ party, the Conservative Party, accused the network of ‘partisan bias’ just as Trump continually claims the U.S. media are biased and ‘out to get him’.  And again, in a Trumpian-style movement, the party has threatened to ‘review the network’s broadcast license’ … but not ‘til after the election.  Boris and Donnie … possibly twins separated at birth?  Both sore losers, both with juvenile temperaments, neither putting the best interests of their nations in the foreground.  Oh yeah, and both with really fake hair that looks like the straw in a horse’s stall.  And apparently, I’m not the only one who sees the resemblance …


18 thoughts on “Just Two Snarky Snippets …

  1. This election has been the worst ever. The Opposition basically imploding and fighting each other. The PM pretending to be Trump and avoiding scrutiny. To the extent that he’s started sending his Dad out to do his interviews. A biased media. A biased BBC. The BBC picking apart opposition policies yet just reprinting Conservative statements. If you get a chance check out the BBC editing out the audience laughing at when Boris talked about being honest. Yet left in similar public abuse of opposition leaders.

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    • Sigh … not much different there than it is here. I did check that out … BBC claims they “made a mistake” when they filtered out the laughter, but it doesn’t seem like anyone much believes them … I surely don’t. And the picture of him in The Guardian … made me want to laugh … he’s as big a goon as Trump is!

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  2. Jill, the saga of the Trump White House can truly take any poor path. The Washington Post wrote of his efforts to distance himself from Giulliani’s machinations in Ukraine. Throwing Giuliani under the bus was a highly expected step we discussed six weeks ago. Of course, the question of “why would Giuliani do this without WH direction and why would Sondland et al work with Giuliani without the same kind of direction?” should be asked.

    My youngest son read me a tweet that summarizes the president well. It goes something like when Donald Trump talks does he remind you of seventh grader doing a book report on a book he has not read? In this same vein, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said in an interview that she does not like being called a “liar.” Then later in the interview said Trump
    Is the most well-read person she knows. Really. How come his staff laments they have to brief him with short summaries and lots of pictures because of his short attention span?

    By the way, it was confirmed Trump knew about the whistleblower report before he spoke to Sondland and said there is no quid pro quo (also before the $391 million was released). The reason I say this is I felt it was a term that Trump would not be inclined to use. So, these revelations hold less weight as he was in damage control. Keith

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    • Yes, you and I both knew that it was only a matter of time before he tossed Giuliani under the bus, like he has others, and will do to still others who’s misdeeds threaten to bring him down. There are many questions that should be being asked, and I wonder if we will ever find all the strands to this tangled web?

      If Ms. Huckabee-Sanders didn’t like being called a liar, then … perhaps she should have tried telling the truth more often and lying less often? His newest “press secretary”, Stephanie Grisham, is just as bad and has already been caught in a number of lies on Trump’s behalf. Better them than me, for I couldn’t sleep at night if I had all that garbage weighing on my conscience.

      Yes, I saw that … and I’ve seen some of the lame excuses the republicans are attempting to pawn off as justifications for this entire fiasco. What bothers me is that … they all know Trump broke the law, and yet they are continually crying that the impeachment proceedings are a sham, a hoax, the democrats trying to “undo” the 2016 election … and I think there is a fairly large contingent that are buying their rhetoric, since public support for impeachment didn’t increase even after some pretty damning testimony last week. Not, mind you, that it matters a heck of a lot what the public thinks, for the republicans in Congress don’t listen to We the People anyway, but still … if there were a public hue and cry in favour of the impeachment, I think it would be more likely that the Senate might take their duties seriously.


  3. Hey Jill, remember way back when Trump said he didn’t need donations…that he wouldn’t be beholden to anyone…because he was so rich and was self-funding? Seems like a really long time ago huh? Gee, I wonder what happened. Oh well, just another little fib I suppose. It’s Trump being Trump. Nothing to see. UGHHHHH

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  4. I’m still stuck on his raising money scheme in Britain. Isn’t there a law out there somewhere that says no international donations? Pretty sure there’s one. I had one just like it on a state election application..pretty sure federal would be even more strict. GAH!

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  5. Oh boy! I’ve no doubt he thinks there are a lot of Big Pharma and other US corporate ‘ambassadors’ working hard to sell their wares to public sector bodies in the UK who would happily pay that kind of money for an opportunity to lobby for US-friendly terms in the post-Brexit trade deal they want with the UK, Boris’s lot being a much softer touch than the canny Europeans.

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    • I hadn’t even thought of that aspect! You guys really need to show him the door … maybe as soon as his plane touches down, don’t even let him off the plane, just re-fuel it and send him back! Sigh. Such an evil ‘man’.


  6. Yeah, aren’t we lucky to have these two?

    No, we’re in no hurry to ‘welcome’ him over here, again. I’m sure the balloon will be out, though, and we’ll do our best to make him understand he is not in the slightest bit welcome.

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  7. Go home Donald we don;’t want you and I’m fairly sure the American expatriates are expatriates for a reason.
    Boris you know what a tenuous grip you have as leader of the Conservative Party and what a tenuous grip the party has on staying in power ? Well if you want to change that you’d better extract your digit and start sharing the concerns the British people have about Climate Change and give us a clue what you intend to do. Avoiding well hosted TV shows where you could debate against other party leaders is not a good start.

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    • Believe me, as much as we don’t want Donnie here, we cringe when he leaves the country, for he has yet to go somewhere without showing his you-know-what. Perhaps you guys could give him a guided tour of the Tower of London and ‘accidentally’ lock him up in there? As for Boris … that was a foolish, stupid thing to do, given that climate change is probably the single most important issue there is. I tell you, he’s Trump’s kin.

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