The Licensing of the Presidency (White House for Sale)

I rarely follow new blogs these days, as I don’t have time to keep up with the ones I already follow, but recently one crossed my path that seemed exceptional, so I followed it. The blog is Enigma in Black, and according to the authors bio it is “one man’s opinion about matters primarily involving politics, education, and race.”
We all know that Trump is profiting from the presidency, that he sees this nation as his own private domain and that his hired thugs are profiting as well. This post, however, shines some new light on it all and is appropriately titled, “The Licensing of the Presidency (White House for Sale)”. Thank you, Enigma, for both this excellent post, and your permission to share.


It’s how Trump has done business the past couple of decades. After six bankruptcies, Trump did learn a new trick and started selling his name and not trying to run a profitable business. Trump doesn’t really own many of the properties with his name on them. In 2015, his name was on seventeen properties in New York of which he owned only five. At present, the number of buildings in New York with his name has dwindled to eleven, as the six“Trump Place” properties elected to have the Trump name removed. The Trump Organization continues to manage the properties. A typical deal involves Trump licensing his name which once attracted buyers/renters for a fee while also being paid for management duties.

Trump’s new business model allowed him to eliminate risk while raking in a percentage, whether the venture succeeds or fails. When The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower…

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14 thoughts on “The Licensing of the Presidency (White House for Sale)

      • At the age of 16 one of the bands I looked up to. So much potential, but the old story…. being young signed a contract, got screwed, no longer in control of their own destiny, got disillusioned and that was that. In the ‘Psychedelic Pantheon’ they are legends.

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            • Ohhhhhh … now you’ve done it! 1963 … though I was rarely allowed to go to the movies, that summer my dad was embroiled in some heavy business ‘stuff’ and my 17-year-old cousin came to spend the summer with us — mostly, I think, to watch over me. I saw three movies that summer … “How the West Was Won”, “Laurence of Arabia”, and “Cleopatra”. “How the West Was Won” was by far my favourite! I hadn’t thought of that movie in a while, but now I must see it again! No, not that accurate, but a good movie … great cast, and the cinematography was state of the art in its day.

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              • That it was! Old school epic!
                One snippet I love was when the Debbie Reynold’s character, still young and single begins to entertain the wagon train gathering with a slight ribald song about a ‘Captain who betrayed a maid’ much to the chagrin of her father played by the indominable Karl Madden….
                And Gregory Peck showing how good he was a deadpan humour !

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