Jolly Monday … Sans Jolly

Good Monday morning, friends!  I regret to inform you that Jolly has gone AWOL, so this might be a shorter than usual Jolly Monday.  I never realize how much I rely on his help until he’s not here!  I made a disaster in the kitchen trying to get the treats ready, the house is a mess, and I’m just not sure if I can go it alone this morning, but I shall give it my best shot.  Jolly, I’m pretty sure, has gone in search of two of our special friends who’ve been missing lately, and I hope he finds them …

Anyway, grab a snack, if you can find something salvageable in that mess, and let’s try to find some humour in this morning, shall we?

burnt breadburnt toast

spilt coffeebananas

Some days, it seems that nothing goes right … sigh.

Scratch the surface …

At first glance, this sounded like one heck of an opportunity!  Heck, I was about ready to pack up and move to London for this job!  The headline read …

British couple offering $40,000 for full-time dog-sitter

Nov. 25 (UPI) — A British couple are offering nearly $40,000 a year for a full-time dog-sitter to take care of their two golden retrievers.

The position, which requires work Monday through Friday and some weekends, pays $38,676-$41,254 a year, plus room and board.

golden-retreiversThe posting said the dog-sitters would also be called upon to perform some light housekeeping duties.  Note to readers:  red flags should go up with you hear “light housekeeping duties”.  A visit to the actual employment service site where the full ad was posted put it all in a bit of a different light.

job-adA six-storey townhouse … daily housekeeping to a “high standard” … laundry … cooking???  Who the heck has a six-storey townhouse???  I can barely climb the stairs in my two-storey townhouse!!!  Suddenly $40,000 doesn’t sound like nearly enough.  And what the heck is ‘dairy management’?  Guess I’ll cancel that trip to London, eh?

When in Rome … er, France …

If you move from the city to the country, then you should be prepared for a bit of adjustment.  You certainly don’t expect your neighbor, who has lived in the countryside for a long time, to change his lifestyle to accommodate your own.  But that was just what a couple who moved in next to retired farmer Dominique Douthe in the foothills of the Pyrenees, southwestern France, did.  In fact … they took her to court … or was it the ducks they took to court?

Farmer Douthe has some 60 ducks on her farm, and the people who moved in next to her, about 50 meters away, took umbrage at the quacking!  Ducks quack.  Dogs bark.  Cows moo.  Get over it … all of these are more pleasant sounds than those made by most humans!

The unnamed couple, seeking peace and quiet in the French countryside, took Farmer Douthe to court, saying the quacking of the ducks was making their lives miserable.  I’m confused … after the honking of car horns 24/7, the yammering of hoardes of humans, the stench of unwashed bodies, the sound of jets flying overhead … they are made miserable by the sound of ducks taking joy in life?

The court ruled that the sounds made by the ducks and geese are within acceptable limits, and the city folk wasted their money on lawyers to sue ducks!  Score one for common sense and justice.  Said Mme Douthe …

“The ducks have won. I’m very happy because I didn’t want to slaughter my ducks.”

I told you I’m not much good without Jolly’s help, so … how about a few ‘toons, memes, ‘n pictures to round out the morning?



Y’know … friends don’t always have to look or act just like us to be friends … I think these guys prove that point …


I found this over on Phil’s Phun, advertised as the season’s best holiday ad, and while I’m not a fan of any ads, especially holiday ads, I have to admit this one stole my heart!

I apologize for Jolly’s absence, and for my ineptitude in being a “jolly sub”, but hopefully by next week Jolly will return and we can get back to normal.  Meanwhile, please remember to share a smile with someone who needs an extra.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa … and Jolly in absentia.

30 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … Sans Jolly

  1. 1) $40,000 for a job in Central London……with some rich brats as your employer….Prrrrrffffffffffft!!
    2) Glad to read those folks lost their court case. Too rich, too stupid and too used to getting their own way…..Gee….tough….deal with it jerks!
    Greeting from ‘Grumpy Monday Roger’….resident in the UK……Currently up for Sale, (prospective buyers should be aware there are indigenous twits which come with the property)

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  2. Having done housesitting (dog sitting), I can definitely say that the job description is one to be very wary of… You will notice that there is no mention of working hours or days/time off. Can you say “Slave Labour? ”
    The working wage for that is likely bogus too… There are four lots of jobs in that description. ‘Housekeeper, Pet Sitter and Dog Walker, Cook, and Personal Assistant. The salary is very low for London!

    Funny cartoons, but er, I think I will pass on the snacks. I am now in Thailand so 12 hrs ahead of you Jill. 😊 Hugs from across the globe. 🤗

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    • Since you are now in Thailand, might I assume that you are once again housesitting or petsitting? I suppose that since “room and board” are also included in the offer, that ups the effective rate of pay, but still … yes, it sounds rather like slavery! The only upside is spending all day every day with those beautiful dogs!


  3. Jill, things too good to be true are often true. Dog sitting begets….

    I love the “police working tirelessly” joke. Quite funny. Reminds me of a true story. The junior varsity coach at my high school was named Coach Poore. While in the front seat of my driving car, my friend and I joked that they JV could not win with “Poore” coaching. We chuckled. About two minutes later, our other car companion starts roaring with laughter in the back seat. We said what are you laughing at? “Poore” coaching, that is hysterical, he cried out. Keith

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    • Yep, the old saying “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” fits nicely here.

      My favourite was “Man in boxers leads police on brief chase”! Love your story about Coach Poore … and the guy in the backseat would be me, only it would take me more than 2 minutes! I’m always a bit slow to catch on!


  4. I laughed at the dog sitting, – I’ve never lived in a six story town house, but I imagine there are plenty around in London, if you count the basement and the attic rooms – where servants would have lived once upon a time – and it seems like servants are back in fashion for that couple. I think I can claim to have stayed in a similar house for one night. When I was 21 and took a job as a temporary nanny for a month to help two families on holiday with four kids, I stayed in their home before we all decamped to Kent. Actually they were very nice, but that was my only time; I would never want to be a housekeepr of any sort, bad enough having to look after one’s own house!

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  5. When this couple moved, did they not see the ducks? I think the court should have fined for wasting its time.

    I was about to go to the visa office but I changed my mind. That’s too much work for so little.

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    • Perhaps they saw them, but didn’t get the full force of the ducks’ song until they were actually settled in? I agree, though, I hope they had to pay court costs! And yeah … way too much work involved in that job! You’d have to pay me at least 100 grand!


  6. Good morning, Jill! Is it some post-Thanksgivig-blues you are having or just the endless stream of rubbish in the news? … Could not blame you for either, I guess. Here, there is no Thanksgiving, as you know, but they still do the crazy Black Friday. I kept clear of the mad shopping masses, which was a very healthy thing to do, as at the end of the day, there was a knife attack in the The Hague city center… and three teenagers were hurt! Luckily, they are ok again, at least physically, but just imagine the scare those poor kids got!!. No terror, “just” someone loosing it, apparently… There is not much information out yet, but it seems society is getting crazier by the way.
    Still, it is beginning of December, the clock is ticking towards the xmas holidays … and everyone is looking forward to some quiet time to relax. – The sun is just coming up behind the building next to our house, so maybe I can send you some sun rays, even if I have not found jolly hiding in my back yard so far (though he might be asleep under the heap of leaves that I forgot to but in the “green” bin, after my youngest raked them together this weekend). Hugs & Cheers, my friend!

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    • Hello, my friend!!! Oh, nothing in particular is wrong … just the endless stream of mass stupidity that seems to define our nation these days, the fact that winter has arrived, and the looming Christmas holiday for which I have no enthusiasm this year, but am trying hard to put on a good show.

      Oh no!!! I hadn’t heard about that knife attack, probably because all the news was focused on the one in London. I have to agree with you … society has gone off its rocker! It’s no different here, but instead of knives, it’s guns. Sigh.

      Oh yes, some sun rays would be very much welcome! Ahhhh … I think I see them popping through the clouds now! And yes, if you see Jolly, please send him packing, for he is needed at home, especially these days. I do hope you, hubby and the boys all have a wonderful, relaxing month and that Christmas is a great one for you. Take care, my friend!

      Big hugs!!!!


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