Snarky Snippets — Bah Humbug!

They say that ignorance is bliss.  If that is true, there must be a heck of a lot of really blissful people in this nation!

The height of ignorance?

Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to manufacture, let alone sell, Auschwitz-themed Christmas ornaments???  Has the Era of Trump, or the populist movement really made people so cruel, crude, classless, tasteless, and effing ignorant?

From an article in The Washington Post

Amazon has halted the sale of Auschwitz-themed products such as Christmas decorations, a mouse pad and a bottle opener, following an outpouring of disgust on social media led by Poland’s official memorial museum.

The items featured images from Auschwitz, a former Nazi concentration camp where an estimated 1.1 million men, women and children died during World War II. An Auschwitz-themed star holiday decoration was described as a “high quality snowflake,” with the seller, going by the name of Fcheng, describing the bottle opener as a “memorable gift, perfect for every festival.”

In 2018, a report from two watchdog groups found that Amazon was continuing to profit from the sale of white-supremacist propaganda such as books, swastika jewelry and baby onesies featuring an image of a burning cross — despite the company’s policy against selling products that promote hatred.

More than a few times I have noted that the 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech is often too broadly interpreted, and that every ‘right’ comes with a corresponding responsibility.  Amazon shirked their responsibility in allowing these hate-themed items to be advertised and sold.  But, perhaps the bigger problem is the fact that there is actually a demand for such items, that people will actually buy this crap.

What the heck are they thinking???

Every now and then, it happens that a fetus will implant in a woman’s fallopian tube rather than the uterus.  Left untreated, this would ultimately result in the death of the mother, not to mention the fetus.  This is called an ectopic pregnancy, and the only viable treatment is to surgically remove the fetus from the fallopian tube.

The state legislature in Ohio, however, has decided that they know more than all the gynecologists in the world, and there is a bill before the legislature, HB413, that would require doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus, or be charged with ‘abortion murder’.

Lots of problems with this bill, but the main one is that reimplanting an ectopic pregnancy is medically impossible!  The procedure does not exist!  It cannot be done!  Are the lawmakers in this state really that effing stupid???

It is bad enough that Ohio and other states have passed some of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country … the world, for that matter.  Women’s rights?  HAH!  The bozos are spoon-fed by the evangelicals who have an unreasonable desire to ensure that women are given only the rights men see fit to give them.  But now, they are almost ensuring that every gynecologist in the state will be in prison for murder and women who need a doctor will have to go to another state to find one!  Might be a better idea just to sterilize all male babies at birth … there, problem solved!

Sorry … I got a little carried away there, but this is about the stupidest one thing I have seen come out of the state legislature, ever.

Under the bill, physicians who perform abortions would face 15 years to life in prison, and removing an ectopic pregnancy is considered an abortion in this bill.  The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists argues that pro-life physicians should end such ectopic pregnancies as “There is no chance for survival of the child, either inside or outside the womb, but there is a very real, imminent danger of death or disability for the mother.”

But, some people are apparently so appalled by the concept of ‘abortion’ that they would see the mother die in an attempt to save a fetus.  Too bad those same people aren’t equally appalled by children separated from their parents and thrown in cages.  Too damn bad they aren’t equally appalled by children going to bed hungry at night or living on the streets.

Needless to say, doctors aren’t too happy with the bill …ohio-doctor-tweetCommon sense says that the bill is for show only and cannot possibly pass the legislature and be signed into law by the governor, right?  Right?

Okay … I’m going to go do some housecleaning to work off some of this angst & ire.  Have a nice evening, folks!

29 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets — Bah Humbug!

  1. I am beside myself with each of these issues. First, because I was raised and went to school with people of the Jewish faith; I grew to understand, appreciate and love them. When I was in Grade 5, the school of the neighboring Jewish community was bursting at the seams, so students were bused into our school and we were sat Christian, Jew, Christian, Jew. Oh, we complained at first – mostly because we couldn’t choose our seats to be beside the friends we knew – but it wasn’t long before we were sad our new friends couldn’t hang out after school because they had to catch the bus. I credit this arrangement for the sole reason I acquired my openness and inquisitiveness to people of all beliefs.

    Second, thankfully I live in Canada, one of the few nations with no specific legal restrictions on abortion. In that vein, our government has pretty much stayed out of what a woman does with her body. It literally scares me to think of any government meddling in woman’s rights. My fingers are crossed that your State Legislature comes to its senses!

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    • I share your angst on the first one. Though I am no longer religious in any fashion, I was raised by a Jewish father & Catholic mother, and had relatives on my father’s side that actually experienced the Holocaust first-hand. The very thought that somebody would set out to make money off of such inhumane acts appalls and sickens me. The fact that there is a demand for such makes it ten times worse. Sigh. We move backwards in many ways these days.

      As to the state legislature … I doubt they will change their mind, but I also doubt that Governor DeWine will sign the bill into law … surely somebody in the state government has some common sense!!! Sigh. I have said more than a few times that for all the progress women have made in this nation, it is still in essence a man’s world. This proves my point.

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  2. OK, so the male members of the State Legislature should submit to the regular cleansing out of their meatus tubes to show how committed they are to the total concept of sexual health and hygiene as a gesture of purification.
    As for the decorations. Can we have the idiots who thought of this one placed on TV to explain why they thought this a good idea and then have doctor’s exam their anal cavities to check if their brains slipped down there?

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    • That anyone would spend money and take pride in buying an Auschwitz-themed decoration is, as you say, beyond belief. As is the state of Ohio trying to mandate a medical treatment that doesn’t exist, likely killing both mother and fetus. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, I sent this out today, but paste it here as it seems apt. Keith

    On the news last week, I saw the UK Labor Party has been accused of having a few anti-Semites. Not to be outdone, the UK Conservative Party has been accused of Islamophobia. And, sadly hate crimes are on the rise in the US largely due to a rise in white nationalists who feel more empowered these days.

    People are not born hating. They have to be taught. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote a key song in the musical play and movie “South Pacific” called “You have to be carefully taught.” The lyrics are noted below, but I wanted to mention the context of the play first. “South Pacific” is a play about the idiocy and harm of bigotry. It was written in the 1949 as a clever metaphor to address the Jim Crow period in the US. Rodgers and Hammerstein knew they had to use a different setting for this love story to get their point about bigotry heeded. When the bigotry raises its ugly head, it actually shocks the audience.

    These lyrics are powerful. Please let them sink in as we all need to counter bigotry and racism we see and better understand some of our own prejudices.

    “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught from year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate,
    You’ve got to be carefully taught!”

    Let’s use the holidays to be thankful for and embrace our diversity. In fact, the first Thanksgiving brought two different groups together to share a meal.

    Keith Wilson, Charlotte, Independent, Advocate for the disenfranchised, environment and US debt education

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      • The hope is that at some point, the ‘next’ generation grows up determined to shun the teachings of their elders. This is one of the goals of education … to teach young people to think for themselves, to break out of that mold.

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    • I did get your email with this earlier … and it prompted me to go back and watch the clip from South Pacific. As you say, my friend, we should embrace and celebrate our differences, our diversity. We shared the Thanksgiving meal with our friends Maha & Ali and their three boys, refugees from Syria & Iraq. I made the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, and they made a number of Arabic dishes. We all shared many laughs, much fun, and lots of love. I would not trade their friendship and love for 100 who look just like me. Those who are bigoted are missing out on so much.


  4. OHIO Jill…OHIO! Again, what the hell has happened? Certainly do not recognize the state, at least from a political perspective. Gerrymandering has pretty much ruined the damn state. At least that’s my take. I saw the district Jim Jordan presides over. Chopped/sliced/diced…you name it. I do have a question for you though Jill…Has Dewine said that he would sign such a bill? I haven’t heard anything on that. If he does? …….just wow. How much further to the right of Atilla The Hun can they go?

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    • You’ve got me, my friend! I think it must be something in the water that has turned them all to loons! (I drink only bottled water imported from another state!) I didn’t see anything regarding whether DeWine has said he would or wouldn’t sign the bill, and frankly I didn’t think to look. Overall, DeWine is fairly moderate, as republicans go, so I cannot imagine that he would, but … this is the Era of Trump where people’s minds seem to have left home. I’ll let you know if I hear.

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