A Few Mini-Rants … Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

It was going to be just another mildly Snarky Snippets piece, but suddenly I discovered I really felt a rant building up.  And so …

Another unqualified candidate on the bench …

Her name is Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk, she is 42 years of age, her only judiciary experience was clerking for then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, she has never tried a case as a lead or co-counsel, has never examined a witness, and yet now she is a federal judge for the U.S. District Court in St. Louis!  The American Bar Association (ABA) gave her a “not qualified” rating … you can read their letter if you wish.

So, what has she done?  What, exactly, made Trump think she was a good candidate for the federal court?  Did she bat her eyes just right, or swing her hips just so?  Oh no … here it is … “Sarah Pitlyk has spent most of her career defending our most fundamental freedoms, including religious liberty.”

Vanita Gupta, a former head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said of Pitlyk’s confirmation …

“She is exactly the type of judicial nominee that Trump promised to fill the courts with: an individual who threatens reproductive rights and access to abortion. With Pitlyk’s confirmation, the administration is betting on her to carry out their agenda for decades to come.”

Another setback to women’s rights!  One lousy republican, Senator Susan Collins, found enough compunction to vote against this woman’s confirmation.  To the rest of you damn republicans … go soak your heads in a vat of boiling oil, please!!!   Hear that low growl emitting from my throat?

Let them eat cake!  Oh wait … they cannot afford that, either

Scrooge McTrump is at it again!

The Agriculture Department gave its final approval to the first of three rules that are ultimately expected to cut more than three million from the food stamp rolls.  According to the Department of Agriculture, the economy has improved under the Trump administration, and assistance to unemployed, able-bodied adults was no longer necessary in a strong job market.

sonny-perdueSonny Perdue, head of the Department of Agriculture and one of Trump’s many yes-men, aka boot lickers, is a millionaire.  Not one night in his worthless life has he gone to bed hungry!  This is the problem with too damn many rich people in this administration … they have no concept … NONE … of what the average person deals with.

Cut food stamps, cut other social service programs, but increase military spending.  Oh yeah … let’s not forget … cut taxes on the wealthy.  Is this any way to run a government?  No, it is not.  Again, as I have said so many times before … this is a government of, by and for the wealthy and to hell with the rest of us.  The growl gets louder …

Jim Jordan …

jim-jordanI think it speaks volumes when one of the Republican Party’s loudest mouthpieces is a man who is implicated in a sex scandal at Ohio State University (OSU).  It says much about the values – or should I say lack of values – of the GOP.

Mind you, Representative Jim Jordan is not accused of sexual abuse himself, but when he served as Assistant Coach from 1986 – 1994, numerous students went to him with complaints that the campus doctor, Dr. Richard Strauss, had abused them.  Strauss has been found to have abused at least 177 male students during his tenure at the university.  Jim Jordan did nothing when students took their concerns to him, but simply blew them off.

Jordan claims that he did not know, but numerous students and even a referee have come forward to say that they went to Jordan, hoping he would help them, but instead he blew them off, saying, “Yeah, that’s Strauss.”  Where there is so much smoke, there is a fire somewhere.

And this is one of the faces of the GOP today.  How low they have sunk since the days when GOP stood for ‘Grand Old Party’.

The laughingstock of the world …

All throughout Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, when nobody thought he could possibly win the election (and for the record, he didn’t), he was the laughingstock of both the nation and our allies.  Here in the U.S., we stopped laughing in the wee hours of November 9th, 2016.  The rest of the world kept laughing until probably mid-March 2017, when they saw that he was not only a threat to the U.S. and its people, but to the entire world.

Now, he is seen abroad as a fool, but a dangerous fool, and world leaders spend a bit of time in the days leading up to a summit or conference he will attend, trying to head off any dramatics, any crisis.

It was reported on December 2nd that NATO leaders had done everything in their power ahead of this week’s NATO summit to ensure that there would be no disruptive incidents.  But, wherever Trump goes, he insists on being the center of attention, and if he isn’t, then he will find a way to make it so.nato-trump.jpgYesterday, he stormed out of the summit in London after seeing a video of a group of leaders, including Boris Johnson, ridiculing him at Buckingham Palace for staging lengthy press conferences.  I suppose it hurt his itty-bitty feelings, punctured that thin skin of his, and he took his toys and went home.  He fully deserved the ridicule, and those who dished it out … Princess Anne, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French president Emmanuel Macron, and Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte … were not aware they were being recorded, nor that the recording would be shown to Trump.  But, let’s face it folks … the bully got just exactly what he deserved.  As one commentor noted, the conversation wasn’t even newsworthy until Trump made it newsworthy.

And, I laugh, but at the same time I wonder, for Trump is a bully, he retaliates against those who would mock him.  Perhaps cooler heads will convince him to drop it.  Wait … are there any cooler heads left in the White House???

And Putin smiles …

Okay, well, it’s getting late and what started as a low growl is now a full-throttle roar, so it’s time for me to stop ranting and get a few hours of nice, peaceful sleep.  And I leave you with a bit of chuckle-inducing humour from our friend Jimmy Kimmel …

29 thoughts on “A Few Mini-Rants … Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. did you guys actually bother to read the article about the cutting of food stamps or did you just read the headline designed to engendre strong negative emotions as most of these silly headlines are prone to do?

    If you read the first paragraph of the article, it clearly states that he’s just enforcing rules that already exist to find work or vocational training if you’re under 50, aren’t disabled, don’t have children under 18 and so on.

    I am so sick of the media in this country printing half truths to further shove down the throats of the American people an obvious political agenda, but what I am more saddened by is that people actually believe this crap.

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    • Actually, Scott, I did read two articles about the entire thing, and yes, this time it’s adults with no children. So what? I don’t want to know of anybody going hungry in this nation, when there is so much wealth available. Now, you should know by now that I do my homework and don’t just fall all over what the talking heads say. This, however, is inexcusable and … it’s only part I of a three-phase plan to ultimately cut benefits to some 3 million people. Meanwhile, the oil barons have billions sitting around collecting dust. Something wrong with a country that is willing to let people starve, but worships the wealthy. Hugs, Scott!


  2. Well with Trump in the Whitehouse we of course have an Epoch of Idiots, Unqualified and Charlatans…goes with the turf.
    Annnnd it’s finally happened.
    On the World public stage he was mocked by people of equal rank and what did he do? Of course he stormed out like the spoilt immature brat he is. Even our right-wing press is mocking him.
    Off you go Flabmiester, scuttle back to your hideyhole and whinge to your followers.

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  3. Jill, good summary of many topics. Several comments:
    – does it bother you as it does me that Congresspeople have resorted to placards in committee meetings. They did this with Michael Cohen to get viewers to ignore what is being said.
    – I am glad you highlighted the accusations of Jim Jordan’s failure to help Ohio State wrestlers who were fondled by a campus doctor. Devin Nunes has done one confirmed unethical thing, two confirmed hyper-partisan things questioned by other Republicans and now shows up in the investigation. At a the very least, he has a conflict of interest and should recuse himself. These are the folks beatlng up on people who have the audacity to tell the truth under oath.
    – Trump’s actions at NATO are par for the course. Trump wants people to suck up to him. Autocrats know this and use that. One thing is for certain, it does not behoove other leaders to say in public settlngs what they say privately about Trump – there are mics and phones everywhere.


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    • Thanks Keith. Yes, the placards and posters are intended to distract, and they do just that. Very unprofessional and they turn it into almost a circus atmosphere. It also bothers me that Jim Jordan’s role in the OSU sex scandal is barely noted in the media, for to me, that is a sign of his character … or lack thereof. And you’re quite right that Nunes should have recused himself, but … that would require that he have an interest in the rule of law, in doing the right thing, and we both know that Mr. Nunes has no conscience. Trump’s actions at NATO were no surprise … just more of the circus that travels with him wherever he goes. Who can blame the other world leaders for mocking him … heck … we do it all the time. He asks for it … practically begs for it!

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  4. Hello Jill. I was just finishing up a post about Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk and switched over here to see you also had one. Great mind and all that, right? As for tRump isn’t he supposed to be the big tough man who says it like it is and owns the libs? He never backs down and swaggers across the world stage, the US has never been admired so much before according to the myth his cult has built around him. I think he is like his wall on the southern border, talked about in glowing terms and over hyped, but easily to see just how weak and useless it is.

    Ever notice Republicans demand conditions for poor / low incomes to receive any government assistants. They keep making more and more conditions and adding restrictions. Yet at the same time they are deregulating and removing restrictions on large corporations , oil and gas companies, drug companies, others that receive large subsidies from the government. Two different standards. The wealthy should get money and help with no conditions, the poor must be made to suffer for desperately needed help is the Republican way.

    Have a grand day. Hugs

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    • Indeed, Scottie, great minds think alike! Trump … tough? HAH!!!! He is a wuss who thinks that loud ranting and facial contortions make him appear tough. Obviously, some have fallen for that act, but all I see when he gets on a tangent is a clown … a fat, sloppy clown without the power of even being able to speak in complete sentences. And, as you and I both know, contrary to what he says, the U.S. has never been more ridiculed nor reviled than it is today. This, then, will be his legacy, or at least part of it. Yep, Scottie … his ‘presidency’ is all about a reverse Robin Hood … rob from the poor, give to the rich. I believe that his goal is to a) win the 2020 election, then b) turn this republic into an autocracy before 2024, thus there will be no need for an election, for he will stay in office until his death, at which time the reigns will pass to Junior. During which time, those who live below the poverty line will either die, or submit to being made modern-day slaves. This won’t happen, at least I don’t think it will, because there are “checks and balances”, but … how effective are those checks and balances if Congress, even just one chamber, is dominated by those who see their future wealth as being tied to Trump, and are therefore serving as his yes-men? Forgive me, Scottie … I am in a mood tonight, but this is what I think he envisions happening. We simply must vote him out next year, but … the democrats aren’t impressing me thus far. Sigh. Hugs!

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