Little Devin’s Feelings Are Hurt 😭

One of the not-so-illustrious faces of the GOP today, Devin Nunes, is suing media outlet CNN … for $435,350,000.  Yep, folks … you read it right.  $435 million and change!  I would love to know how he came up with that figure … heck, his life isn’t worth that much!  His net worth is estimated at $158,001 (the extra dollar … who knows … maybe the Tooth Fairy?).  He may well be the poorest member of Congress!

So why, you ask, is he suing CNN?  He is suing because last month CNN published what Nunes now claims to be a “demonstrably false hit piece.”  The story reported that in December 2018, while serving as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes traveled to Vienna and met with Ukrainian former prosecutor general Victor Shokin to discuss digging up dirt on Joe Biden.  Funny, isn’t it, that the entire focus of Trump & Co these days is on Joe Biden?

Now, I don’t claim that CNN or any of the other news outlets are above embellishing on a story from time-to-time, but unlike Fox, Breitbart and others, they are not into conspiracy theories.  They report actual news.  Their source for the November 22nd story was an attorney for Lev Parnas, a now-indicted business associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani.  The attorney, Joseph Bondi, says Mr. Parnas would be willing to testify to Congress under oath.  CNN contacted Nunes’ office multiple times before publishing the story, asking for a response from him, but he refused to return their calls.

Nunes’ complaint is 47 pages long … lawyers always manage to write 50 pages for what could easily have been said in 2-3 sentences … and accuses Parnas of manufacturing a narrative that he hoped would help him negotiate a deal with federal prosecutors or obtain immunity from Congress.  So … why isn’t he suing Mr. Parnas?

Records disclosed Tuesday in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry report show phone calls between Nunes and Giuliani as well as between Nunes and Parnas earlier this year.  Nunes says he remembers speaking with Giuliani, but that it was all perfectly innocent, and he doesn’t remember speaking with Mr. Parnas.  I guess he has a ‘convenient memory’ like Trump, eh?

Nunes claims that CNN published the story in order to damage his reputation and ensure his removal from the ongoing impeachment inquiry.  It seems to me that Nunes is trying to catch up to Trump in the number of lawsuits to his name.  Trump has been either plaintiff or defendant in over 6,000 lawsuits during his 73 years, so while Nunes has some catching up to do, he’s certainly trying (in more ways than one).

Devin-Nunes-criesIn March, he filed a lawsuit for $250 million against Twitter, claiming that two parody Twitter accounts (one called “Devin Nunes’ Cow”) and a Republican political consultant defamed him with mean tweets.  Awwww … pobrecito!  In August, he sued McClatchy news organization for another $250 million, alleging defamation.  And in October he sued Ryan Lizza and Hearst Magazines for $77 million, claiming that a story in Esquire about the Nunes family farm in Iowa defamed him.

An interesting aside … the Devin Nunes’ Cow Twitter account had only about 1,000 followers until Mr. Nunes filed the lawsuit, and then it’s readership skyrocketed to 667,000! nunesIt seems to me that Mr. Nunes has very thin skin.  As I was writing this post, the thought occurred to me that perhaps it would be fun to mail him a box of tissues to dry his tears.  Hey, maybe he would then sue me!  That could be fun, for as the old saying goes, “you can’t get blood out of a turnip”!

The irony here is priceless, for in 2017, Devin Nunes co-sponsored HR 1179 – Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act.

Just think, if Nunes were to win all these lawsuits, he would increase his net worth from his present $158,001 to $1,012,508,001.  That’s it, folks!  I’ve got it now!  He wants to become a billionaire like so many of his peers!  All these lawsuits could put him just over the billion-dollar mark!  Except … one small problem … I don’t think he’s likely to win a single one of them!Devin-Nunes

16 thoughts on “Little Devin’s Feelings Are Hurt 😭

  1. Just think, if Nunes were to win all these lawsuits, he would increase his net worth from his present $158,001 to $1,012,508,001.

    He’s learning from the master that he ❤❤❤ so well!

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  2. Thankls for the chuckle. I’m thinking I might nuy a law degree from some fake university and come over there. I could become a billionaire before I’m 80 (I’m 78 now) just by taking on suits for the GOP “suits”. Oh damn! I’ve just given you and your followers the chance to get ahead of me.

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    • Hmmmm … now there’s a thought! If you do that, would you consider representing me as I file suit against Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and other as-yet-unnamed republicans for a) loss of sleep, b) increased smoking => 4.3 years of life shaved off the end, c) various stress-related health issues, and d) facial wrinkles as a result of a permanent scowl?

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    • Exactly … even if he felt his character had been defamed (as if he had any character to defame), nearly a half-million dollars??? I think not. Just wait ’til you see the one about George Zimmerman … your jaw will drop!

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  3. Jill, let’s start with three facts as context for this.
    – Nunes, as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee when Paul Ryan was speaker, decided to forego the annual Committee briefing by the heads of the intelligence departments. Why?
    – Nunes had to step down as Committee Chair in early 2017 for letting the White House know what they were investigating
    -‘Nunes released a GOP version of a report in January, 2018 which GOP Senator Richard Burr tried to have suppressed as his Senate Intelligence Committee did not agree with. Burr went to Speaker Ryan when Nunes said no.

    Now, we have these allegations. I think this past behavior offers context. If any of this is true, at the very least, Nunes shpuld have recused himself for conflict of interest. Keith

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    • Jill, Devin Nunes was taken to task by Fox News’ Martha Maccallun in an interview last night. Her reason is he could not recall talking with Lev Parnas who is on trial. Parnas’ attorney said Lev remembers what they talked about. What should scare both Giuliani and Nunes is Parnas is about to do a plea deal,

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    • All valid points, and yes, by all rights he should have recused himself, or his party should have replaced him on the committee. It seems to me that the GOP are doing all they can to turn the impeachment proceedings into a 3-ring circus, while Adam Schiff et al try to maintain some degree of control over the proceedings. But, another point about Nunes’ lawsuit against CNN comes to mind … I think it is attempting to disrupt the freedom of the press. If he should win his lawsuit, which I cannot imagine happening, then all media outlets will be leery of reporting anything, for fear of being sued for reporting facts. This cannot be allowed to happen.


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