Today’s Toons To …

I seem to have that mind bounce thing again, and am unable to focus on any one thing for more than 93 seconds, just over a minute-and-a-half, or even finish a thought.  So … what better time for some ‘toons, eh?  Perhaps a chuckle or two will clear out the cobwebs in my head!

Earlier this week, a law scholar mentioned Melania’s son’s name: Barron.  He did not do any harm, did not criticize or say anything about the child.  His statement was simply that Trump can name his son Barron, but he cannot make him a Baron.  In other words, there is no royalty in the U.S., and Trump is not a monarch.  But, Melania took umbrage.Barron

The economy … it’s the only thing, really, that Trump has going for him, and frankly he had little or nothing to do with it, and in fact his widespread tariffs are taking a toll already.  But, the fact that he touts a low unemployment rate … well, there’s another side to it all.economy-1

But of course, the main topic of the day is the impeachment process that is taking place in Congress, and the republicans’ attempt to denigrate the process and turn it into a carnival atmosphere.  Frankly, I’m surprised they don’t have a popcorn vendor outside the door.


Have a great weekend!  Hopefully my bouncing mind will settle soon!

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  1. I have shut out almost all news. French, Mexican, International, so those toons make me wonder: So many cartoonists say the same thing, and yet, Republicans see nothing? What is wrong with the world?

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    • When you close your eyes, plug your ears, and hold your nose, you may fail to notice that your house is afire. Sigh. What’s wrong with the world, you ask? Got a few hours? Mostly, though, I can sum it up in two words: greed & arrogance.

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  2. Jill, Professor Pamela Karlan should not have made her remark about Barron’s name and apologized about it later in the session. Sadly, it will be focused on by people who say this is coming from a Trump hater, which is code to ignore people who do.

    Jonathan Turley who said things are being rushed does not absolve Trump of wrongdoing. With that said, whose attorney was used to find dirt, who had the authority to make people work with him and who had the most to gain – Donald J. Trump. There is a circular problem here – Trump’s obstruction is preventing the people who heard the order from testifying. I think the Committee should force Pompeo, Bolton and Mulvaney to testify at a minimum. Keith

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    • Perhaps you are right, but I did not find anything offensive or threatening in her comment. I always say that minor children of politicians should NOT be involved in the detritus of media attention, but she wasn’t even really referring to Barron, the person, so much as the name. Still, it certainly wasn’t anything for Melania or anybody else to go nuts about. Just another way of deflecting attention from the real issues.

      I agree with you 100%. Everyone who has been subpoenaed by Congress must testify … under oath. Otherwise, it is comparable to Trump having already declared himself the “Once and Future King”. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


      • Jill, if Trump were a Democrat, as he once was, he would be vilified. Given the lather over Obama’s not wearing a flagpin, you think the GOP and Fox would tolerate the same abuse of power? Keith

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        • Yes, indeed! Obama was soundly criticized over the missing flag pin, wearing a beige-coloured suit once, and then there was the resounding criticism of Michelle Obama when she had the gall to wear … GASP … a sleeveless dress!!! Hmmmm … and yet nobody mentions that Melania was once a nude model? Methinks perhaps skin colour plays a role here?


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