The Majority of the People Want Better Gun Governance

One of my biggest pet peeves, as most of you know, is the gun culture in this nation. Were it within my power, I would revoke the 2nd Amendment, and I’m fairly certain that the Founding Fathers would kick themselves if they could see what a misinterpretation we have made of it. Our friend Keith has written an excellent post pointing out that the majority of the people in this nation actually SUPPORT stricter gun legislation, yet … our legislators ignore us. Thank you, Keith, for this excellent, eye-opening post!


From an article called “Polls find Americans mostly are supportive of stricter laws on guns” by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughn of the Raleigh News and Observer, please note the following cited survey results. Note these results have been fact checked by the paper’s Fact Checking Project.

– Gallup’s poll from August, 2019 noted “61% would support a ban on semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles.”

– The Civitas Institute (a conservstive policy group) poll from September, 2019 showed “58% of respondents saying gun laws were not strict enough.” Note of the Civitas poll respondents, “48% either owned a gun or had someone in their home who owned a gun.”

– A Quinnipac University poll from May, 2019 showed “61% of Americans support stricter gun laws. The same poll showed 94% of Americans support required background checks for gun buyers. And, 77% of those polled support ‘requiring individuals to obtain a license…

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7 thoughts on “The Majority of the People Want Better Gun Governance

    • Two shootings in our local news tonight had me growling. If 80% of the people in this nation want better gun governance, but Congress won’t approve a single bill … what’s wrong with this picture? The NRA, that’s what! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. Good share Jill.
    The problem you have over there in the USA is there are too many true-believers of the gun lobby, I tried to engage with one in a dialogue it was all one-way so I ditched it.
    And it’s difficult to shift them, in fact if I was to end up in the USA one of the first things I would do is buy a handgun, train up and carry it around, wearing a t-shirt ‘I’m a democrat and Trump is a shmuck. So says my gun ‘…..but there again Sheila would make me stay in doors.

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    • You’re quite right about that, and it’s not a discussion I walk into if I can help it. But, the assault weapon thing … that’s a whole ‘nother story, and most sensible people will tell you that they should be banned. The argument that they make good defensive weapons is bullshit, for you’d rip the house apart if you tried to use one against an intruder and likely kill the neighbors in the process. And you can’t use them for hunting, for they tear an animal to shreds. So … there is only one use for assault weapons: mass murder. And, most gun owners will agree with that, but yet the NRA fights against any regulations on them. Makes no sense at all! I found out the other day that my friends/neighbors Maha and Ali are now ‘proud gun owners’! Ali was joking about something, and said, “I got gun now!” And he was just beaming. I think he thinks that makes him a part of the American culture? Sigh.

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