Snarky Snippets To Kick Off The Weekend!

I am filled with snarky today … it is flowing from my ears, my very pores.  The republicans have gone beyond ridiculous in their objections to the impeachment process, are doing their level best to make it seem like a three-ring circus, and the low growl in my throat is a constant these days.  So, to take our minds off the buffoons like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, et al, here are a few snippets unrelated to impeachment

Pardon pen over-inked!


Matt Bevin

In the Kentucky governor’s race last month, the incumbent, republican Matt Bevin, was defeated by Andy Beshear, a democrat.  Bevin did not go gently into that good night, for he claimed there were voting ‘irregularities’, and for a time it appeared he would force a vote in the State Legislature.  He ultimately conceded when he realized that there was absolutely no evidence of any ‘irregularities’.

But still, Bevin was determined to go out with a bang, and that he did.  From the time that Bevin conceded the election to Beshear on November 14th until the date of Beshear’s inauguration on December 10th, Bevin issued pardons for some 428 people.  The list includes a man convicted of reckless homicide, a convicted child rapist, a man who murdered his parents at age 16 and a woman who threw her newborn in the trash after giving birth in a flea market outhouse.Bevin-pardonsIt is not unusual for governors to issue pardons as they leave office, but pardoning murderers and child rapists is definitely outside the norm.

Among those pardoned was Brett Whittaker, a man who was convicted on two counts of murder for killing a pastor and his wife while driving under the influence in 2011, and Dayton Jones, who was convicted in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy at a party.  And there was Patrick Brian Baker, who was convicted in 2017 of reckless homicide, robbery, impersonating a peace officer and tampering with evidence for his role in a 2014 home invasion that resulted in the death of Donald Mills.  It’s almost as if Bevin sought the worst of the worst to pardon, his way of giving a middle finger to the people of Kentucky.

Congratulations to Greta, another black mark for Trump

A 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome from Sweden is this years’ Time Magazine Person of the Year!  That’s right, Time Magazine chose Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist who has brought awareness to the ongoing climate crisis to so many people, for their coveted Person of the Year award.  She is the youngest person to earn the title in the magazine’s 92-year history.Thunberg-Time.jpgBut, apparently Donald Trump thought that he should be ‘person of the year’, and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, or rather, his thumbs still.


What kind of ‘man’ denigrates a 16-year-old girl who is trying to raise awareness about a serious problem affecting the whole world?  Certainly, this is not the sign of a ‘man’ who ought to hold a position of power, if he cannot even treat people like Greta with a bit of decency and respect.  To her credit, Greta altered her Twitter bio …thunberg-twitter-bioFor my part, I congratulate Ms. Thunberg and thank her for doing more than her share to bring awareness to people around the globe, and apologize to her for the poor manners of the person sitting in the Oval Office.

They are “devastated”?

One week ago today, three U.S. servicemen lost their lives and eight were wounded by a Saudi wielding a 9mm Glock 45 pistol in a killing rampage in Pensacola, Florida, that the FBI says is being investigated as terrorism.PensacolaThere are many unanswered questions, but the fact is that three are dead at the hands of a Saudi national.  We remember the killing of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, killed on orders by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. We remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers who changed our lives on 11 September 2001 were from Saudi Arabia.  And then, we hear the ‘president’ of the United States respond …

“I spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia.  They are devastated in Saudi Arabia.  We’re finding out what took place, whether it’s one person or a number of people.  And the King will be involved in taking care of families and loved ones.  He feels very strongly.  He’s very, very devastated by what happened and what took place.  Likewise, the Crown Prince.  They are devastated by what took place in Pensacola.  And I think they’re going to help out the families very greatly. But, right now, they send their condolences.”

Trump-bin-SalmanI imagine they are about as devastated as they were by Mr. Khashoggi’s murder.  But to the point, does he expect us to feel sorry for the poor, ‘devastated’ Saudi dictators?  Not a word from Trump about the threat of terrorism, or a shred of curiosity about motives and whether the Saudi officer was radicalized and by whom, or a thought about what Saudi Arabia could do to help investigate the shooter, or perhaps a lament that the killer, a guest of the United States, would carry out such a horrific assault on his hosts, or even a worry about where the 21-year-old officer got the weapon.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch. It seems that he is more concerned with the Saudis than with the people he was hired to protect and represent.

Trump’s love affair with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, Jair Bolsonaro and other strongmen dictators is appalling … and dangerous … and disgusting.

Well, folks, it’s Friday afternoon … so, have a great weekend … if you can.

19 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets To Kick Off The Weekend!

  1. I wonder how he would have reacted if the gunman was Iranian? Or, Mexican? Or, an African-American? It’s so transparent Jill. Everything about him is centered around money. He’s indebted to the Saudi’s…as is Jared. His supporters merely shrug their shoulders and say who cares? I’m beyond being shocked anymore.

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  2. This is not my own comment…pulled it off another place, but this person says it so well…..

    Trump is a snowflake’s idea of strength and masculinity, an incel’s idea of a playboy, a racist’s idea of white supremacy, a Christian extremist’s idea of being godly, a nationalist’s idea of patriotism, and an idiot’s idea of being a self-made millionaire.
    But perhaps worst of all, he’s a bully’s idea of how might-makes-right is “nature’s way” of how the world works. In the end, these bullies are more than willing to shut off whatever empathy they may have, and will use the power of the law to make the lives of everyone that isn’t white, rich, straight, and Christian complete and utter hell, and worse if possible.
    Only because of a simple reason: because they can.

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    • Sad but true. What has taken me by surprise is the level of bigotry and hatred that has apparently been there all along, just waiting for the right catalyst to bring it to life. I’m disappointed in much of this country and fear it will get worse before it gets better. Sigh.


  3. I’m glad Bevin didn’t get voted in. However, he will have a place in the history of the state. A sickening place to be sure. Michelle Obama had the correct response about Greta being voted Time’s Person of the Year. Thank you, Michelle. Jealousy, shown by another was a petty, immature, unattractive response at best. The killing of those three young sailors was terrible. The response by the President was inappropriate. —- Suzanne

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    • I fully agree about Michelle Obama’s response to Greta … but then, the Obamas have class, unlike some others I could mention. And yes, Trump’s response was highly inappropriate. As Keith said, it makes you wonder which country he’s working for.

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  4. Jill, good post. A couple of thoughts:
    – Greta Thunberg is a hero and deserving of the Time tribute. It is not a surprise regarding Trump’s predictable reaction. To sum up, Time voted for the child that acts like an adult, not the adult who acts like a child.

    – As for Bevin, pardoning criminals who have caused harm to others is not a good legacy. It has always puzzled me why people who should not be pardoned are at these exits.

    – As for the Saudi announcement, it struck me as odd. My question is which country does he represent?


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    • Thanks Keith! I fully agree about Greta, and I love the way you phrase it: Time voted for the child that acts like an adult, not the adult who acts like a child!

      I’ve never understood it, either, but I cannot recall another outgoing official who pardoned rapists and murderers! This is insane.

      I share your thoughts about Trump and the Saudis … where was his outrage when Jamal Khashoggi was murdered? There was none. In fact, as I recall, he defended MbS at the time. No conscience, I tell you.


      • Jill, I still want to know where Jared Kushner got the money to pay off his balloon loan payment of $1.2
        billion. I have a strong suspicion it was a Saudi family member. I say this as the CIA said they were concerned he was shopping for help. Of course, I hope I am wrong, but there is a surprising lack of interest in this topic. Keith

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        • A very good question, my friend. Another reader also noted that Jared seems to be indebted to the Saudis. I’d bet you’re right. And … as you say, there is a lack of interest, though I’m not so surprised, for there is just too much for us to keep up with. Perhaps that is the goal of this administration … bombard us with so much news on a daily basis that there’s no way we can assimilate it all.

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  5. On Bevin and his pardons:

    Those Christians sure do set a high standard of morality for the nation </sarcasm>

    On Greta Thunberg:

    I thought that was an excellent choice by Time magazine (and no sarcasm this time). I also enjoyed her response to the Trump tweet. Congratulations to Greta.

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