The Measure Of A Man …

In my 68 years, presidents have come, and presidents have gone.  Some have been better than others in one area or another.  None have been perfect … nor will any ever be, for it is a job in which decisions must be made without having perfect information, leading a nation of people with differing opinions in many areas.  Harry S. Truman was president when I was born, and there have been eleven since, not counting the current office-holder, whom I refuse to refer to by that title.

But never, since the founding of this nation, has there been such a corrupt, power-hungry president than we have today.  Making it worse, however, is that in the second line of defense, the U.S. Congress, we also have far too many corrupt senators and representatives. When I say ‘corrupt’, in this case, I mean selfish, greedy, putting their own best interests ahead of those of the nation and the 330 million people living within its borders.

Donald Trump is facing impeachment in the House of Representatives.  I won’t argue that there could have been many more articles of impeachment than the two that have been issued, for that was a strategic decision and I can both understand the reasoning behind it, and on the flip side, rue an opportunity missed.  A few short days ago, I would have said that every single democrat in the House of Representatives would vote their conscience and it was a sure bet that Trump would be impeached.  Today, it is somewhat less certain.

Mind you, I am still 90% certain that Trump will be impeached in the House, but it seems that some of the democrats in the House are putting their own political future ahead of what is right and just, namely impeaching a corrupt president in order to protect the democratic principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

It seems that democrats who represent districts that Trump won in 2016, fear losing their seat in next year’s election if they vote to impeach.  Some have said they will vote for only one of the two articles of impeachment, in an attempt to show their constituents that they are operating independently of the party.  Others are considering voting against both articles.

Yes, it is almost a certainty that some democrats in the House will lose their bids for re-election next year as a result of the impeachment.  But, there is a greater purpose here that must be considered.  If Donald Trump is not held accountable for his actions, his horrific behaviour toward the people of this nation, of the entire world, will continue.  If his nearly unlimited power is not checked, then not only the United States, but every nation on this planet will become a little less safe.  But there is still yet an even wider consequence.

If Donald Trump is not impeached for his actions, then what is to stop the next president, and the one after, and the one after that, from acting out of self-interest to the detriment of the nation?  We are at a crossroads in this nation where we must decide whether we wish to continue as a democratic republic, even with all its inherent flaws, or if we are willing to hand over the reins to corrupt politicians who will, no doubt, act as autocrats.

It is up to us to ask our elected officials if their intent is to make this a better nation, a team player in the bigger world, or if it is to further their own self-interests.  I have asked this of my representative, Warren Davidson, and his response was, in essence, that he will follow those things that will secure his own wealth.  I have asked it of others in the republican party, who have assumed me to be a rather stupid being, hence they attempted to convince me that their own net worth and that of the nation are one and the same.  Pity those who mistake me for an idiot only because I have wrinkles and grey hair.

Martin Luther King once said …

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

This is where this nation stands, my friends. This is the test our elected officials in Congress must either pass or fail.  The ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office has already failed the test … what will the rest do?  What will your senator or representative do?  Ask them!  Let them know your opinion!  Challenge them!  They are, after all, our employees, not Donald Trump’s!  Hold. Them. Accountable.  We may not get another chance, my friends.

48 thoughts on “The Measure Of A Man …

  1. LOL! For sure. I think Mr. Van Drew is a political opportunist. Hopefully his time in Congress will be short. People tend to see right through guys like this. I hope that’s the case here.

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  2. He WILL be held accountable Jill, in the long run. I do not believe Pelosi would allow this if she didn’t have the votes. I think a few will defect. But not enough to effect the overall vote. I’ll be shocked otherwise. Now what I would be shocked of is if even one Republican has the nerve to vote yes. If so, you and I will surely need smelling salts to wake us up from fainting!

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    • I think you’re right, and I am not expecting it to fail, but I’m disappointed in some that are sitting on the fence. Interestingly, the one democrat who indicated he is planning to vote against impeachment, Jeff Van Drew, has now announced that he plans to switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party as early as next week. Good riddance, but that is one less dem in the House. Yes, we would definitely need a splash of ice water to revive us … make mine 60 proof, please!


      • Sometimes these small gestures are all that it takes to keep on fighting 🕯 hang in there 😚 change must be coming eventually 🙋‍♀️🐝 the husband and I have decided to ride it out. I’ll apply for settled status as soon as the authorities have answered some of my questions concerning paperwork. If I get it we stay and hunker down if not its off either travelling, Germany or Switzerland. The funny thing is that I chose Britain instead of Switzerland because the UK was in the EU when I wanted to leave Germany… little did I know….

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        • I do so hope it works out for you. I will keep my fingers crossed, dear friend! That is ironic, but … a lot has changed in the past ten years, and you had no way of knowing … none of us did. Sigh. Hang in and keep that candle burning!


  3. Sadly there are many DINOs (Democrats in name only) who are aligned with Republican values… what’s in it for me me me. They don’t/ won’t work on behalf of their constituents and will do anything to retain their positions of power. Those are the rotten apples we need to cull come election time. I have no doubt that some will turn against the party, for the most part the house will gather enough votes to impeach. The senate is a different story, i don’t see a single Repug turning against Der Orange Führer.
    I totally agree with your definition of “Corrupt” – in a sense all politicians are corrupt due to their innate sense of self preservation, greed and hunger for power. There are so few honorable servants of the ppl left in the world.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I”m quite concerned about the current situation of this nation … have to say that I’m quite doubtful about the end results some of us are hoping for. Frankly, it’s scary … where has this nation gone? … “This is where this nation stands, my friends. This is the test our elected officials in Congress must either pass or fail. The ‘man’ who sits in the Oval Office has already failed the test … what will the rest do? What will your senator or representative do?”

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    • Thanks for re-blogging, my dear friend. These are, indeed, scary times here, and also in the UK where many of our friends are heartbroken over yesterday’s election. Some days it seems as if the entire world has gone crazy. Sigh. Big hugs!

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      • My dearest one … in total agreement. The world is topsy-turvy! Orwellian … if anything. I don’t feel encouraged at all!!
        The impeachment thing … I don’t think will do anything. Then it falls on the 2020 votes and we know quite well how 2016 went!! HUGE sigh …. 😦

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        • Funny how those apocalyptic novels we studied a half-century ago suddenly don’t seem so far-fetched, yes? The impeachment won’t remove him from office, but it will be a black mark on his record in the annals of history. Unless, of course, he pardons himself! I want to have hope for 2020, but … it’s rather a mixed bag with plenty of strikes against us. Sigh.

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          • My dearest friend ,,, it seems to me, like always that we are synchronized in the same wavelength!! I must confess that I’m so tired of it all!!
            I’ve even not totally stopped by sometimes, mot than not, stopped watching Rachel and Lawrence. I watch Nicole and sometimes I change the channel. I think I want more fire, they talk fine and educate me but they are too ‘civil’!! See how the ‘jaundiced lens’ he’s brought colors all? (Someone used that analogy recently).
            I can’t believe all that he has done as well as his enablers and his sycophants. I don’t think we’ll be ever able to go back.

            I’m really tired and totally disappointed! I watched all the hearings with Adam Schiff but could’t bring myself to watch those with Nadler … started but couldn’t take the GOPers! They ARE the ones who are SCUM!! Arrghh …. 😦 …. hugs! ❤

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            • I hear you, my friend! I try every now and then to stay off the internet, to give myself a day off, but I just cannot do it … I’m obsessed with it all, much as it depresses me. Right now, I’m finding it impossible to summon any holiday spirit and am just going through the motions, doing the minimum of holiday stuff. I am not confident of the 2020 elections at all, and wish the democratic candidates would stop with the backbiting and support each other. Sigh. Will we survive this? I dunno, my friend. But, we will hang in and try! Love you!!! ❤

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              • Love you back, dear one!! We seem to be in the same spot … right now, what I want is to be back ‘home’ … in my country, by the beach.
                Ever since he ‘won’ in 2016, I’ve said, if I’m going to suffer, I’ll suffer in the land where I was born … not in a place where I am so obviously unwanted!! Not in a place where what I knew and held dear and respected is not true anymore!! Hugs sigh … hugs!!

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                • From the pics I saw on FB tonight, can I assume that you are back home and basking in the sunshine that is Puerto Rico? As I said there … I am so jeealous! It is still snowing here … a couple of inches so far. I’m so glad, though, that you are where you are happiest. Love to you, dear friend. ❤

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                  • No, not yet. I’m still in FL. Those FB pics were from 1 year ago when we were looking for properties at that complex!
                    Flying back to the warm embrace of my imperfect country on 12/31 … I think the new year will catch us in the air!! MJ will be coming back home on 1/8 … I’ll be staying behind again. Don’t know how long … until MJ ‘recalls’ me of joins me (her max is 10 days bc of the house in FL and the grands) … or maybe even longer. It’s hard to be here for me … (several reasons) while at the same time easy and hard to be there without her … go figure!
                    I’ve told her that if HE wins in 2020, I’ll stay there most of the time! We’ll see … the ultimate goal is to eventually move permanently … waiting on older grand to drive … and the headache of undoing and selling the house in FL. Anyway … that’s a long term plan. ❤ ❤ … love ya, dear friend!!

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                    • Oh … I knew the first set of pics was from a year ago, but I didn’t realize the 2nd set was, as well. Well, just over two more weeks and you’ll be heading home. I do hate that MJ won’t be able to stay with you longer, for I know you’ll be lonely without her … and vice versa! I don’t blame you a bit for wanting to be there … especially if ‘he’ wins again in 2020. I am not sure what I’ll do if he wins, but I know that I will not spend another four years under his rule, for I believe that if he wins in 2020, he will find a way to make himself dictator for life. I’ve never wished death on anybody until recently, but every morning I wake hoping to hear that he died choking on his Big Mac during the night. Sigh. I hate what I’ve let him do to me. Anyway … I hope you and MJ have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year … in the air! I wonder if they pop corks and serve champagne on the plane at midnight? 🍾🥂 I will think of you and make a special toast to my soul sister! ❤

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                    • My dearest friend, don’t feel bad when you have those thoughts! I got them too … since the beginning. Rather than in jail, I’d rather he so straight to were his soul deserves …

                      I was wondering about the champagne in the plane!! She comes back 1/8, I’ll stay behind but she will return soon. That’s the purpose. She’d stay more but her grandma instincts, obligations tie her … I decided not me!

                      I do enjoy so much being there!! I will make a toast for you too!! Hugs … love ya much!! ❤ ….

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  5. Jill, what is lost on too many is Congress must do this. It will have both a positive and negative impact on Democrat chances. Yet, we simply cannot have a president acting in this manner. He has clearly obstructed Congress. He has obstructed justice for over three years. He has tried to extort a country for his benefit. And, on top of that he is untruthful more than he is not and he is bully to anyone who dare criticize him or not do enough to condemn people that do.

    It saddens me that so-called leaders are denigrating the testimony of honorable public servants to support obvious corrupt actions. Keith

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    • I have doubts that the impeachment will succeed because of the greed and lust for power within the Republican Party. It dismays me to think that self interest may be put before National interest by some Democrats.This is the time to stand up and show whether you are for your country and it’s people or whether you are for yourself. If it’s the latter then you may be in congress (for now) but you are of no worth at all.

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      • I think the impeachment is likely to succeed, but not to remove him from office. Which gives him another 11 months to wreak havoc on this nation and to stir the masses ahead of next year’s election. Sigh. I fear that self-interest is the driving factor for many, perhaps most of our members of Congress. You’re right … those who put self ahead of country, ahead of humanity, are of no worth. Sigh.

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  6. I turned on “the final year” yesterday. A documentary about Obama’s last year in office. I turned it off when I was 5 minutes in. The enormous contrast made me so incredibly sad that I just couldnt watch any more of it…

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