Pelosi Rules

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives … some love her, some hate her, but love or hate her, she knows her job and does it like a pro! Our friend Jeff has summarized her most recent accomplishment … impeaching the most corrupt president in history! Thank you, Jeff!

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And Trump can’t stand it

A few weeks ago, I wrote about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s all-in decision to bring articles of impeachment against President Trump. She spoke loud and clear then, and she spoke loud and clear last night as the House of Representatives approved two articles of impeachment against the president. Speaker Pelosi is, without a doubt, the most powerful woman in the United States of America. And it drives Donald Trump crazy.

The way she’s handled the whole process, from beginning to end, should be a lesson for all future Speakers. In my lifetime, I don’t know that there’s ever been a Speaker with her skills. Some describe her as being like a conductor of a symphony. Considering the whole process took less than three months, the speed and precision of her rule certainly deserves high praise for such a virtuoso performance.

But it’s not just the…

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14 thoughts on “Pelosi Rules

  1. The timing of the trial means everything if you consider how it might negatively impact a Trump as the primaries begin. A long and delayed trial seems to work best for the Democrats.

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    • I have mixed thoughts on that. On the one hand, I agree with you, but on the other hand, he is wearing this impeachment as a badge of honour, rallying his base by saying, “See how unfair they are to me?” It’s hard … impossible … to know just how it will affect the election.


  2. I have to admit that I have not followed the whole process in detail, but of course we are hearing a lot about the impeachment in our news. Most of what I am reading are words of caution: many voices say that the whole thing will probably horribly backfire, might even cost the Democrats the election next year? For example, have a look at the current cover picture of the “Der Spiegel”: The title says, in English “Yes, he can”, and we all know where the irony is in that one. The capture underneath translates: “Why Donald Trump is getting away with everything”.
    So I am wondering, if the chances are so slim that they succeed, why are they doing it? – NOT a rhetorical question, but one I am truly seeking an answer for. So maybe you can enlighten me?

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    • Hey, Choosing, I am an outsider like you, but of Cansdian heritage.
      The Democrats have already won, Trumpelstiltskin will go down in history as impeached. As “the best president the USA ever had,” in his mind, the impeachment demonstrates the lie.
      And were the Senate to be allowed to take it to trial right away, and acquit him of all charges, that might ameliorate things a little. But the longer the Dems hold off on sending the articles to the Senate, the longer Trump will have to fume, and sweat, and tweet his own downfall. His ego cannot take it. He needs to be loved. He won’t get that love as long as he is in the hotseat.
      At least this is how I see it. Like a volcano, he can only resist the pressure so long, then he will have to blow.
      It will be fun watching the Repuglycans running around looking for a replacement nominee at the last minute. That is a show I will enjoy seeing…

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      • I hope you are right, rawgod, but I have a bad feeling about it. First we all said “Trump will never be elected”, then we said “the British won’t vote for Brexit” … and both happened. Now the British even gave Johnson back the majority (although, granted, the alternative was Corbyn… sigh). I heard that many people said “we know Johnson is lying but we will vote for him anyway”. So honesty and integrity do not seem to be on the list of necessary characteristics for high office anymore – ok, nothing new, but mentioned so matter-of-factly? There has been a massive shifting of baseline in the last few years, and this worries me. – So I am afraid he will just blow off steam via Twitter and wait until they re-elect him. (I so hope I am wrong!!!)

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        • In this, the world has turned upside down as a result of the populist movement, the rise of nationalism, etc. Most of which is in response to the refugee crisis that was a result, largely, of the Arab Spring. It isn’t only confined to the U.S., though ours has been the most blatantly corrupt thus far, but Boris is running a close 2nd, or is likely to. I also think that if Macron cannot ‘get it together’ in France, Marine Le Pen may stand a good chance of taking power next time ’round. Where does it end, where does honesty & integrity matter again? I don’t know. Perhaps not in our lifetime. Sigh.


    • A valid question, my friend. Thing is that Trump and his minions are prepared to do whatever it takes, including lie, cheat and steal, to keep him in office, for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with the good of the nation and its people. You are right, impeaching him in the House will almost certainly cost some congressional democrats the vote next year, since the Senate is unlikely to convict him and remove him from office unless 20 republican Senators can find their conscience somewhere. But … nonetheless, the impeachment is necessary. Even though he remains in office, the impeachment is a stain upon his ‘legacy’, and will be the thing that is most remembered about him. But most importantly is the precedent it would set if the House didn’t impeach him. From this point forward, it would be impossible to hold future presidents accountable for their actions. The threat of being impeached would be laughed about and brushed off, for there would always be “that time when the most corrupt president of all held so much power that they were afraid to impeach him.” It is a matter of doing the right thing, even though there may be consequences. Sigh. I hope that helps?


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