A Bit Of Borowitz …

It’s another of those holiday season days when there is more to do than resources (time & energy) to do it all.  I have two posts in the works, but not enough time to finish either right now, so I thought a bit of humour in the form of Andy Borowitz might make up for my shortfall.

Andrew Johnson Horrified That History Books Will Mention Him in Same Sentence as Trump

21 thoughts on “A Bit Of Borowitz …

  1. Jill, if we just stick to presidents in my lifetime, the current one is the most corrupt and untruthful in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon. The scary similarity is both kept/ keep enemies lists and acted/ act on them. Andrew Johnson could not be that corrupt.


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    • I agree completely … Nixon did some really good things in his presidency … doesn’t make up for his corruption, but it still should be noted that he made great strides in our relations with China, and also established the EPA (which Trump is destroying). Trump has no such accomplishments to his credit … only lies, lies, and more lies.


  2. My problem is how long will he hold the title of the worst of the worst? He has opened the door to those who will show him up to be an amateur. It may not be long till the USA will be broken into a series of smaller countries under various tyrants and relgious dictators.
    In the long run though, that “might” be good for the rest of the world.

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    • That is a valid concern, and one that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The elements that conspired to put Trump into office will still exist long after he is gone … who will they choose next? If you combined Trump’s bombast with someone who actually has a brain … You’re not the first to mention that the U.S. may soon be broken into multiple countries, and frankly I would almost welcome that … give the damned idiots their own country to destroy and let those of us who use our brains live in peace. And yes, it would definitely be better, I think, for the rest of the world.


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