Xmas Eve Trumptoons

Being that it’s Christmas Eve, and being that as I write this it is late and I am tired, and being that Donnie Trump makes such a great target for mocking and mirth, I thought we’d have a few Trumptoons!

Where else to begin but with some Christmas-themed ones?  Can you imagine what Trump would ask Santa for?  Or … what Santa would actually bring Trump?


This one is my favourite!


For some strange reason, Trump seems to have taken a disliking to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi …


I LOVE this one!

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump gets a present

Given that the big news of last week … nearly the only news … was the impeachment of Donald Trump … only the third time in the 232-year history of this nation that a president has been impeached.  The cartoonists went to town with it …


The Senate, led by the ignoble Mitch McConnell, is planning to turn the upcoming impeachment trial into a mockery of justice.  Unless 20 republican senators can somehow find their consciences in their sock drawers, or wherever they have stashed them, then it is highly unlikely that the Senate will have enough votes to convict Trump and remove him from office.  


Last but not least, is this tribute to Trump’s upside-down view of the world … and himself


Alright, friends … time to go finish wrapping those presents 🎁 … oh, and today is National Eggnog Day ☕, so if you want to, you can have a cuppa eggnog (with or without a bit of accouterment 😉) while you wrap!  And just in case I don’t make it back with an afternoon post, I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!  Filosofa will not be posting on Wednesday, for I will be spending the day mostly in the kitchen 👩‍🍳!

21 thoughts on “Xmas Eve Trumptoons

  1. There are days when it seems almost impossible to keep the flickering flame of hope alive for our country’s future under Trump’s destructive leadership. It is then when one needs to, nay must, find humor to persevere. Political cartoons buffer the awful truths of life and provide that much needed humor with brilliance. As Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal has said : “Humor is the shock absorber of life; it helps us take the blows.” In this season of giving I wish for you and yours the gifts of joy, love and hope…that you so freely give all year long through Filosofa’s Word. Thank-YOU!

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    • Yes, my friend, there are more days like that than not, but … if we give up, if we lose hope, lose sight of the end goal, then we have lost without even trying, and that is simply not acceptable. I like Ms. Noonan’s quote … it is so true. And thank you, dearest Ellen, for your beautiful, kind words, and for being such a wonderful friend! Merry Christmas!

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  2. Cartoonists are going to miss DJT when he is gone. I hope someone puts a Big Mac and fries on his grave, and a Burger King crown on his tombstone. A few chicken bones scattered around the plot will be the finishing touch.

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