Happy Boxing Day!!! – Reduxed Again

I know, I know … this is the same Boxing Day post I used last year … and the year before.  But, as I pondered doing a new one, I realized that this one pretty much covers all the bases, and some of you are new to Filosofa’s Word in the last year, and likely the rest of you have forgotten this one anyway!  I have added a few comments from last year’s post that I found interesting and that added context for those of us on this side of the pond.  Plus, there is the tiny matter of the fact that I am knackered, as my Brit friends would say … tee-totally exhausted as we say on this side of the pond.  Every year, I try to do too much, and every year I promise myself not to do that next year, and every year I do it again.  In other words, I am hopeless!  Anyway, please join me in wishing all our friends in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK the very Happiest Boxing Day!!!

BoxingNo no no no no … not that kind of boxing!  Boxing Day is on December 26th, the day after Christmas, and it is a bank holiday in the UK and Canada.  A brief bit about the origins of Boxing Day …

There are a few competing stories for the origin of the name, and while none are definitive, the one that seems most commonly accepted is that the day after Christmas was when servants of the wealthy were given time off to visit their family, as they were needed to work on Christmas Day. Each servant would be given a box to take home with food, a bonus and gifts. In Britain, it was a custom for tradespeople to collect “Christmas boxes” of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas as thanks for good service throughout the year.


Now, that said, last year our friend rawgod gave me his explanation of the Canadian celebration of Boxing Day, at least in his household as a child …

“Each year an xmas tree was brought to the house, often on xmas eve. All the decorations were brought out of storage, and hung to decorate the tree. In those days baubles were not made of plastic, but rather blown glass. They were very delicate, and much too easily broken, as my poor bum learned every year. Moving on, the tree was the centrepiece of our home xmas day, and the next day, we put all the unbroken decorations into their special boxes so they could survive to the next xmas. By suppertime everything was boxed, and stored–thus Boxing Day.”

And this is what my house looks like on this Boxing Day!boxing-day

So how do our friends up north and across the big pond celebrate Boxing Day?  I went ‘in search of …’ and came up with some fun things, though I strongly suspect that most people spend the day recuperating from Christmas.  Let’s look at a few …

There is an annual barrel rolling race in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire


Until 2004 when the UK imposed a ban on fox-hunting, it used to be a tradition on Boxing Day.  Last year, Colette commented that legal or not, fox-hunting …

“As for fox hunting (despite tradition, I hate it), it still occurs. Meets go out following scent trails by people sent up ahead. The hounds are supposed to follow that and eventually find the people. Horses follow. But the hounds very often find real foxes which they tear to shreds if found. I am opposed to this horrific practice. The whole industry (and it is a lucrative industry) is a travesty akin to Bear Baiting or Cock Fighting, both long outlawed in Britain.”

Boxing-Day-2.jpgI understand that sports are big on boxing day, with horse racing and football.  But remember that what they call ‘football’ is actually what we in the U.S. refer to as soccer.  I asked one of my friends across the pond once, when he mentioned ‘football’ if he was referring to the kind with an ovoid pigskin ball where large people try to kill one another, or the kind that is played with a geometric-patterned black & white ball.  I was informed in no uncertain terms that he was referring to ‘real’ football and that what we called football was but a cheap knock-off. I never made that mistake again!

soccerAnd then there is shopping.  One article I read compared Boxing Day shopping with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, in the U.S.  Apparently all the stores have huge sales.  But my question here is … who has any money after Christmas?

shoppingAnd so, to our friends across the big pond, however you spend Boxing Day, I hope it is a fun and/or relaxing day for you!  Happy Boxing Day!!!


18 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day!!! – Reduxed Again

  1. Hope you are recovering from the stress of Christmas, Jill. I think that is what it has become for most people. One big, tiring stress. We need a new tradition to celebrate the Christian or any other religious holidays, I think… One that is not filled with greed and consumerist nonsense. (Sorry, still a bit grumpy about fox hunting).

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  2. Thanks for the illumination, Jill. Last night, we watched this BBC produced show on PBS called something like “The Twelve days of a Tudor Christmas.” The hostess reveals how agrarian English families celebrated Christmas to merchants to royalty. Henry VIII liked to show off with lots of food, while the farmers adorned (decked the halls) their homes with strands of rosemary and bay leaves. It was fascinating if you get a chance to watch it. Keith

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  3. Growing up in Australia, the only thing special about Boxing Day, was that it was an official holiday. Nobody did anything special. The gifts were on Christmas, not on Boxing Day. Nobody boxed anything up, as far as I could tell.

    And, of course, now in the USA I note that Boxing Day isn’t anything at all — which isn’t much different from what it was in Australia.

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    • Hmmm … I somehow thought Boxing Day was celebrated in Australia, especially since it’s an official holiday. No, we don’t celebrate it here, and most people here think it has something to do with the sport, if boxing can be called ‘sport’.

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    • Sigh. So I hear. Yeah … your PM and our Prez feel no need to be “in the moment” for the people, but rather golfing and playing are their main concerns. I read earlier this evening that Trump too a “much-needed after a hard week of impeachment” break. BullShit! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If the A-hole spent as much time actually working as he spends tweeting vitriol …

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    • There is a video going viral from the hunt saboteurs who went out to try to stop the hunts this year. It is compelling evidence that foxes are still hunted and killed. In the video, a hunter beats the car of a saboteur with a dead fox. His vitriol and hatred for the people trying to save foxes so plain on his face. These people on these traditional horseback hunts need horse whipping… To see what it feels like on the other end of this disgraceful, cruel tradition. I will not call it a sport… There is nothing sporting about it!

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