Just A Few ‘Toons …

In the interest of keeping it short, sweet, and to the point today (not to mention in the interest of the fact that I have more to do today than there are hours in the day), I have just a few ‘toons to make you shake your head and maybe smile … more likely smirk … on this Saturday afternoon.

I think there can be no doubt that the “Grand Old Party” can no longer be considered very ‘grand’ … I would say the GOP has done a 180° turn from the values they once claimed.GOP-principles.jpg

While Trump claims that he and Kim Jong-un of North Korea have a “very good relationship”, North Korea continues to test their nuclear capabilities, and Kim Jong-un promised, somewhat ominously, to send a Christmas gift to the United States earlier this month … though, as far as I know, said gift has yet to materialize.  North-Korea.jpg

While I work very hard at not critiquing others’ religions, I have to say that I’m a might sick and tired of the religious right, aka evangelicals, hypocrisy and double-standards …


It’s a sign of the times here in the U.S. …


And lest we forget what this nation is doing to innocent children …


Well … perhaps cartoons are sometimes more about waking us up, making us think, than making us laugh, yes?

20 thoughts on “Just A Few ‘Toons …

  1. Jill, if it were not so sad and scary, the US president is a walking, talking cartoon. Here are a few examples:
    – if the Ukraine was perfect, why did people who heard it try to bury it?
    – he wants to have witnesses, but prevents those in the know from testifying – can’t have it both ways?
    – he surprised the Pakistani PM at a joint conference saying the India PM asked Trump to broker a discussion over Kashmir – the India PM put out a press release within the hour saying no such request was made.
    – he blew off a G7 meeting on climate change saying he was meeting with the German and India leaders – problem is the two leaders were in the meeting

    These are true examples. They are not cartoons. This is the US president. Keith

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    • I know … those and many, many more have become the reality to which we waken each and every morning. One of my favourite examples is that he cried and whined how it was unfair he wasn’t given the chance to ‘defend’ himself at the impeachment hearings, and yet when he was formally invited to do so, he declined, saying it was a sham. Such hypocrisy! I like to think that someday we’ll look back on this and laugh, but … I have my doubts.


      • Jill, Roger is hoping he becomes a footnote. If reelected, my fear is he will be remembered for when America ceded a leadership position in the world. His word means very little inside and outside of America. If I were a world leader, I would minimize contact with the US leader and when it us required keep it formal. If you get too close to him, as Thomas Wells noted, you won’t be close for long and your reputation will be in tatters – as nothing will ever be Trump’s fault. Keith

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        • Yes, Roger has posited the same in our conversations, though he seems less certain these days than he was in the beginning. I think most world leaders are minimizing their interactions with Trump in hopes that his tenure will be short-lived and then they will once again be able to converse intelligently with the leader of the U.S. If he’s elected to a 2nd term, however, I think all bets are off and we will begin seeing our allies pulling away, and we may well find ourselves standing alone. No, he cannot tell the truth, and nothing is ever his fault … those seem to comprise his “Rules to Live By”.

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