A Few Snarky Snippets To End The Year

One might think that Filosofa would run out of snark eventually, mightn’t one?  But nooooo … it seems to reproduce itself.  Well, in truth I mostly blame the idiots in Washington and the fools who sent the idiots to Washington, but you already knew that, didn’t you?  So, here we are … on the cusp of entering a new year and a new decade, and do you think they could give us a little break?  No, of course not …

Say WHAT???

The headline read …

Trump, Obama tie for Americans’ most-admired man

Surely you jest?  NOBODY in their right mind admires Donald Trump!!!  According to the pollster Gallup …

Barack Obama and Donald Trump are tied this year as the most admired man. It is Obama’s 12th time in the top spot versus the first for Trump. Michelle Obama is the most admired woman for the second year in a row.


After Obama and Trump, no other man was mentioned by more than 2% of respondents. The remainder of the top 10 for men this year includes former President Jimmy Carter, businessman Elon Musk, philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Pope Francis, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, California Rep. Adam Schiff, the Dalai Lama, and investor Warren Buffett.

Trump is more popular now than he was in the past two years, with a 45% job approval rating, among his best as president. Coincident with the rise in his job approval rating, the 18% of Americans currently naming Trump as the most admired man is also up, from 13% in 2018 and 14% in 2017.

I’m thoroughly confused how a president who was just impeached can have an increase in his approval rating and be named “most admired man”.  It becomes apparent that there is a disconnect in this nation, that either people have come to like being shafted, or they are really not smart enough to understand the things that Trump has done.  Sigh.  I give up trying to figure this out.

Van Who?

United States Representative Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey decided with a snap of his fingers to switch parties in the middle of his term.  The once-democrat is now a republican, presumably the catalyst having been the impeachment of Donald Trump.  Now, it happens sometimes, but frankly I think Van Drew needed his head examined.


Has nobody ever told him that plaid and stripes don’t go together?

First of all, he is a freshman in the House of Representatives … this is his first term.  His district, as most of the rest of his state, is predominantly democratic.  He had few qualifications for a seat in Congress, as his only formal education was a degree in dentistry, and for most of his career, he was … a dentist.

When Van Drew announced his intention to vote against impeachment, most of his staff resigned and he saw his support immediately begin to plummet into the 20 percent range.  Best I can figure, this was the sole reason for his party switch, which makes no sense.  The theory behind the party system is that one joins either party based on shared values and ideology.  Now, is Van Drew a democrat at heart, or a republican?  Or, as my instinct says, an opportunist who has no core beliefs, no values, and will go to whichever side seems most profitable.  Since there are three other republicans running for the seat in his district next year, my best guess is he shot himself in the foot by changing parties.  At least, I certainly hope so, for he is a man without values … we don’t need any more of those.

Kudos to Greta … once again!

Thunberg-TimeYesterday, Greta Thunberg was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, where she was asked what she thinks of the criticism she has come under from the likes of Donald Trump.  Her response is so much more mature than anything that has ever come out of Trump’s mouth …

“Those attacks are just funny. Because I mean they obviously don’t mean anything. Well I guess of course it means something. It means that they are terrified of young people bringing change, which they don’t want. But that is just a proof that we are actually doing something. And that they see us as some kind of threat.”

Thunberg did not meet with Trump when she was in the U.S., but when the BBC Radio interviewer asked her what she would have said to him if she had met with him, she responded …

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have said anything because obviously he’s not listening to scientists and experts, so why would he listen to me? So I probably wouldn’t have said anything, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.”


And, while I still have plenty of snark left to impart, I have other things I must attend to, and I’m sure you do too!  I shall return later today with some introspective musings to close the year.  Have a wonderful day!toon.png

47 thoughts on “A Few Snarky Snippets To End The Year

  1. I don’t believe that Americans are so stupid as to think Trump can match Obama in anything, least of all, brain power.

    I listened to an interview with Greta’s father. It was so interesting. He does not accompany her on her World tour, to spread the environmental message, nor does he promote her either. He actually finds the hate against her very worrying. The reason he accompanies his daughter on her quest to spread her activist message (mostly to children), is because he loves her, and he wants her to be happy. And she is happy when she feels she can motivate people to do something. He became Vegan to make Greta happy. The parental love he shows is a beacon of light in a world full of calculating, greed-incentivised Trumpism.
    When asked if he was proud of Greta, Svante Thunberg paused. And then he answered carefully, saying that both of them decline to get overawed by all the attention and fame. It was obvious that he was struggling to know how to protect his daughter in the frantic world that they are in right now. He answered, no, not proud but I see her happiness and this has been good for her. She speaks to everyone and engages with them. My child looks normal and acts normal and for that I am very grateful and happy. He alluded to the previous history of Greta when his wife quit her very active singing career to take care of Greta (then aged 11)who would not speak, and would not eat. They, as a family have done everything Greta has asked of them, in order to make her well.
    Greta may have Aspergers, but this is perhaps her greatest gift, and ours too, as she has mobilised the whole world like no president could ever hope to do!

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    • I agree … there is no comparison between Trump and President Obama … they are 180° apart in every way. We don’t hear much at all about Greta’s parents, so your summary here was enlightening! Thank you! I do so admire Ms. Thunberg for all she is doing … let’s hope the world listens!


      • I listened to some of the backdated ‘a Closer Look’ episodes from Stephen Colbert show, last night. The one where Trump is at a Rally when the impeachment verdict came in, is priceless. He is ranting on about exploding dishwashers and toilets… Even his supporters lookime confused stunned idiots, shifting from one foot to the other and glancing at each other, to make sure that they are hearing right. Trump soundedike he belonged in a Mental Institution.

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        • Yeah, I saw that one. The supporters might have looked stunned, but in the end, they are still his supporters. They don’t care that he is obviously unhinged, ignorant, cruel & crude, and all the rest … he knows how to stroke them to keep them coming back for more. Sigh.

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  2. On Trump/Obama popularity, beware statistics… Trump’s “popularity” isn’t due to trust, much less love, but to a lot of noise… signifying nothing. Unfortunately for those who believe statistics, noise trumps accomplishments and the stats makers belong to media which belongs to the elites to which Trump also belongs. Like the school bully who’s hated by all his teachers, would get failing grades but the principal makes sure he gets at least passings grades because the bully’s daddy buys sports equipment for the school…

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    • I know you’re right … for the most part, I would be money it was those evangelicals who want to control women’s reproductive rights and who can marry who … but still, I just don’t get “admire”. I might vote for a candidate because they have promised to do something that’s important to me, but … that doesn’t mean I admire him necessarily. I cannot find one single ‘admirable’ trait about Trump, from his lies to his fake hair and pimply complexion, from his ignorance to his ranting … nothing … there is nothing to admire. Perhaps the people who took that poll do not understand the meaning of the word?


    • Well, while I agree that it isn’t as bad as it first sounded, and at least Obama has had the honour 12 times — surely Trump will not ever get it 12 times! But still … the idea that a number of people can claim they ADMIRE him more than anybody else … it’s nuts! Nobody with half a brain can respect or admire him! Sigh. Ah well, I won’t let it wreck my day. 😉 Thanks for the info, Mary!


  3. No worry…we are not the crazy ones. Always in past history, the wise and rational ones have been in the minority and the “mob rule” mentality usually applies, because most people are too lazy, simple minded, ignorant, uneducated and apathetic to do otherwise.
    Be glad you’re in the minority…means you are a wiser more intelligent person…

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  4. I don’t get it Jill. There really IS a disconnect. I’m beginning to think those of us who actually think a president of the U.S should be a decent person who doesn’t pathologically lie, insult, and corrupt the office, are the ones who must be crazy. Am I missing something here? Is it really all about the economic numbers? Is that it? The guy’s been impeached, and his numbers go up? Please tell me Jill that you, I, and others on this platform are not the crazy ones. I’m beginning to wonder. SIGH!!!

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    • No, my friend, we are definitely not the crazy ones, nor are we easily manipulated, for we have both the education and the intellect to understand how government should function. But, it seems that a larger portion than in the past are under-educated and are all too willing to believe what they are told, rather than think for themselves, or do a bit of research on their own. That will be the downfall of this nation, if something doesn’t change soon. The wealthy will keep feeding the masses a line of b.s., starting with telling them that the employment numbers are great, that more and more companies are moving back to the U.S. (not true), and that they are better off than they were three years ago. And the people will buy it … until it’s too late … until they wake up one morning and realize it was a foundation built on a house of cards. Sigh.

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      • Jill, I read a statement today from Chief Justice Roberts. He mentioned how we as Americans no longer understand how government works. That civics are no longer taught in public schools. To me, it seemed like a direct rebuke to you know who. He warned of social media and all the fake stuff out there. Frankly, it was refreshing to hear. Maybe…just maybe, Roberts will become the ever important swing vote on the court. Perhaps I’m naive, but it does appear he’s well aware of the dangers of this president, and an uninformed public. We should all take his warning to heart!!

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        • I swear you and I operate on the same wavelength, for I had just completed a post about Roberts’ year-end report when I read this comment earlier this afternoon! I was cautiously optimistic after reading his report … he has, of late, seemed to be licking Trump’s boots, but perhaps he sees more clearly than I was giving him credit for. I hope somebody read Roberts’ report to Trump (you know he couldn’t read it, for it was 4 pages and had some big words), and I wonder if he understood that it was a rebuke to him and his ways?

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          • Of course he didn’t realize it Jill. The man is so uninformed and full of himself, it just doesn’t compute in that brain of his. But yes, I think Roberts will confound us some of the time, and other times he will make us appreciate him. We know the other 4 right-wingers on the court are pretty much in lock-step with the conservative ideology. Roberts however, worries about his legacy. That’s a good thing!

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              • No kidding! I wish the Dem candidates would talk about that more. Rarely do I hear them talking about how if Trump wins he might get another two or three opportunities to name a justice. If that’s not enough to motivate people, I don’t know what is Jill!

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                • Hmmmm … you’re right … it is a big consideration, but it isn’t mentioned much on the campaign trail. Perhaps it isn’t exciting enough? I shudder to think of him getting to appoint even one more justice … the Supreme Court is rapidly losing its non-partisan independence.

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  5. I’m inclined to think that Gallup polled a few very heavy Republican states to give Trump a chance as it would have been Fake News if Obama had won outright again.
    I’m a great admirer of Greta but I’m sorry the load has been put on one so young. But fair play she’s a magnificent campaigner and there seem few to match her for passion. I hope she can carry on opening eyes and treating politicians as the recalcitrant children they seem to be.

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    • I cannot say how representative the poll is, but what bothers me is the fact that a large number of people actually admire Trump! It says something about the direction this country is headed, and I don’t like what it says. Sigh. Yes, Greta is an amazing young lady and I hope she doesn’t get discouraged by the ignorance of both the politicians and the masses.

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    • I’m not sure about how the polling was done, the sample size, or the margin of error, but the mere fact that people would name Trump the most admired ‘man’ disturbs me greatly, for it speaks volumes about those people. And our future. Sigh. Yes, thumbs up to Greta … 16 years old, and she has better since than some world leaders!

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        • Well, looking back to 2016, it was more than enough IF it had not been for gerrymandering and the electoral college. Never forget that Hillary won the election by nearly 3 million votes, but lost only because of gerrymandered districts in key states, and the electoral college that failed miserably. Now, the key for 2020 is going to be getting people to pull together. Far too many democrats and independents stayed home on November 8th 2016 because their candidate (Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein) didn’t get the nomination. If that happens this time, we’re doomed. We must convince every eligible voter to get off their patootie and VOTE this year. That’s why we can’t give up, my friend.


  6. Perhaps a few Trump jokes before the new year to get the last laugh! Happy NEW YEAR Everyone!! 🙂

    A grocer owned a parrot.

    Every day, he would put the parrot cage outside, in front of his store, so the bird could catch a bit of sunshine.

    One morning, down the street comes Trump. The bird, happy to have an audience, starts screaming: ‘’Impeach Trump!!! Impeach Trump!!!’’

    This annoys Trump to the fullest but he says nothing, just walks by.

    The following day, Trumps comes around again and the parrot starts again: ‘’Impeach Trump!!!’’ ‘’Impeach Trump!!!’’

    Now Trump is getting really upset, he stares down the parrot, emits a few curses and leaves.

    The third day, the parrot continues his screaming as Trump approaches and Trump has enough.

    Storming into the store, he gives a piece of his mind to the grocer: ‘’If I hear that bird again, I will strangle him with my own hands and see that your store never sees a client for the rest of your miserable life!’’

    The grocer is very afraid, he has no control over the bird, he knows that whatever he does, he is lost. Then, he starts thinking… Our parish priest has a parrot, maybe, if I explain the problem, the priest will let me exchange birds until things calm down.

    And so, it is done. Next morning, the grocer puts out the priest’s parrot in front of the store and anxiously waits for Trump.

    As expected, Trump comes by, the bird is silent. Trump tries to stare it down, walks around it, but still not a word. Trump is speechless: how can it be? He says nothing and continues his walk.

    Same thing the next day, and the next.

    On the fourth day, Trump, being Trump, cannot take it anymore. He walks up to the bird and whispers to him: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump’’, the bird ruffles its feathers but makes no sound.

    Maybe he did not hear me… so Trump, tries a bit louder: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump’’, but still not a word from the bird.

    This gets Trump mad as hell; he wanted to wring this bird’s neck so bad and he has no reason to do it now. Getting real close to the parrot’s ears, he yells at the top of his lungs: ‘’Impeach Trump, Impeach Trump!!!’’

    The bird slowly turns its head, stares at Trump and calmly says: ‘’May God answer your prayers, my son!’’

    The President and his son decided to go elk hunting in Alaska.

    They, decided to use a small Air Force plane to fly them there, rather than pay the expense out of pocket.

    The plane landed in the wilderness of Alaska and Trump and Trump Jr. set out to kill some elk .

    A few hours later they returned with aides dragging two great big, dead elk.

    The AF pilot looks at the elk and says, “Mr. President, those elk are simply too heavy for this airplane to lift and fly out of here”.

    Trump tells the pilot that it was the same type of plane they used the last time and that the pilot flew them out!

    The pilot says, “yes sir” and they loaded the elk on the plane and took off.

    A few minutes later the plane crashes. Trump and Jr. climb out of the wreckage and look around. Trump Jr, says “ I wonder where we are”.

    Trump says “ i think this is the same damn place we crashed last time.”

    Trump was in the third grade and being the best at everything, he challenged all of his classmates to see who had the biggest tallywhacker.

    All the boys gathered in the bathroom, and sure enough Donald’s was the biggest and longest.

    Trump runs home to his mom, very proud of himself. He shouts at Mrs. Trump: “Mom, all us boys in the third grade measured our tallywhackers today and mine was the biggest and the longest. Do you think that’s because I’m so smart?”

    No, son I don’t!

    “Do you think it’s because I have some Russian Blood?”.

    No, son, I don’t.

    “Do you think it’s because I was born rich?

    No, son, I don’t!

    “Mom, why do you think it is?”

    Son, I believe it’s because you are nineteen years old.

    Fun Fact — Fun Fact — Fun Fact

    One out of every three Donald Trump supporters

    Is just as stupid as the other two!

    Another one!

    Donald and Jr. were walking in New York, late one night after a visit to the bar.

    They came upon a stray bull dog, laid up on a park bench, licking himself.

    Jr says “look dad, that dog licking himself like that, I sure wish I could do that!”

    Donald says, “try rubbing his head a little, he might let you!”.

    President Trump awakens one Winter morning to discover someone has peed “Impeach Trump” in the snow. He calls the Secret Service to investigate.

    When they return, they tell the President that they have bad news and even worse news. The bad news is that it’s Vice President Pence’s urine. This infuriates the President, who then asks what could be worse than that.

    The Secret Service informs them that it’s Melania’s handwriting.

    A pervert, a con-man and a white supremacist walk into a bar, and the bartender says, “What’ll it be, Mr. President?


    I recently learned that several years ago, Donald Trump felt he was not white enough. So he called Michael Jackson and asked Michael, “Michael, I’ve noticed you have become a whole lot more white lately. How did you do it?”

    Michael said, “Well, I have this doctor. Let me give you his info.” So Michael has his secretary give Donald’s secretary the contact information.

    The Don’s secretary makes an appointment with the Doctor, and the Don goes to meet him. The Doctor says, “Yes, I understand. Everyone wants to be more white these days. I think I can help.”

    So the Don’s secretary works out a date for the procedure with the doctor’s secretary, and the Don goes in for the procedure.

    Well, as it turns out the Doctor had never really performed the procedure on anyone that white before, and so he did not expect the outcome—that Trump would come out orange.

    Trump says to the doctor, “Doc, I’m ORANGE. You’ve ruined me!”

    The doctor says, “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Trump. You are a great salesman. Just tell everyone that orange is the new white.”

    “I can make that work,” Trump said, “but tell me Doctor, where did you get your medical license?”

    The doctor said, “In Mexico.”

    “MEXICO? I am so tired of you foreigners.”

    “Oh, I am not a foreigner,” said the doctor. “I am a United States citizen. I just couldn’t get into medical school in the United States.”

    So Trump says, “Then you’re saying the United States sends its less than best to Mexico?”

    The Doctor laughed. “Yeah, I suppose you can put it that way.”

    UPDATE #2

    Q: Why won’t the Republicans support impeaching Trump?

    A: They believe in carrying a baby for the full term.

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  7. We live in an odd world. Where the likes of a Trump and Boris Johnson are still so respected by enough of the population to cling to power. Where it takes a young person sitting by herself to finally start the fight for the world to get a moral compass. Let’s hope this time next year that Greta has reason to smile and the other two frauds are consigned to history.

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  8. The 45% of republicans are following the party line, obviously. But this leads me to question the polled population. Did they poll an equal number of dems and reps? How many inds were polled? Was this survey truly random? Was this a telephone survey, a mail survey, or an onlime survey? The type of survey affects who answers it. Did they count those who refused to answer?
    Only 36% of those polled chose either Obama or Trump. That leaves 64% voting for someone else, but yet no one else drew over 2% of those surveyed? That seems mighty far-fetched. In order to understand those numbers, a lot more information is needed. Probably, Jill, it was too much to put on your post, but I would love to see the total results, and all the breakdowns.
    There is not enough information here to understand the numbers.

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    • It’s hard to say how unbiased their polling was … all polls have a margin of error built in. They said that many people voted for a friend or relative, rather than a well-known person, so presumably that accounts for much of the 64%. I agree that this isn’t scientific research, but … the mere fact that a notable number of people actually admire Trump was what floored me. This, more than anything else, makes me think there is no hope for this world. Sigh.


          • Because we are alive, and even futile hope remains. Strong people don’t give up, no matter what the odds. Your “Alamo” history shows that. Except this is not a war story, this is a fight for existence itself. Human genocide is unthinkable as long as one man and woman still exist. (Unless the man is Trump and the woman is Jill Dennison, LOL Till The End Of Life As We Know It!)

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            • Perish the thought that Trump and I would be the last two people on earth! 😱 No, I obviously haven’t given up yet, nor do I plan to anytime soon. I just need to step back and breathe every now and then, like maybe once every 3-4 months!


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