A royal push for climate change action

What better way to close out one year and begin a new one than with a bit of good news? Our friend Keith has kindly provided us with just the thing to let us believe that perhaps there is hope for humans after all. Thank you, Keith!


Strong on the heels of Greta Thunberg’s visit to the United States and United Nations climate change conference in Spain, a royal member of the UK family is making a very public statement backed with funds to match. In an article by Simon Perry in People Magazine, of all places, a very important global mission was revealed in an article called: Prince William Unveils Ambitious New Environmental Mission: ‘The Earth Is at a Tipping Point and We Face a Stark Choice’.

The first three paragraphs from the article (see link below) are as follows:

“On Tuesday, the royal unveiled a multimillion-dollar international award to harness the best ideas for tackling the biggest environmental challenges in the world.

William, 37, has set his sights on spending the next decade rewarding visionaries and innovation. Called Earthshot, it will be awarded to five winners a year for the next decade, generating what…

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25 thoughts on “A royal push for climate change action

  1. Great share by Keith…and by the way…here is an extract from the Queen’s Christmas Message (to the nation) for 2019:
    “The challenges many people face today may be different to those once faced by my generation, but I have been struck by how new generations have brought a similar sense of purpose to issues such as protecting our environment and our climate.”
    So from now on anyone who attacks youngsters like Greta Thunberg is also attacking our Queen…..watch yer big fat pie-hole Trump!

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    • As always, Keith is spot on! I actually read the entire transcript of the Queen’s Christmas message, and made a comparison to Trump’s rambling rants to the troops on Christmas. No comparison. Your Queen is a lady of great dignity and compassion while Trump is naught but a bully. I nearly wrote a post about the comparison, but lost my motivation somewhere amid all the shopping/wrapping/cooking/baking/decorating for the holidays. Sigh … I’m envious … might you consider a trade … Trump for your Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William?

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  2. Jill, many thanks for the reblog of this important mission. The future King using his notoriety and funding is impactful. Many good things are happening at a variety of stages, so making them more widely known, used and sustainable is key.

    Scotland has a cutting edge effort to better harness tidal energy off its coast using already built infrastructure. This is key as one has to transmit the electricity once it is harnessed and the infrastructure may not be fully developed to do so. This effort is getting attention off the Pacific US coast and other places.

    In the Kodiak Islands off Alaska, there is a ship loading/ unloading crane that is soley powered by mechanical energy. As the pulley let’s down cargo, it generates an electrical charge to help pick up the next bin. There are other ideas like this to be identified and/ or developed further.

    Thanks again for the reblog. Keith

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    • It’s always so encouraging to hear of these efforts such as the ones you mention here, as well as the aforementioned efforts in Florida to keep seawater from coming through the sewer drains. There are hundreds of such efforts going on worldwide, but they get little attention and are in the shadows of such things as Brexit and impeachment, of Boris and Donnie. I think that if more people were aware of these initiatives, they might begin to wake up and take the threat of what we have done to our planet more seriously. I hope to do more posts about such things in the coming year … it’s too important to ignore.


        • The thing about the environment and climate change is that … it is a global issue. If Finland, for example, does everything in its power to reduce carbon emissions, plant trees, preserve wildlife, ban single-use plastics, ban bee-killing pesticides and more, they are still endangered if the U.S. fails to do anything. While Prince William is encouraging people to come up with solutions, Trump is encouraging people to hasten the demolition of our atmosphere. How long before the rest of the world tires of Trump destroying their best efforts? Not long, I imagine.


          • Jill, I needed to look up some updated facts to respond to a comment. It might be of interest that Iowa gets just over 40% of its electricity from wind energy as reported in October, 2019. Texas leads the way in volume of electricity from wind and gets around 16% of its electricity from wind energy. If measured as a country, Texas is the 5th largest country in the world in wind energy. California gets just shy of 20% of its electricity from solar energy. I saw another stat from California which notes there are 76,800 solar jobs. That is more than the coal jobs in all of America. So, in spite of a recalcitrant president, things are happening. And, just for the record, most of the wind energy leaders are red states. Keith

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  3. I can only imagine what we could do in this country, the US, if we had responsible, intelligent and ethical leadership. Nov. 2020 is our last chance or we will be left behind..

    Love the video

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    • You are so right … the contrast between Prince William and Donald Trump … well, it almost seems like a crime to even mention the two in the same sentence. My hope is that Prince William’s initiative will have such widespread support that Trump will have no choice but to make some changes. We shall see.

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  4. I’m happy to admit I’m a Royalist. Especially so when one of the family comes out and dedicates themselves to such an important undertaking.With the following that these youngsters have around the world they can bring the attention of the public to focus on problems and find solutions for them They can cause people to pressure their own politicians into action.The family have proved time and again they ave a deep interest in the care of people, wildlife and the conservation of the planet itself. I wish William and the scheme itself much success and know he and his brother will be fine ambassadors for care of our planet.

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    • Your country is fortunate to have a royal family that actually cares about the people of the nation and the world, as evidenced by Prince William’s initiative, as well as many other actions in the past. I was amazed, pleased, and encouraged when I read Keith’s post about this … such a contrast from our own country and its leaders who continue to pander to the fossil fuel and logging industries, while largely ignoring the effects on the environment. Here, it’s all about the almighty dollar. We the People must work on our elected officials and convince them of the need to take this threat seriously … perhaps the example of the UK will help make the case.

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