Peaceful New Year! πŸ₯‚

I planned for this afternoon’s post to be my musings and ponderings as we enter a new decade, but after writing some 900 words, I realized I was rambling fairly meaninglessly.Β  So, rather than subject you to the meanderings of my mind, I encourage you to read our friend Keith’s rather uplifting post, and I shall simply wish you all a Peaceful New Year!


38 thoughts on “Peaceful New Year! πŸ₯‚

  1. Happy New Year Jill. Sharing a bit of hope: Susan Collins breaks ranks, criticizes Mitch McConnell for prejudging the Senate trial without hearing facts first. Perhaps a few more conscious conservatives who stand up for the rule of law follow suit. *Praying*


  2. Happy New Year to you, Jill & and friends! I hope you all had a smooth transition to 2020. A lot of people around me say that 2019 was a difficult year for them personally (I am not commenting on politics now, we all know what is going on there!), and that they are hoping for improvement in 2020. Although I rather prefer odd numbers to even ones (even though I was born in an even one), and 2020 looks far too symmetrical to me: Let’s make 2020 a wonderful, happy one! Hugs&Cheers!

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    • And Happy New Year to you, hubby and the boys, my dear friend! Ha ha … I am the opposite … odd numbers tend to disturb me! And I was born in an odd-numbered year! But then, numbers are only a contrivance of humans and have no relevance in the universe, so it’s all in our minds. I wish I held out hope for 2020 being a better year on any level — personal, global, or political — than 2019, but … I suspect it is going to bring us challenges that we have not even yet thought of. However, this is one time I hope I’m wrong. And I truly hope that you and your family have only good things happen this year, that you have some fun visits to your mum in Austria, and that you finish that book this year, get it published, and it is such a bestseller that it will be translated into English or Spanish so that I can read it!!! Hugs, my friend!


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR to the BEST SOUL SISTER…..EVER!!!!! Hope things change politically… for all of us, (wishful thinking… I know). Wishing you much happiness and good health… in 2020! Sending you Hugs and Positive Energy! Thank you for writing your posts….. They are interesting, thought provoking and always inspirational! I am grateful! πŸ’™

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    • You just gave me my biggest smile of the new year thus far!!! And a Happy New Year to you, Best Soul Sister Ever!!! Things will definitely change politically … I just can’t predict whether it will be for better or for worse. So many thanks for your kind words, my friend … they mean so very much and have truly put a smile on this weary old face! Love ‘n hugs!!! ❀

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  4. Keith’s message is a good one. I believe very few on either side of the political spectrum have taken his advice when it comes to issue resolution. All I see are messages of hate and vitriol rather than honest debate. I would hope more could read and follow his sage advice. Happy New Year, Jill.

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  5. Hello Jill. I read Keith’s post earlier. I did not want to burst his happy place bubble and I dislike doing it here in your space where I respect you so much. But I can not forget that the majority of Puerto Rico still has no electric power and those areas that do are spotty and subject to constant brown outs. This island is part of the US and we can not even insure our people have power , much less food, and housing. Hugs

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    • Well, Scottie (and Larry) … I see it like this … yes, there is so much wrong with our nation … with the world, really … and the situation in Puerto Rico is an abominable miscarriage of justice … but only one of many. So, we agree there is much wrong, but … how do we go about fixing those wrongs? We have very little power, but if we give up, if we bemoan all that is wrong without having any hope for finding ways to make it better, then we’ve lost. We must keep fighting, but hatred and violence are not the way. Civil discourse … talking, then listening, then talking some more … is the only way we’re going to convince people to join us in the fight against the evil that is governing our nation today. Remember the song by The Byrds, “Turn, Turn, Turn”? A few lines from that song resonate with me here:

      A time to build up, a time to break down
      A time to dance, a time to mourn
      A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together

      A time of love, a time of hate
      A time of war, a time of peace
      A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing

      Seems to me we cannot only focus on the bad, else we will doom ourselves. Balance, my friend … we have to stay in for the long haul, and that requires balance. Hugs.

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      • Hello Jill. Happy New Year for you and yours. I like civil discourse. I try to practice it when ever possible. For example my conversations with Dylan. If we only talk to people we agree with no one learns anything, right? I understand I have biases that color my views and sometimes I am mistaken. By having conversations with others we get to examine if our positions are valid. Of course it has to remain civil as you say. Like the lyrics of the song. Hugs

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        • Thanks Scottie … and the happiest of New Years to you and Ron, as well! None of us are without some degree of bias, and none of us are perfect … we are human, so we lose our temper sometimes, we get it wrong sometimes. I try not to kick myself from past mistakes, but to remember them so as not to repeat them … at least I try, though as I’ve been told, I have to be kicked three times before I learn to stay away from the mule! Anyway … the important thing is that we have our heart in the right place and we try, each in his own way, to make a difference, to fight against prejudices of all sorts, and to leave some little corner of the world a little bit better for our having occupied it. Hugs!

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