A Few New Year ‘Toons …

Typically, I only do a post of ‘toons once every ten days or so, and since I just did one last Saturday, you may be surprised to see another so soon.  Two reasons … these are timely and will lose their ‘flavour’ in another few days as the world moves on, and second, I am still doing research for the post I was planning for this afternoon … I slept too late this morning and am behind … er, behind-er than usual!

But first, I have a short Seth Meyers clip that I hope you’ll watch … it’s funny as heck, but also rather uplifting!  Thank you, Colette, for sending me this!

The cartoonists had fun with the New Year … lets take a look …





11 thoughts on “A Few New Year ‘Toons …

  1. Egads… I wish the Seth Myers piece featured Trump as the intruder… Just for the laughs…. Baby shampoo in his eyes and she could Sweep the floor with him (just like they do in Norwegian Forests)… 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. A few smiles, but no chuckles, no laughs. Life has become too real to see the humour. Trump is stupid, and that’s all there is to it. May he find his (hair)piece before he steals our peace.

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    • You’re right … I find less humour in the ‘toons these days, though I still find them to be amazing in their ability to tell a story with few or no words. Too late … looks like he’s already shattered the peace. Sigh.


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