The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of …

I thought I had said all I wanted to say, for the moment, in yesterday afternoon’s post regarding Trump’s ignorant decision to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.  I was wrong.  This is one that may occupy any number of posts here on Filosofa’s Word in the coming weeks/months.  Sigh.

Every time there is new “breaking news” on the topic, my growling escalates just a bit.  The latest?

“Trump says Iranian military leader was killed by drone strike ‘to stop a war,’ warns Iran not to retaliate”

Seriously???  The way to ‘stop a war’, especially one that doesn’t exist, is to kill people??? Is this more of that alternative facts stuff that Kellyanne so likes to spout?  He ‘warns’ Iran not to retaliate???  WTF???  Who does he think he is that he can shake his short finger, while saying “unh unh unh” and The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will just sit down, hang his head, and slink quietly away?  Not a chance, Donnie Boy!  Do you even remember 1979??? Go back to Georgia or Mar-a-Lago or wherever you came from, for you are so far out of your league that you don’t even merit the position of water boy!

Whew … puffa puffa puffa … this has been happening all day long …

So, Iran will retaliate … it isn’t a matter of “if”, but “where, when and how”.  Trump is an ignorant slob if he believes that him ‘warning’ them not to retaliate will phase the powers that be in Iran.  And nobody else thinks so, either, for cities around the U.S. are on high alert tonight, as are embassies around the globe. What then, once Iran retaliates?  Two choices … war, or back down.  I vote we opt, just for once, to put all human life ahead of the egos in Washington, tuck our tails between our legs, and go home peacefully.  But will Trump?  Not unless cooler heads prevail and tell him in no uncertain terms that they do not support any further action against Iran on our behalf.  Even then, he isn’t likely to listen, for remember … he claims to have “great and unmatched wisdom”.

So, what are the ramifications here?  Many.  For starters, lives will be lost, and soon, unless I miss my guess.  And those lives are on Trump’s shoulders, whether they are the lives of U.S. citizens, Iraqis, Iranians, or the people on the island of Gullah Gullah!

Next up … our allies have lost whatever little faith they still had in this nation, for we have put them in the line of fire, through no fault of their own.  And when I say “we”, make no mistake, I blame Trump first and foremost, but after him I blame all the jackasses in Congress who have been licking his boots, such as YOU, Warren Davidson, and Mitchell McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and many others.  YOU ALL have blood on your hands!  And I also blame all those average Joe’s in this nation who continue to support the megalomaniac in the Oval Office who has brought all this down on us.  That means YOU, Kitty Cline, and YOU, Lisa Connelly or whatever your name is now, and YOU Janet Klar!

Our allies have been struggling to keep the Iran nuclear agreement intact since Trump pulled out of it for no other reason than President Obama’s signature was on it.  They have worked hard to ensure that Iran would agree not to develop nuclear weapons that would make the world a lot less safe.  The agreement was working and by all reports from independent inspectors, Iran was keeping their end of the deal.  And then along came the bastard who couldn’t stand the fact that his predecessor had accomplished something remarkably good, and he tore it up and threw it in the trash, saying that he could get a ‘better deal’.  Only … he never even tried.  He left our friends – France, the United Kingdom, and the European Union – hanging out to dry, struggling to keep the deal afloat without the U.S.

My heart broke this evening when I read a comment from one of my dearest friends in the UK that read, in part …

“I had not long finished reading about this before I saw your Snarky post. I was horrified. While the rest of your ‘allies’ are trying to keep the Nuclear Agreement alive, Trump does this and doesn’t even have the courtesy to inform us. I no longer consider America a friend to my country as long as this lunatic is in charge.”

I know he did not mean me or my readers, but our nation as a whole … still, it breaks my heart to think that some 40% of the people in this nation, some of whom I once called “friend”, have brought us to this point, the point at which we are no longer trusted, no longer respected.  And deservedly so.  It is not only our politicians who have brought the wrath down on us, but the average Joe who thinks Trump is “telling it like it is”, who says, “he’s one of us”.  He is NOT telling the truth about anything on any day!  And he is NOT “one of us”!  He is a spoiled brat jerk who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, whose daddy bought his way out of trouble more than once, out of the military, and bought his worthless business degree from Wharton.  He has NEVER in his life been held accountable, has never missed a meal (obviously), and has a complete lack of conscience.

As it became clear that Trump would and should be impeached, I warned that if he felt trapped, he would respond like a trapped animal, he would do something so horrendous that it would take all eyes away from impeachment, away from his crimes.

The world now stands at a precipice … even the experts are not sure what will happen next, but the one certainty is that Donald’s taking matters into his own hands without consulting Middle East experts, without consulting our allies, and without notifying Congress has put every man, woman and child on this planet in danger.  My best idea yet is to send Trump Sr., Junior, Eric, and Ivanka all to fight on the front lines when war breaks out … they are more expendable than John Doe!

Thus concludes my rant for tonight … I shall go take a shower now.  My sincere apologies to Keith, for I could not stop the rant, no matter how I tried.  Stay tuned, for I’m fairly certain there will be more.  And my apologies that there is no Saturday Surprise this week … I think you can understand.

43 thoughts on “The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of …

  1. Jill this is an old neocon trap laid out by the Repugs. The same US war machine under Dick Cheney (GW was just a puppet dummy) snared Saddam after 9-11 with the provocation that he was gassing his own ppl and had WMDs…. all of which was BS. Saddam responded aggressively, threatening to sell Iraqi oil outside of the petrodollar and return to the gold standard. That was all it took to justify invading Iraq even tho most of the pilots were Saudi Nationals!
    Fast forward to today and the war machine is even more brazen & maniacal. There’s not even a pretext for war, bozo the clown decided to instigate war directly by assassination! Neocons/ Neolibs need a new boogeyman since no one is buying the Putin/ Russia con. What better way than to blame a “very very bad warlord who’s a terrorist threat upon the world”. Then proclaim that to prevent war, we must drone him for his own good! Seriously, is anyone buying this?
    If Iranian leadership is smart, they won’t fall for this pathetically obvious trap and simply ignore the US bully. Let Donny the dunce have his 5 minutes of fame with his base, and allow the conflict to blow over. If Iranians are stupid enough to retaliate, they’re playing right into US’ war game. Trump/ Israel would love nothing more than to go to war with Iran, making US Defense contractors and the Pentagon ridiculously rich and happy for the next 4 years! War will ramp up the economy in the short term just in time for re-election, only to crash very badly afterward.
    Putin is currently strategizing with Iranian President Rouhani to de-escalate this volatile situation and hold Trump accountable under international court of law. Hopefully for all our sake Iranian leadership will allow cooler heads to prevail, follow Putin’s advice and turn the tables to their benefit. Otherwise another mindless endless war in the middle east courtesy of our evil empire. Geopolitics is one big mindf*ck!

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  2. Of course, 2020….Election year….’Who needs Bolton. I kun do it all by myself!’
    In Reality however.
    ‘To stop a war’. Killing a senior Iranian…..Iran. The a chunk of the military (Revolutionary Guard) steeped in the martyrdom facet of the extreme version of Shi’a beliefs…….. Oh please!
    The term ‘Numbnuts’ doesn’t even come close.

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  3. I shared so many of these same thoughts. Assassination of leaders didn’t work in Vietnam last century. Did we learn nothing from what happened with the Shah of Iran and the Ayotallah Khomeini, or backing Saddam Hussein, or arming and training Osama Bin Laden?

    Well, yeah, politicians and poll meisters learned that many people can be manipulated with patriotic shouts (Wag the Dog). Yeah, we saw that in Desert Storm and the madness of Dubya’s wars. After the mess had died down and lies were revealed, many said, “They fooled us all.” No, bullshit; they just fooled that contingent of unthinking dolts who love to wave the flag and swallow sentiments and logic without chewing it over first.

    Like others, too, I was amused (appalled?) to read that ConDon warned Iran not to retaliate. Yeah, because that’s why wars don’t expand, because others – insulted, infuriated, humiliated – think, oh, I’ll just walk away. “Kill their leaders,” I read someone explain as the rationale behind this murder, prompting me to wonder, will they not take that advice to heart to kill U.S. leaders?

    How many years have we been living in 1984 now? Will the sheeple never wake up? Will leadership never change? No, not until we’ve reaped the disaster of climate change that brings us all down. Then, perhaps, some survivors somewhere will think, maybe we should do it differently this time.

    Yeah, I’m dreaming.

    Apologies for the rant, but I’ve seen this shit show before.

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    • No need to apologize, my friend … those of us who know how to use our brains are all frustrated, we can see the handwriting on the wall, know where this is heading, and feel powerless to stop it. I’ve said, since Trump’s inauguration, that we are on a runaway train with a madman at the helm, headed for a steep cliff. We just got a lot closer to that cliff. And now, Iran has “suspended” their commitments under the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, so all bets are off. And, our allies are disgusted with Trump’s actions, given that he gave them no notice. He did not notify Congress, and now he is poking the bear once again by threatening to demolish 52 or Iran’s ‘cultural’ sites. In my mind, this is nothing less than a declaration of war. And still … his base have not opened their eyes. Just today I saw a tweet by a woman who claimed that “on a scale of 1 to 10, Trump is a 10”. Sigh.

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      • And to threaten to demolish cultural sites is an international crime. Donnie is really taking America onto dangerous ground. And as for him saying that his tweets are officially notifying Congress… We’ll, I can’t think of a more public venue for sensitive material.
        Donnie is doing all this as a distraction from the impeachment… ‘let’s create a war’ tactics that he once accused Obama of doing (without any evidence). I saw a rant from a Polish Cardinal who accused Greta Thunberg of being the anti-Christ (WTF) but perhaps he got her mixed up with Trump… 😑

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        • Yes, it is against the law as stated in the 1954 Hague Convention. He seems to have been told to back off on that one, but after tonight’s missile strikes by Iran, I am very afraid of what he will do now. Sigh.

          That Polish Cardinal needs to be examined for brain-eating bacteria or some such!

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  4. You are very good at this ranting thing! You really have a knack for saying what most of us are already thinking.

    As for the current situation, I’ve already shared many of my thoughts on my own blog. I just didn’t do it near as well as you. 😉

    P.S. Should we sent thoughts and prayers to Mitchie-baby and the others in hopes they reel this guy in? (Fat chance!)

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  5. Hello Jill. I wonder at the people who think the US is the only adult in a room of young children. I seen a host on State Propaganda TV brag about how powerful we were and how Iran should come to us in fear, that they should worry what more we might do to them if we wished. They act like the US is somehow the only one with the means to harm and lash out at their enemies. These people want the US to stride the world like a bully enforcing our will everywhere, with others currying our favor out of fear. They hated Obama because he respected other countries sovereignty. A horrible habit Republicans have gotten into of pounding their chests and yelling the loudest to prove they are “manly”. Hugs

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    • When I hear things like that, I think that if there is one single word that best defines the U.S. today it is ‘arrogance’. For far too long, we were referred to as the “leader of the free world”, even though in truth, we were not. And it went to our heads, and now at least portions of this nation believe that we have the right to decide what is best for the entire planet. Never mind that we are at the bottom of the heap when it comes to addressing such thingss as climate change, renewable energy, racism, education, health care, etc. Our arrogance and greed will ultimately be our downfall. Manly? I would call it “Bully”. Sigh. Hugs.

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      • Hello Jill. Many leaders tell their people they are number 1 in the world. Russia does it. Our own government does it all the time, and our people fall for it. We tell other people they should do as we do, have our government ways, our constitution, our rights. We were going to export democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. That did not work so well did it? Yet we do not even look at what programs and features other countries have that do make them better than the US. Like you said it is arrogance that has been drilled into to our people that is nothing but propaganda. Hugs

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        • It is the same arrogance that most religions have … they think theirs is the one and only right way and every other ideology is wrong. My philosophy is ‘live and let live’, but just don’t try to shove a religion or belief set on anyone else. Trump’s “America First” policy sickens me … nothing makes us any better than Spaniards, Brits, Chinese … we’re all on this earth together and our time would be better spent trying to understand others instead of trying to force them to conform. Hugs!

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    • Thanks Larry! No, not much better … but still, better to take it out on my keyboard than the girls and the kitties, yes? I have, however, worn off the lettering on many keys on my keyboard, including ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘H’, ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘N’ … all right’hand keys … hmmmm. Ah, you are right about that, but my daughter said, why couldn’t it be both?

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  6. I appreciate the rant Jill. You know, I heard one of the talking heads say something the other day, and it really resonated with me. Do we really think we can kill our way to peace? Is that what the United States has become? Look at all the bad guys we’ve taken out…Bin Laden, Baghdadi, Zarquawi…and god knows how many more. And where are we? We spent trillions on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and things aren’t any better. I think it really is time for this county to reassess having over 60k troops spread out over 7 countries over there. Maybe it’s time to bring them all home. Hell, remember that the idiot himself said he’s tired of all this. But what’s he do? Sends even more troops and has made the situation an even worse tinderbox that it already was.
    I’m so done with this. I’m tired of the bloodshed. Sadly, we have one political party who revels in this stuff. They wrap themselves in the flag, puff out their chests, and cheer on the idiot president. Shame on them Jill…..shame.

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  7. Jill, we have long lamented the belief the US is less trustworthy because its leader cannot be trusted. When we have said this, I can see his syciphants rolling their eyes saying we just don’t like Trump. Then, we read a comment like the one you cite from a British friend.

    Could you do me a favor and share this quote with your representative and Senators with a simple question – how am I supposed to respond to this? My post this morning speaks of agreements and relationship building and how that is contrary to Trump. Keith

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  8. Thanks for sharing!!.. in Trump we have a arrogant individual on a ego trip, put in a place of power by a closed minded, self-centered element of American (and perhaps the world) society.. that element of society knows that, with Trump, all they have to do is fuel his ego and they will get whatever they wish, so this will continue so long as Trump is president…

    The fallout from Trumps’ actions will be more that just a percentage of world’s society shooting at each other, and will no doubt be long term…

    That being said, for change, one will need to start at the bottom, not the top…. need to work on the foundation, not the roof… although more than likely one will not be able to change the thinking of many, especially the religious ideology (which is the core issue with many conflict)…

    All one can do is keep trying and not let your voice be silenced… 🙂

    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, the man who at best knows achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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    • Thanks Dutch! Your analysis of Trump and those who put him in the Oval Office is spot on! The fallout from his most recent action will be wide-spread and long-lasting I am certain. My own representative in Congress, Warren Davidson, was bragging about what a wonderful thing Trump had done … suffice it to say that I was not silent on that one!

      I like what you say about having to start work on the foundation, rather than the roof, and I fully agree. However, I also agree that some parts of that foundation are solid steel and will not be budged no matter what we say, no matter how badly he screws up. Perhaps when their own children start coming home in body bags, but even then I’m not sure if they will see what he has done. And, while I will no doubt keep trying, it seems the only ones I am reaching is the ones who already believe as I do. Ah well, nobody ever said it would be easy.

      Good quote by Roosevelt! Guess it’s time to get our hands dirty!


  9. Is the US the only country allowed to interfere in the running of another sovereign country. Is it ok for say the UK or China or Russia or say even a Middle Eastern country to do the same. It seems like for some countries it’s entirely justified and others clearly it’s seen as state terrorism. Ok this guy might be seen as a bad guy. But in this world one mans enemy can be seen as another mans friend.. But if countries are now allowed to take punitive action to safeguard its citizens then surely those countries still in the Paris Climate Change Agreement would be entirely justified in doing something similar to the leaders of a country that wilfully pulls out of the agreement.

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    • This nation is among the most arrogant. For far too many years, we were called the “leader of the free world”, and the title, which was never actually true anyway, went to our heads. Many people in this nation genuinely believe that there is something so special about being a U.S. citizen (to call them “Americans” is not actually proper, since again, their arrogance is in play and they forget that there are many nations in the Americas) that they have the innate right to dictate to and dominate the rest of the world. Donald Trump has reinforced and emboldened that attitude with his ignoble “America First” platform. To some, Soleimani was evil … I’ll buy that … but it was not up to Donald Trump to decide whether he lived or died. Tha bastard thinks he is god. I seriously wish somebody would aim a drone at him, for world peace stands zero chance as long as he lives. I no longer consider myself a U.S. citizen … by birth, perhaps, but in my heart, no.


    • The US has become the biggest terrorist… Donnie has stepped over that line. I doubt any other country will willingly come to his aid… They will only put up a defense against attack. Our flight back has a stopover in Bahrain. Our UK Foreign office warns all travelers to keep an eye on events now, as safety could be compromised quickly if things deteriorate. Donnie has single handedly destabilised the Middle East. Someone, please tie his hands (and legs) before he gets anywhere near a big red button. And tape his thumbs too his fingers too… And while you are at it, please stick his phone down a toilet. 😡

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      • You are right … he has single-handedly made the world a tinderbox, and he holds the match that could blow it up. I don’t know if any other nations would bother to come to our aid at this point, and quite honestly, I hope they don’t. We are a nation of fools and idiots and we deserve whatever we get. Sigh. Were it in my power, I would go beyond simply taping his appendages, but would kill him. However, it is not in my power. Keep safe, my friend … we in the U.S. have chosen our fate, but it shouldn’t take the lives of others, though it will.


  10. I’m hoping the retribution will take the form of an assassination. Trump would be my choice though to make him suffer perhaps Jnr. Maybe cooler heads will prevail after that and someone says enough is enough.I’m not holding my breath for any of the current Republicans though as wars are profitable for some. I look forward to the day we’re united in co-operation again.

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    • I would not shed a tear if he were to be assassinated, as you know. Maybe somebody could send a drone after him. I don’t know if there ARE any cooler heads in the administration, and I doubt he’d listen even if there were. Plus, at this point, it likely wouldn’t matter … the lit match has already been thrown into the tinder box. The only hope I see to stop the progression would be Trump’s death or overthrow, and another to step in, apologize to the Ayatollah, and try to work on a peaceful solution. Pence? Doubtful. Let’s hope that day comes … I sometimes wonder.

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      • Allow me to rant for a moment, a rant about rants. In my mind rants serve one purpose – to release built up fear, tension and discontent. Rants are cathartic, they make us feel better, let us know we’re not alone by reaching an audience of like minded people. We exchange mutual affirmation of fears, talk it out and re-set. Here’s the problem (a alarming, ever increasing problem) they languish on blogs, collecting dust without a smidgeon of actual protest for change. Technology stifles protest, it facilitates online rants as substitutes for physical protest. As a result more and more people let off steam from cozy comforts of home. Bottom line – who cares? Certainly not politicians!
        I’m as guilty of comfy rants as the next person. That said, at some point we have to wake up to realities of ineffective online rants vs good old fashioned displays of physical, concerted and determined protest to bring about change. Sigh.

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