A Rose By Any Other Name …

Edward Gallagher is a war criminal.  It matters not that Donald Trump issued a pardon in November … he is still a war criminal.

gallagherGallagher was found guilty of posing for a grisly trophy photo with the dead captive’s body.  He was initially charged with other war crimes, including charges that he shot at civilians and killed a wounded captive with a knife while serving as a platoon leader in Iraq.  I strongly suspect, based on what has been said by those who served with Gallagher, that he was at least complicit in the other charges that he was not convicted on.  Either way, Eddie Gallagher is a nasty piece of work.

In the videotaped statements of SEAL members, several broke down in tears as they recounted Gallagher’s behavior in Iraq. They told Navy investigators that Gallagher shot civilians without cause, bragged about the number of people he’d killed with his sniper rifle, including women, and went on “gun runs,” which means indiscriminately firing a heavy machine gun into civilian neighborhoods.  They said of their former platoon commander that he “is freaking evil,” “toxic,” and “perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving.”

Some of Gallagher’s former platoon members – who defied an unwritten code of silence within the Navy SEALS to testify against him – even said they thought Gallagher had purposely exposed their unit to enemy fire out of the belief that an increased number of casualties among his men would increase his chances of being awarded a Silver Star.

But, all that did not matter to Donald Trump, an equally nasty piece of work, as he not only chose to pardon Gallagher, but also demanded that his rank be restored.  He issued a direct order to the Navy that Gallagher was not to be demoted.

So, what has Eddie Gallagher been up to since his undeserved pardon?  Well, partying with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, for one. gallagher-mar-a-lagoYes, folks, Trump invited Eddie and his wife to his Florida resort to be wined and dined, and invited Gallagher and the other two war criminals he pardoned to join him on the campaign trail this year!  But wait … there’s more.

Eddie Gallagher has started his own line of clothing, called “Salty Frog Gear”.  He is also endorsing products of other clothiers that include t-shirts with the words “KILL BAD DUDES,” and websites that features t-shirts reading “Waterboarding Instructor,” which suggests that he’s perhaps a bit too comfortable with acts that fall into the category of war crimes.  He is, in other words, capitalizing on his war crime and ignoble presidential pardon.

I find it strange that Donald Trump, when he initially announced his bid for the presidency in June 2015, made a comment whereby he referred to immigrants from Mexico as “bad hombres”.  In my book, this Gallagher person is the ‘bad hombre’.  He has shown no remorse or introspection about the accusations against him.  He’s referred to the SEALs as “mean girls” and has consistently attacked them on social media.  He has also appeared on Fox News, though he has banned the New York Times from his Instagram page and refused to speak with NYT journalists, saying he only gives interviews to “legitimate media” … like FOX???

Eddie Gallagher calls himself a “patriot”.  Donald Trump praises Eddie Gallagher, calling him “one of the ultimate fighters”.  Perhaps I would have a bit more respect for Trump’s opinion if he had actually served in the military, rather than having his daddy buy his way out.  Trump’s pardon of Gallagher and two other war criminals in November is a slap in the face to the honourable men and women who put their life on the line every day for this nation.  Michael A. Cohen, writing for The Boston Globe, sums it up best …

“Having a president who appears to take no issue and even encourages the committing of war crimes certainly doesn’t help – and I fear for the impact on the US military, and good order within its ranks, when the president is so brazenly endorsing acts that violate the training that members of the military receive. I fear even more for the SEALS who bravely spoke out against Gallagher – and for future whistleblowers who will now have little motivation to come forward.

But worst of all, with the benefit of Trump’s support, Gallagher has become another weapon in America’s toxic culture wars – and I suspect that much of the support for him from conservatives is a result of the fact that liberals are so outraged by his actions and the president’s intervention on his behalf. Gallagher has become a heroic figure for far too many. It is yet one more example of how tribalism is overwhelming our national character and the extent to which America has become an increasingly divided and broken nation.”

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  1. An excellent post 🙂 and I will add my thoughts to the ones from the many more informed minds than my own. Edward Gallagher is the very definition of a War Criminal, but he is far more than that. This pathetic man is FACINOROUS : meaning he is extremely wicked and immoral; grossly criminal and vile. I heard my Gram use that Old English word to describe Hitler. Though at the time it was a then unknown word to this then young girl, once given the definition it has never been forgotten…albeit seldom used. I am not saying that Gallagher is on the same scale as Hitler, but he does have some of the same diabolical and malevolent behaviors. It is appalling that Trump finds Gallagher’s actions while serving our country as a US Navy SEAL not only acceptable and pardonable, but also finds him praiseworthy and is using the creature in his campaigning for reelection! Michael A. Cohen’s Opinion column “Truth and Consequences” written for the Boston Globe is one of my favorites. Cohen is a qualified columnist and is the US Political Correspondent for the London Observer. He previously worked as a speechwriter at the US State Department and has been a lecturer at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Cohen’s column that you included here states the sad truth! Thank-you!

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    • Oh, bother! I was using the punctuation marks on the keyboard to slyly add a smile just for you. But after posting the comment it came up as a bright smiley face…how, I ask myself, did that happen? Sorry!

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      • Welcome to the new technology whereby the computer decides what it thinks you wanted to do! Actually, there are certain characters that will create certain emojis, such as : followed by ) will give a smiley. : followed by ‘ followed by ( will give a crying emoji 😥 . And ; followed by ) will give a winking one 😉 No need to be sorry — it made me smile! 🙂


    • Naturally, I had to head over to Merriam-Webster’s site to look that word up, and it referred to it as ‘archaic’, but gave essentially the same definition you gave. I’d never heard that one before! You always enlighten me, dear friend! I agree with your assessment of Gallagher, though I don’t think he has near the intelligence of a Hitler or Stalin … he is just lacking a moral compass. As for the Michael A Cohen piece … it is from one that you sent me! Sadly, the Boston Globe has told me to either subscribe and pay, else go away. Sigh.


      • ‘As for the Michael A. Cohen piece’…hence my supposed to be slyly added punctuation smiley face…you know the : followed by ) You know, to let you know that I know that you know from whence it came!! Thank-you! P.S. I would have thought that my computer is to old to learn new tricks like switching to an emoji! P.P.S. Total aside but today is (now almost was) not only Benjamin’s 6th Birthday, but also it is the day he lost his first tooth!! A delightful Benjaminism goes with that and I will email it to you tomorrow!! Thank-you and Good Night!! P.P.P.S. Is there such a thing? Will you ever forget this new found word?! My gift to you…to use for those loathsome vermin spotlighted on your wondrous Snarky Snippet posts!

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        • Ahhhh … I get it now! 😉 And, it isn’t your computer, but the program, in this case WordPress, that has made is such that when you type the emoticon, it turns it into an emoji. Indeed, I wished Benjamin a Happy Birthday on Jolly Monday … but I had no idea he also lost his first tooth! I want a picture! I look forward to your email later! I suspect I will be making use of the word … plenty of characters it fits nicely!


  2. Jill, what is lost on the US president, is by looking the other way when someone demeans the uniform, as reported by those who do it the right way, it sends a bad message. Yet, doing things the right way is inconsistent with the president’s historical modus operandi. Keith

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    • Quite true … I read that many military leaders were appalled by his pardons of war criminals, especially Gallagher, for that very reason. No, Trump is not known for deep thought, soul searching, or doing the right thing.

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  3. In H.G.Wells’ novel ‘The Time Machine’ – probably the first ever Science Fiction story ever written – the narrator travels forward in time to a point where mankind has evolved into two separate species, one thriving in darkness and preying on the other one living quietly in peace. There are plenty of sub-clauses to that, but I won’t go into those.

    Just leaving that thought here.

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  4. Mr Gallagher is a ‘terrorist.’ And the Trump focus is to reward that terrorism. It is a sad day when the world starts to see America as the ‘problem.’ And that is what she has become.
    She is no longer seen as the defender of truth and justice, but rather as the great evil that wields her power over other poorer nations. This does not make America great. This makes America ripe for the world to turn against her. 😔

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  5. Ok I must say the US is far from the most violent country, as unhappy as I am right now with out country. So I checked into some statistics and found numerous lists of total deaths in war, worldwide genocides and other lovely things humans do to each other. It is better to say all humanity survives on violence, worships violence and is addicted to it.

    At least 108 million people were killed in wars in the twentieth century alone and this statistic is only until 2003.

    Estimates for the total number killed in wars throughout ALL of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion (which I’m sure is closer to the truth.)

    And none of this includes genocides and purges worldwide, which the US has not participated in, except for the Native Americans up to this point, but this pales in comparisons to others overseas.

    Here are two links and it’s astounding.



    My thought is it is time for man to go…leave the flora and fauna on earth in peace…man is an evil creature.

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    • If our so called leaders continue to encourage such atrocities, there would be no doubt that the US is an evil imperialist empire ruled by despots and psychopaths. International war crimes need not apply when we’re “exceptional” and above the law. I can assure you that most of the world view America as the land of depraved egomaniacs. Bad hombres? Simply observe the actions of our media, military, politicians, corporations, predatory economic, social & political practices. Fraud and corruption abound everywhere you turn.
      George Zimmerman, Eddie Gallagher, Donald Trump… stinks from the head down. I’m afraid it’s time to jump ship.


  6. Its plain horrible, not surprising at all which is horrible as well, I cease to be surprised by anything Trump does anymore. I just continue to bw surprised by the support he gets and what that says about the US!

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  7. Great post Jill. Do you have any doubt whatsoever if Trump actually does take out cultural sites in Iran, as he suggested he might do, that his band of whacko cult nut jobs would be cheering him on? Gallagher is Trump’s kind of guy. He knows it resonates with the crazies who support him, so why not give the criminal a pardon? You know, things like torture and blowing up woman and children civilians over there….it’s no big deal to these people. It’s retribution, revenge, and hate all rolled up into one. It sickens me that we have millions of people in this country who thing this crap is just fine with them. What does that say about the United States of America Jill?

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    • Actually, Jeff, it shows what other nations have known for a very long time, America is a land of violence. It was founded on violence, it survives on violence, and it worships violence. It is going to destroy itself with violence. That is not a prediction, that is a future fact.

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      • I had a whole comment typed and it disappeared except for the link above…

        I was basically saying humanity itself survives on violence, worships violence and is addicted to it and it’s not by any means just the US..

        And here is another little paragraph of statistics I found.

        At least 108 million people were killed in wars in the twentieth century. Estimates for the total number killed in wars throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion. And this data was only up to 2003.

        And here is the list of war deaths. It is all stunning. Man is an evil creature.


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        • No other animal on the planet plans and executes massacres of beings quite like this. Other animals kill, to eat. We humans kill to enjoy power over another. Collectively, we are quite possibly, the worst plague that Earth has ever seen.

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        • I hate when that happens, and you can never srite it the same the second time.
          I’ve already started about five replies to you and erased them all myself. Living in Canada our news is not non-violent, we have lots of homegrown violence in our country. But the news coming up from the States is almost all violent, and it isn’t political leaders causing violence, although lately there is that too, but it is normal everyday average Americans maiming and killing other normal everyday average Americans that are doing it, every day of the year.It would be noteworthy if a full day went by with no one dying a violent death.
          I cannot seem to express myself the way I want to here, as unusual as that may seem. Violence in America seems to be a way of life, not an abnormality. This is not civilized. This is a constant state of personal warfare.
          I give up.

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          • I see my first reply did eventually show up. blog ghosts, I suppose.

            I agree totally with your view. The US is a very sick sick country indeed and you’re right, it is just the common everyday people. And I really don’t know why we have so much crime like this. Great wealth and poverty extremes, drugs, lack of social programs, hypocrisy is religion and the type of bible thumping religion we seem to have here, rampant racism…and on and on. Too many to list.

            But my point was simply that man, over the ages, is a horrific entity, a destroyer of all. Selfish, brutal, power hungry and corrupt. Think Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Mongol Hoards, Russia. Revolution, Hitler and other events in Asia and Africa. The list is huge and all areas and countries of the world.

            Actually it does seem that Canada has been one of the fortunate ones. It is sane and minds it’s own business.

            I just wish it wasn’t so cold.😜

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        • It went into “waiting for moderation” because it had more than one link. Since spam is often identified by multiple links, my blog is set to hold comments with multiple links for me to review first. As soon as I saw yours, I approved it. Sorry about that!

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      • It’s true rawgod. All true. Over 300 million guns, thousands of murders, and an out of control military industrial complex. Gee, what could go wrong?

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    • No, my friend, not a doubt in my mind. There is a large contingent in this country, led by you-know-who, that honestly believes that because of their white skin, their place of birth, their religion, they are somehow “superior” to the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Mexico, and elsewhere. Yes, they will applaud, for they are too ignorant to realize that it is their own children that will return in body bags before long. Sigh.

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        • And it just got higher. Did you see Trump’s tweet in response to the attacks in Iraq tonight? He said “All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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