The Playground Bully

Last Friday, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.  Trump and his minions claimed they had solid evidence that Soleimani planned ‘imminent’ attacks on U.S. diplomats and troops.  Turns out, this ‘evidence’ may have been manufactured or at the least embellished by Trump & Co.

Since Iran, predictably, threatened retaliation, the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel U.S. troops from the country, a move that is fully understandable.  U.S. troops abroad are the most likely targets for Iran’s retaliation, and the likelihood of massive collateral damage is high.

The U.S. said they will relocate some troops within the country, but that they will not leave Iraq.  Meanwhile, Trump was busily threatening Iran with the potential destruction of 52 Iranian ‘cultural’ sites, a violation of the 1954 Hague Convention.

Iraq wants U.S. troops gone.  Trump tells Iraq that if they expel U.S. troops, he will “impose harsh economic punishments” on the country.

Now, think about all of this for a few minutes.  Iraq and Iran are each sovereign nations in and of their own right.  We may not like some things they do, but frankly, they don’t like some things we do, either.  That does not give us the right to murder one of their leaders, it does not give us the right to force them to accept U.S. military troops within their borders, and it sure as hell does not give us the right to start bombing cultural icons willy nilly.

The United States is supposedly a civilized nation with democratic principles, but you couldn’t prove it by our actions in the past week.  When one nation sends troops into a nation uninvited, it is called an invasion.  Our troops were welcomed at one time in Iraq for one reason only … to help Iraq fight Daesh, also known as ISIS.  Trump claims that ‘he’ defeated Daesh, so there is really no longer any need for our troops to be in Iraq, unless they are invited.  Our troops pose a significant danger to Iraqis now, and they want us gone.

Nothing the U.S. has done in this situation makes one bit of sense.  We are bullying other nations … and for what?  To what end?  Trump’s “America First” policy has gone too far … it was a ludicrous policy to begin with, and what he fails to understand is you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  You cannot treat other nations poorly, place the lives of their citizens in danger, then expect them to come to your aid.  There is a price to be paid for being a bully, for stirring the pot that didn’t need stirring.

The headline in Business Insider reads …

Top US allies are abandoning Trump and warning ISIS will benefit following the assassination of an Iranian general

  • The US’ top allies, including the UK and France, have continued to back away from President Donald Trump following the US military’s assassination of top Iranian general Qassim Soleimani on Friday.

  • Some European allies argue the US’s dramatic escalation of conflict with Iran will benefit the Islamic State, increase the risk of terror attacks in Europe, and undermine global economic growth.

  • A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a conservative ally of Trump’s, said the US president’s recent threat to target “Iranian culture” sites would constitute a war crime.

  • On Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called for “restraint and de-escalation” and said a new conflict with Iran “would be in no one’s interest.”

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at the Europeans during an interview on Friday and claimed the US strike against Iran “saved lives in Europe as well.”

It is past time for Donald Trump and his minions to be shut down.  Trump praises murderers like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and stabs our allies in the back.  These are not the actions of a sane man, they are not the actions of a world leader, but they are the actions of a madman!  This madman is going to get people killed all over the world, for he is ignorant of the ways of the world, has chosen not to become enlightened but rather to continue to act as the playground bully.

59 thoughts on “The Playground Bully

  1. Three points:
    Firstly I have never thought as Trump as a cunning bully, more the guest who turns up at the party already drunk an everyone wishes he would go away, except he ‘brought a coupla friends..ya!’
    Secondly. Bearing in mind the positioning of Soleimani as in Iranian terms a bonda-fide government official of high rank here is a lesson from history for Trump (naturally he will not read it)
    It is claimed that during the battle a British artillery officer came to Wellington to tell him that he had a clear a view of Napoleon and several guns pointing in that direction. Wellington replied, “No! I’ll not allow it. It is not the business of commanders to be firing upon one another.” Historians have noted Napoleon needed to be defeated in the field. If he had been killed in an “ungentlemanly” fashion, people would always have suspected that he would have won the battle.
    And finally: Churchill was notorious for coming up with hare-brained schemes, much to the exasperation of his senior officials; they had to spend much time talking him out of them, and often he did listen. Of course the difference is than unlike Trump Churchill was not an asshat.

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    • All excellent points. Trump is indeed the drunken uncle that everybody wishes would just GO. And he is absolutely no Wellington nor Churchill. You say that the difference is that Churchill was not an asshat, and I agree, but I would also say the even bigger difference was that Winston Churchill had a functioning brain, was an intelligent man. Trump is THE MOST ignorant, stupid person I have ever seen in such a high position. Hell, even Hitler was intelligent!

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      • In terms of intelligence Trump is down there somewhere amongst the folk who seize power because they’ve got a few regiments behind them, then procedure to award themselves titles and medals.
        On reflection he would have to work hard even to get to the status of klutz!

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        • I fully agree, but … three years later I’m still scratching my head and wondering how he got to be president, and even more puzzling, how so many people are willing to put their own careers and lives on the line to protect him from himself? I’ve scratched my head so much it’s bleeding!

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          • That is a sad painful story as old as our history Jill.
            The second part is the easier one to answer
            1. Money and influence, they want to keep their share of it.
            2. Some know if he goes down they will go down with him and all their dirt will be seen.
            3. Some are as dumb as he is, so don’t see what is wrong with him.
            The first part is the real tragedy. Just rummage through history and check on anyone who got to lead who was ill-suited to the task. Somewhere there you filled find a big chunk of the population who will hitch to that wagon out of Fear, Ignorance or downright Hate for the alternative.
            In democracies you have the added paradoxical complication that no voting system is perfect and sometimes throws up wacky results:
            Take for instance UK 2019.
            Conservatives largest majority in near living memory and yet had 2,000,000 less voted than the opposition parties.
            And the less said about your Electoral College the better,
            Now leave your poor head alone and do as follows:
            A. Shrug
            B. Say ‘It happens. An’t my fault’
            C. When no one else is around say ‘bad words’.
            D. Vote in in November

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  2. If Trump and Co manufactured evidence or just embellished it, the end result is the same. Trump and Pompeo have committed the crime of murder. Now they’re trying to make it mass murder by creating a war. Iraq which has been host to some

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    • Host to some U.S,.soldiers now wants them gone rather than have Iran target the US soldiers there and get civilian targets too. A perfectly understandable response and Trump has the nerve to refuse and start threatening Sanctions. The US Congress should be taking action against Trump and Pompeo NOW and trying to make amends to Iran before the body bags start arriving for grieving families there.

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      • How did the second part of your comment show up as “Anonymous”? Anyway … to the point, I agree with you 100%, but in the United States today, sanity and good sense are not prevalent, and the opinions of We the People no longer matter. Our safety and the safety of others are relatively unimportant to our government. Trump is like a little boy with his war toys, only these aren’t toys. For the moment, it seems that some cooler heads have prevailed, but I don’t look for it to last long. And you’re right … we have been asked to leave Iraq … it’s time for us to exit gracefully. But will we? Stay tuned. Sigh.

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  3. Does anyone else see this as a crafted play to increase trump’s rating and popularity with his base and to take the heat off the impeachment? The man has no moral compass and will lie, cheat, and now kill to further his agenda.

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  4. Jill, regardless of the reason, the assassination has created a martyr on which hatred of the US will build. Instead of an agreement that left relations in abetter place, we have an escalation without an off-ramp. Yet, it is arguable worse damage has been done to our relationships with our allies. The US is not trusted because its president is untrustworthy. Why is that OK with our GOP leadership? It does not make us safer – just the opposite. Couple that with president being a national security risk, what could possibly go wrong? Maybe, the better question is what could possibly go right? Keith

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    • I agree completely … we have failed to be the good friend to our allies, have failed them miserably. It speaks volumes when even Boris Johnson says he cannot support Trump’s latest actions and rhetoric. For today, at least, tensions seem to have slightly eased, though frankly I don’t look for it to last. Trump’s temperament is NOT suited to governance! It’s gonna be a long year, my friend.

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  5. So true Jill. Perhaps, in the end, the only leaders who will actually listen to him are Putin and Netanyahu. But even they know he’s nothing but a buffoon. The only people who do not know this are his cult. The Republicans in Congress know he’s an idiot, but they shrink like cowards when the time comes to call him out. Bullies, eventually, get what’s coming to them. That day cannot come fast enough with this moron.

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    • Oh, maybe bin Salman will applaud him, for he did him a big favour. And Kim Jong-un is having fun playing Trump for a fool. I think perhaps even Putin is getting exasperated with Trump. Sigh. As for the republicans in Congress … I wish a pox on them all!!! This impeachment trial has turned into naught but a formality, with even the three relatively moderate republicans bowing to Mitchie’s will. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  6. Why isn’t assassinating a foreign general in peacetime a crime against humanity, or just plain murder. Trump has confessed that he was behind Soleimani’s murder, yet he has not been arrested. What’s up with that? Being president of one nation does not mean it’s okay to attack citizens of another nation without being held to account. Something must be done.

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    • Sigh. In my eyes, it is a crime against humanity, or at the very least a violation of International Law. The UN should sanction Trump, or throw him out. We the People should throw him out by demanding his immediate impeachment conviction. But, sigh, he has people so bamboozled that he’s even likely to get re-elected in November … not fairly and honestly, of course, but …

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      • Hello Jill. Did you see where tRump refused a entry visa for Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in violation of the terms of a 1947 headquarters agreement requiring Washington to permit foreign officials into the country to conduct U.N. business. So no treaty, no agreement will be honored by the US anymore. Why should any nation ever trust the word of the US ever again. Not even signed treaties are honored. We are officially a rouge nation. Hugs

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        • Yes, I saw that yesterday, but then it rather got lost in the detritus of everything else. I think we’ve already reached the point where nobody trusts us … our allies have no reason to. I think most of the world distrusts Trump, and by extension, the U.S. A sad change from 4 years ago! Hugs.

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          • Hello Jill. Very true. But one more thing to think about. The US gets a lot of money from having the UN in our country. Despite the constant complaining about how much we pay in dues. So if we keep interfering as we have the last three years in their functioning we could see the UN move out of the US. Other countries have already purposed it, and some have made really grand offerings. The thing is this, if they move they get to restructure the rules, which means the permanent security council seats that lets Russia and the US veto anything we do not like may go away. Other countries long tired of these power plays have asked for this. It may be tRump’s legacy. Hugs

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            • Y’know, Scottie … I think that if the UN moved it’s headquarters to someplace in the EU or UK, it would a) serve us right, and b) be a more globally fair organization. Trump seems to think he is the leader of the UN and if he tells them or any nations in the UN to jump, they should ask “how high”, rather like his sycophants do. I realize this nation gets revenue and perks from having the UN headquarters here, but frankly, I don’t think we deserve it. Sigh.

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      • Yup, very likely. Corruption breeds corruption breeds corruption. I suggested to someone yesterday it might be time to take apart the Union, and let Trump keep his little part of it. Let him be dictator to those who want him, but let those who want to be free be free!

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        • If Trump should win another term, as some are predicting, I think that the United States as we’ve known it will cease to exist. It will be barely recognizable by the year 2024. This is why we must ensure he doesn’t stay for another term, one way or another.


  7. Hello Jill. It was not too long ago that tRump threatened to release ISIS fighters into Europe if he did not get his way. Now he expects them to back his insane illegal play on Iran / Iraq? The US spent trillions in money and far more in the lost blood & lives of our people to force a sliver of democracy on a people that did not want it. Now that they have it, they have used it to ask us to leave. What we should do is accept grateful they have a system of democracy that allows that. Instead our current administration blows a gasket, threatens the democracy we paid to form, demands payment we know they have no way of paying, all the while the US is acting like the big school yard bully throwing a temper tantrum. I keep think what if the roles were reversed, how would the US people react? Maybe we are more alike than we think? Hugs

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    • You make some excellent points, my friend. It’s rather like being invited to a friend’s home, then making a pig of yourself, throwing trash on the floor, and finally being asked to leave, only to say “No, I’m not going, and if you try to make me go, I’ll burn your house down.” Anybody who still supports Trump after tonight’s events, and after his ignominious tweet saying “All is well!”, is a greedy, ignorant ass. Sigh. Hugs.

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