We Must Applaud Political Courage

As always, our friend Keith brings a bit of reasoned calm to the dialogue of the past several days. Please give it a look. Thank you, Keith!


Earlier this week, two Republican Senators, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, said the briefing by the White House on the assassination of the Iranian Soleimani, was not just poor, but the worst of briefings. I applaud their political courage to push back on the president for less than satisfactory explanation. I have called each Senator to share my thank you as an Independent and former Republican voter.

I had the same type of kudos for the parade of diplomats and other public servants who testified under oath and at great risk to the House Intelligence committee about their concerns over the shadow diplomacy being used by the president in Ukraine to strong arm action for his personal benefit. I watched these witnesses speak under oath about how we should be doing our best to nurture and protect the young democracy in Ukraine. On the flip side, I saw a president…

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14 thoughts on “We Must Applaud Political Courage

  1. Indeed, I saw some of what Lee said, and bravery is the word.
    I think Trump would threaten any Republican who stepped out of line. He is a dictator (hence why he gets on with other dictators) who plays the evil game off retribution. I can imagine him as someone who would use the emotional equivalent of ‘stubbing out a cigarette’ on the skin of any Republican, while smiling and saying, “I know you get it, you’re the greatest!”

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    • I was cheered by his courage, but then he apparently back-pedaled a day or two later on Fox News. Sigh. Perhaps he was told to “toe the line”. Heck, if he smoked I could picture him actually stubbing out his cigarette on someones arm and saying that!

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    • Short version of what he said

      Lee made clear that his criticism did not extend to the White House’s Iran policy in general, but he warned that the slapdash sit-down would have consequences.

      “I support President Trump. I support the way that he has wielded his powers as commander in chief. I think he’s actually been the most respectful of all presidents during my lifetime of the commander-in-chief power,” Lee said. “I think the people who briefed the Senate today did him a grave disservice

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      • Well seems I was wrong in my perception of this. I saw where Lee was very upset by the briefing and said it was the worst he’d ever seen.

        And then I read a post that said he’d done an about face due to his gushing over the president still, on Fox.

        My initial thought was good..someone standing up to trump….then disappointment when he praised him so vehemently, but there was actually no about face…..my mistake..

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