Discord & Dissension – Part I – Intro

The year is 2020.  Ten days into the new year, and so much has already happened that we cannot keep up.  The world is teetering on the brink, and all thanks to one ‘man’:  Donald Trump.  Yes, that Donald Trump, the ‘man’ who sits in the White House, in the highest position of leadership in the nation, despite the fact that he lost the election by nearly 3 million votes.

The year is 2020, and the United States will be having an election on November 3rd, in just 298 days the people of this nation will head to the polls to cast their vote for their representative, some for their senator, and all for the next president.  Or will they?  In 2016, between 58% – 59% of eligible voters actually voted.  WHY?  Because …

  • Hillary Clinton was a woman
  • Hillary Clinton was not “warm and fuzzy”
  • Hillary Clinton was blamed for her husband’s indiscretions
  • Donald Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the lives lost in Benghazi, though that myth was long since de-bunked
  • People who had hoped that either Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein would gain the Democratic Party nomination were disappointed and thus stayed home, rather than vote at all
  • People claimed they were “making a statement” by not voting

There are many more reasons, of course, but folks … think about it … barely more than half of the people who could have voted, did.  Throughout the relatively short history of this nation, men and women have put their lives on the line to protect our right to have a voice in our government, and some 40% of the nation’s citizens threw that right away.

Because of that … mainly the apathy and ignorance of people in this nation … we are currently facing a number of crises in this nation, not the least of which is that an impeached president, trying to distract the public from his own crimes, is leading us down a path of destruction.

The year is 2020, an election year, possibly the most crucial one in the 233-year history of the United States of America.  If we lose this one, we may well be responsible for ending life on this planet as we know it today.

The year is 2020, and here in the U.S., the two parties, Democratic and Republican, are more divided than at any time in history.  There are strong ideological differences, as there have always been, but it goes even beyond that.  We are almost two separate nations without a line of demarcation, and the sheer antagonism between the two is toxic.  How did we get to this point?  How can we ever reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable differences? Where do we go from here?

The year is 2020, and we are determined to make our voices heard, to do our part to put an end to the madness that has overtaking the U.S.  Who are we?  We are Jeff and Jill – you know us from On the Fence Voters and Filosofa’s Word.  We are going to spend part of our time and some of our voices in the coming ten months trying to make a difference. We will be in your inbox most Fridays screaming WAKE UP, AMERICA!! We are all, democrat or republican, Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist, black, brown or white … we are all in this together and in order to make this nation whole and healthy again, we need to start … somewhere!  We hope you will join us in our little project, and we look forward to your input and suggestions.

Next Friday, 17 January, Jeff will begin with a bit about each of the two parties, the origins and how they got where they are today, then Jill will follow up with where we go from here.  After that, we are going to be considering ways we can make a difference in this year’s upcoming election, how we can get voters engaged, make them see how important their vote is, etc. We will also be discussing things like religious liberty, the long-term effect of judicial appointments, and whatever else seems relevant in any given week.  We want you to feel free to jump in with comments or even a guest post if you feel so inclined!  That’s our plan for now, at least, but with the landscape changing daily, sometimes hourly, our focus could change over time.  That’s the fun part … we have no idea where we’ll end up!  So, until next Friday …


68 thoughts on “Discord & Dissension – Part I – Intro

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    • Thank you so much, Annie! In the past few days, we have received a bit of negativity. I saw that you responded to one who claims she won’t vote for the system is broken. We have also had several tell us that we are wasting our time, that what we are doing won’t matter. It makes me all the more determined to fight and to help these people see how we can make a difference.

      Thank you for the link! The funny thing is that when I opened it, I realized it was one that I had bookmarked to use as a resource for my “Where do we go from here” portion of our project! You know what they say … great minds think alike! 😊

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      • I’m with you 100 percent, and if I can help in any way, please call on me. I don’t write exclusively about politics, but I care very deeply. And as Jeff wrote after reading my most recent post, we are on the same wave length.

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        • I popped over to your blog to learn a bit more about you and your writing. Very nice post, and I am 100% in agreement with you on the key points. I think many of the people who follow mine and Jeff’s blogs are on that same wave length. And thanks for the offer to help … I will let you know … I appreciate it!

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  5. Please excuse my inexcusable tardiness in commenting on the first installment of what is sure to be synergism at its best. There is no doubt that it is a promising partnership of two great minds that will enlighten and entertain their followers during the turbulent months preceding the 2020 election. I look forward to receiving the fruits of your teamwork. “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.” – C. S. Lewis. Thank-you, Jill and Jeff!!

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  6. Thank you for sharing!!.. unfortunately we are dealing with self-centered, closed minded individuals (with old world mentality) world-wide who reject change and will stop at nothing to prevent change that may affect their life style… hopefully the young people armed with technology can change the course of the human race… in the meantime, we need to make our thoughts known… 🙂

    “When we begin to build walls of prejudice, hatred, pride, and self-indulgence around ourselves, we are more surely imprisoned than any prisoner behind concrete walls and iron bars.” Mother Angelica

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    • What you say is true, Dutch, but those people are not the majority. Since they comprise at best only about 40% of the eligible voters, there is hope for change if we can get the people of this country motivated to get out and vote on November 3rd. If we can make them understand the consequences of not voting, and how much difference they can make with their vote. It’s going to be an uphill climb, and we certainly need more voices than just mine and Jeff’s, but hopefully we can at least make a difference, maybe even start a trend, who knows? We’ve got to start somewhere. Mother Angelica’s words were wise, indeed. Did you have a good holiday, my friend?


      • Well, dear Jill, as I said before, continue to let your fingers do the walking (typing) and your heart do the talking!!. 🙂
        I had a good holiday as every day I woke up on the green side of the grass and followed my dreams!… 🙂

        “When you are truly inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project… your mind transcends its limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world! Then those dormant forces, faculties and talents inside you become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Patanjali “

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        • You know I shall! And I’m glad your holiday was good and that you continue waking on the green side of the grass! So do I, at least so far. I love that Patanjali quote … it inspires me, somehow. Thank you!


          • You go, girl!!.. 🙂

            “Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do…” Pope John XXIII

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    • Thanks Frank!!! Somehow, to Jeff and I this feels like the last chance to bring common sense and integrity back into our government. We must wake the people of this nation up! Thanks again for all your support!


  7. Jill, there are many things to improve about the US democracy, but key watchdogs are an active media and diligent oath bound public servants. These two watchdogs are under constant attack by the most untruthful and corrupt president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon.

    Must give Trump credit and chutzpah for his ability to convince his followers that every one else is lying about him, not the person known for lying.

    Just yesterday after Republican Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul said the military briefing by the WH for the killing of Soleimani was the “worst,” both Trump and his smug Sec of State cite evidence of four possible embassy bombings. Dumb question – why did your people not tell the Congressional intelligence committees that? Maybe it wad that oath thing in front of Congress. Or maybe they just aren’t as good a liar as Trump or Pompeo.

    I recognize that Soleimani was a bad guy, but I do not believe a word Ttump says. Period. And, a Pew Poll this week said 64% of the rest of the world does not either, a worse result than Xi and Putin. It is also the flip-flop of Obama’s trust factor. Keith

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    • Like you, I don’t believe a word that Trump says, nor should we, for his track record speaks for itself. Just tonight I have written a letter to both Senators Portman and Brown expressing how the nation feels about the Senate’s planned dereliction of duty as regards the senate impeachment trial, and what we expect them to do. Mine and Jeff’s goal with this project is to convince the people … at least 95% of them … of the importance of voting, of the consequences if they don’t. We cannot afford another 4 years of Bozo in the White House.


    • Thank you, Suzanne! I am amazed at how many people think they are somehow making a statement by not voting, when the only statement they are making is, “I don’t care what happens to the nation as long as I’m happy”. Sigh.

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  8. Jill i’m quite upset with the warmongering, self destructive imperialistic doctrine which dictate our foreign policy. Neocon/men simply can’t help themselves, with their lame attempts at deceiving the public. Lindsey Graham’s statement about “imminent threat” from Iran was particularly lame.

    The only “magic” at work here is that nobody is talking about the impeachment anymore, and that was the administration’s real objective with this illegal act of war.

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  9. Wow, power to you both!
    I might suggest some research into why America will not become ‘great’ with isolationistic, domination rhetoric, as its central message. Civilisation as we know it, will fall with any further capitalistic growth of the economy. The earth just can’t take it. We have hit the ceiling, and all Trump wants to do is to make holes in it, destabilising ‘the whole building.’ This isn’t just an American problem. It is a world one, but the rest of us cannot vote on it.

    Hopefully you aren’t just preaching to the converted… Are there any plans to send your opinion pieces into the newspapers (for their personal opinion sections)?

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    • Thank you, Colette!!! Thanks for your suggestions … some we hadn’t considered, but will certainly add them to the list. As I said, we’re not 100% sure what direction this project will take, but we just hope to make a difference. We can’t not try, y’know? And the idea about sending some of our work to the Opinion section of our local papers has merit … I hadn’t thought about it, but I’ll chat with Jeff and we may well do that! Thanks again for your support and help!

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    • Thanks John! We hope it will be … we’ve already had to change direction once, and likely will again … we’re both feeling our way around here … but if we make a few people stop and think, then it will have been worthwhile. Hugs!

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        • That is our hope, dear friend! If we allow this year’s election to be hijacked like the 2016 election was, then we have sealed our own fate. We simply must convince people that there is a valid reason to vote, that their vote DOES count, in spite of all the shenanigans that the republicans are using to try to lie, cheat, and steal the election. Sigh.

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  10. I enjoyed your post. I respect that you are so passionate about this wonderful country of ours. I must admit though, I don’t vote. Not because I don’t care about this county, I do. I don’t vote because a two party system doesn’t work and never has. It is not the system of governance the founders of this nation wanted. A two party system is nothing more than an illusion of choice. It forces the nation to choose the lesser of two evils. What kind of choice is that? It’s not a choice at all. Beyond that the system is rigged from the get go. To divide and conquer; that is the game. Keep us fighting each other. The more we hate and fight the less time we have to see we are being controlled.

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    • I am a Canadian who agrees wholeheartedly with you, el. It is not just the bi-partisan system that does not work, but democracy itself that does not work. Government cannot give freedom. Only freedom can give freedom.
      Jill is a very good friend of mine, and I admire her for what she and Jeff are trying to do. In this upcoming American election, while the choice is still between two evils, this time there is one candidate who is more evil than the other–and I do not even believe in evil. But I do believe in harm, and DJT is doing harm. Of that there is no question.
      Would I vote in this election, if I could? I cannot say, for I am a very idealistic person. But I would at the very least enter into a non-voting agreement with a repuglycan voter letting him or her think I would vote the Democratic ticket if we voted. That would not bother my conscience at all.
      So I just wanted to say as a fellow idealist, do what you must your way. I will not hate you for it. The times are very turbulent.

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    • Thanks! While you certainly have a right to your opinion, I would argue that whether or not the two-party system is working, not voting won’t change it. In order to effect positive change, we must use our right to vote, must use our voices to make our beliefs & opinions heard to those in power. Otherwise, what will happen is we will lose the right to vote and end up in a de facto dictatorship. I’m open to opposing opinions, though, so if you wouldn’t mind, can you tell me what not voting would accomplish, or what would happen if everybody chose not to vote? Just curious. Thanks again for your support in our project!

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      • Right now, in the United States, there is very little confidence in our elected officials. If we all refused to vote. That lack of confidence would ring loud and clear, and hopefully force the change we need. The system must change. It isn’t about who is in the office when the system is corrupt. When our government was being designed politics was not intended to be a carreer choice, it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be giving politicians a retirement. They should go home after their term and get a job like the rest of us. We stopped being a country of the people by the people a long time ago. Our votes stopped counting a long time ago. If it is a popular vote, what do we need an electoral college for? Especially when those in the electoral college are not required to vote for the candidte it chose!
        I hope your project goes well. Thank you for allowing an open conversation.

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        • Hi there. Jill and I both know the system is rigged. We both, I’m sure, wish we had a popular vote instead of the outdated, and frankly racist electoral college. But, this IS the system we have now. Too many people think like yourself, and just sit it out if they don’t like the candidate, or like my best friend, write in someone who isn’t even running. Or, you’re just sick and tired of the system itself.
          But the fact is, sitting out is not the way to cure our ailing democracy. The person in the oval office now is there for a variety reasons including being helped by Russia, but one of the main reasons was people just not showing up. I hope you reconsider this November. Maybe our project will help change your mind. At the very least, hopefully it may at least show you that there are ways we can make this country better. Not only are we trying to show how we got here, but also the way forward. Stay tuned!

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        • You are certainly correct that there is very little confidence in our elected officials, such as Trump, McConnell, Nunes, Graham, et al. But, that is why we need to vote … to get them out of office. And you are also right that there needs to be change within the system. But, change only happens if we make it happen. Sitting back and silently allowing the autocrats to take over will bring about change … but not in the way we would like. There are many things in our system that need to be changed … the electoral college, Citizens United, the 2nd Amendment are among them. But, leaving the current crop in office won’t bring about those changes. Using your voice and your vote just might.

          Thanks again for your support, and we are working long and hard to help bring about those changes we all hope to see. Please just keep an open mind and think about what we say, think about how we can all make a difference. Hugs!


    • But by not voting, you’re in effect supporting Trump, and I don’t think our democracy will survive another autocratic four years of a further emboldened “I can do anything I want under Article 2 of the Constitution “ divisive “leader.” Please reconsider—for the sake of us all, together.

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      • You are so right, Annie, when you say that our nation such as it is, will not survive another 4 years under “Da Donald”. He has become increasingly autocratic, and I honestly believe that if he is given a second term, we will have a full-blown dictatorship before what would have been the 2024 elections. Those who refuse to make their voices heard, who decline to use their vote for change, are handing over the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, to a madman and a political party that has long since lost its conscience.


    • Thanks, Gary! We don’t know how much of an impact we can have, but we have to try. As for your situation over there … what’s your take on the situation with Northern Ireland and Scotland? I read an article tonight that said within the next ten years it is likely both will leave the UK … your thoughts?

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      • It’s a mess. I think it’s a guarantee Scotland will leave. Nothing to do with that ultimately it’s the right decision now. It’s down to political reality. The Conservatives now only have 6 out of 58 MPs. It’s a consistent block of opposition. Let it go and it makes continued Conservative rule almost guaranteed. Note it’s my 58 MPs. London has many more MPs than the unions second largest country – shows the London centric state we have. Northern Ireland is much more unpredictable. A year ago I would have said no chance. Now Johnson’s plan effectively leaves NI in the EU with border in the Irish Sea. Logic would seem to state that at some stage this means they leave the union as well.

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        • Your mess makes my head spin, just as our own mess does. Yes, the situation with Northern Ireland remaining in the EU and the other three countries not seems awkward, to say the least. The article I read predicted that Ireland and Northern Ireland would ultimately become one, and I suppose that makes some sense. But, it seems to me that there is strength in numbers. Scotland going off on its own just doesn’t seem a wise move to me, either for the UK or for Scotland. But, I am not as well-versed in the situation as I wish I were, for the mess on this side of the pond keeps me too busy to study your mess very much. Sigh. Hugs, my friend. Still planning on that coffee one day!

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  12. I’m sending the big gong that always started the J.Arthur Rank films (rung by Bombardier Billy Wells) Just flashing the knowledge there in case anyone is starting a quiz. That should wake everyone up for you on a Friday.I think there are a loot of reasonable Republicans (misnomer?) out there who only need a little nudge to make them change their vote this time though it wouldn’t hurt if they decided not to vote either.These are people who see they did not achieve the promised land under Trump The Liar and a lot who are crossing their fingers that no-one gives Trump the missile codes by mistake so their sons and daughters aren’t off to war yet again.
    By the time The Recaltricent Republicans have finished changing boundaries and wiping people off the voting register you’ll need to make sure you’ve motivated everyone possible to get out and vote so that the Republicans suffer a crushing defeat including losing Moscow Mitch from the mix as well as other Senate seats. A good majority will enable all the reverses of law being done quickly.America will be able to put it’s collective foot on the brakes to stop the increase in global warming that Trump has accelerated.
    I wish you good luck and I’ll be sure to read it every week.Well done both.

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    • THANK YOU for sending the big gong!!! What a special thing! Yes, we know we aren’t going to change the minds of the hard-core, far-right Trump supporters, but there ARE (at least we hope so) some who are starting to see the cracks in Trump’s armour, the flaws in his character, and question his motives. If we can reach some of those, then perhaps we can make a difference. I honestly don’t know, nor does Jeff, but what we do know is that if we don’t try, then we’ve lost before we got out of the gate. We have to give it all we’ve got … this is too important, not only to the U.S., but the world, as was proven last week. Some of the damage that’s already been done will not be reversible, and this nation will never be quite the same as it was ten years ago, but we must … absolutely MUST … change our government’s attitude toward climate change and income disparity, if we hope to see the 22nd century. Thanks so much for your supportive words! Always feel free to let us know if we’re not on the right track, for we’re still feeling our way here.

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    • Thanks for the big gong David! Because we Americans need it, do we not? I get it that some feel we can’t do anything about it. That the system is rigged beyond our control and the wealthy economic royalists, as FDR used to refer to them, will always have the last say. We just cannot let that mindset prevail.
      The next 10 months are going to crazy. How much more lawlessness will the R Party put up with? Sadly, probably all of it. It’s going to be up to us, the people, to chase his big orange butt out of the White House. Whatever Jill and I can do to make that happen, it’s more than worth it. Thanks for the words of encouragement David, and for taking this journey with us!

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  13. Reblogged this on On The Fence Voters and commented:
    Several months ago, I was lucky enough to find Jill Dennison on WordPress. Eventually, we became good pals and have corresponded about many things. Not long ago, she mentioned doing a project and collaboration together. I could not have been more honored to have been asked.

    So, what you see here is the first of our efforts. Jill and I both are deeply concerned about the current state of our politics. Instead of banging our heads against the wall, though, we decided we wanted to do something about it. We hope to foment discussion, as well as use our platforms as a rallying cry for becoming active and making sure we all get out and vote the current administration out of office. We simply cannot afford another four years of this man! So, I’ll let Jill’s introduction speak for both of us. Thank you Jill!

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