Donald Trump — Environmentalist??? 🤣

Donald Trump is going to read a book!  Or, so he says anyway.  The book, of course, is about him (the only subject that interests him) and is surely as big a farce as any ever written.  There have been numerous books written about Donnie both before and since his occupation of the Oval Office, but this one …


The book was written and self-published in 2016 by Edward Russo who acted as an environmental consultant for Donald F. Trump and the Trump Organization for fifteen years.  Russo claims to be an environmentalist, but let’s face it folks … no true environmentalist is going to applaud Donald Trump’s destructive policies.  Russo praised Trump’s EPA budget cuts, claiming they will increase the agency’s “focus”.  Say WHAT???  And in a 2017 interview, he said …

“Every time there’s lightning or thunder that, oh, it’s climate change. Climate change is a natural change in balance of the Earth, it happens all the time.”

Wow … try telling that to the Australians!  I’m not sure of Mr. Russo’s background, but I suspect he doesn’t have a Ph.D. in any branch of science that would give him credibility here.

At an event at the White House yesterday, the same day that Trump announced a rollback of environmental regulations at the White House, taking an ax to the environmental review process required for infrastructure projects, he was asked by a reporter if he still considers climate change to be a hoax, as he has claimed so many times.  His reply …

“No, not at all. Nothing’s a hoax. Nothing’s a hoax about that. It’s a very serious subject. I want clean air. I want clean water. I want the cleanest air, want the cleanest water. The environment is very important to me.

Somebody wrote a book that I’m an environmentalist and actually called, ‘The Environmentalist’, actually, before I did this. But they wrote a book. I’d like to get it. I have it in the other office. I’ll bring it to my next news conference, perhaps. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to see it. I’m sure you’ll report all about it.

But no, I’m a big believer in that word: the environment. I’m a big believer. But I want clean air. I want clean water. And I also want jobs, though. I want I don’t want to close up our industry because somebody said, you know, you have to go with wind or you have to go with something else that’s not going to be able to have the capacity to do what we have to do. We have the best employment numbers we’ve ever had. We have the best unemployment numbers we’ve ever had. So that’s very important.”

So … he’d like to get the book, but he has it in the other office and will bring it to his next news conference … perhaps.  FOR PETE’S SAKE … this man can barely read at a 1st grade level!!!  Remember the book titled The Art of the Deal, which carried Trump’s name as author, but was actually ghost-written by Tony Schwartz?  Here’s what Mr. Schwartz said back in 2015 when Trump first announced his candidacy for president …

“I put lipstick on a pig. I feel a deep sense of remorse that I contributed to presenting Trump in a way that brought him wider attention and made him more appealing than he is. I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”

If he were writing The Art of the Deal today, Schwartz said, it would be a very different book with a very different title. Asked what he would call it, he answered, The Sociopath.

Now, check out this tweet from 2018 …


And yet, he never wrote the first word in any book.  In fact, Tony Schwartz, who in 2016 said he deeply regretted his work on The Art of the Deal, said of Trump …

“He doesn’t read books and he doesn’t write them.” 

Frankly, it is my humble opinion that he isn’t capable of reading books with large words or complex subject matter, though at one time he claimed to have kept Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf by his bedside for nighttime reading.  Um … tells you something, yes?

But, back to the Russo book … it has such a great rating on Amazon that if you own a Kindle, you can read it for free.  No, thank you, I will pass on this freebie.  Here are a few of the one-star comments …

“Alternative facts abound. What a strange, mendacious little book. Hard to believe it wasn’t intended as satire.”

“And now I have some real estate on the moon I’d like to sell you. Right – because banning the EPA from posting anything regarding climate change or using social media, period – that’s the work of an environmental hero.”

But there were some 5-star reviews, as well …

“A surprising side of the DONALD, from an Insider! The book shows interesting examples of why he is such an all-around brilliant businessman, and surprisingly, truly concerned about nature and the environment.”

“Amazing how the tabloid press kept all of this hidden. This is a matter of public record, but they purposly ignored it because it doesn’t fit their anti-Trump narrative. Great job. We want more!”


Thus far, Trump has rolled back most of the environmental regulations that were in effect when he took office, dissing the environment in favour of his friends, the fossil fuel and logging barons.  And, as mentioned above, yesterday he announced revisions to one of the most consequential environmental laws in U.S. history known as the National Environmental Policy Act. The changes would essentially gut parts of the act, making it so regulators can’t consider the climate impacts of oil, gas, and other harmful projects and ensuring some projects are exempt from environmental review altogether, all while reducing the time for public input on projects. The whole rollback could result in harm to communities near major infrastructure projects as well as the global climate.

No, my friends, Trump is no environmentalist and the book by Mr. Russo should rightly be classified as fiction.  There is a fascinating article about Tony Schwartz and his writing of The Art of the Deal in The New Yorker … I strongly encourage you to take a look!

53 thoughts on “Donald Trump — Environmentalist??? 🤣

  1. How very sad. The only time Trump spends much time in the environment is when he drives around manicured golf courses or walks across the White House lawn to the helicopter. He actually thinks forest floors are swept to keep trees from catching on fire. 😦 — Suzanne

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  2. “like putting lipstick on a pig” is likely defamatory to all pigs… “putting lipstick on Donald Trump” is much more apt. “Diary of a sociopath” would make a good title for anything coming out of the Donald Trump camp. This is the only time that I would consider ‘book burning’ to have some merit. But then, maybe I should read it, just to see how bad things really are… (but then, I also know that already)! ☹️

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    • Incidentally, I did read ‘Art of the Deal’ when it was released in the 1980’s. I don’t think Tony Schwartz really manages to convince me of ‘truthful hyperbole.’ I found the book to be the ‘grab tactics’ of a greedy shallow man. Tony could not build up Trump’s personality into a ‘silk purse.’ All he could do, was hide the truth about this odious husk of a being.

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      • You’re the only person I know who actually read that book! There is only so much anybody can do to make Trump look like a human. Sigh. I haven’t read the book, nor will I, but just knowing about the times Trump screwed over minority employees and discriminated against African-Americans in his businesses and real estate, shafted contractors out of their earned monies … all adds up to a heartless, unconscionable person for whom I could never have any respect.

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    • Heh heh … “like putting lipstick on a pig” is an old saying here, somewhat akin to “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Not sure what pigs have done to deserve so much criticism! But to the point, I was amazed that 69% of the reviews for the book were of the 5-star variety, with people praising him to the hilt. WTF??? Sigh.

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  3. Earlier this morning upon reading about Trump’s change of heart regarding climate change, I immediately thought : “Jill will have a field day with this one!” There was also some pondering about his being a “big believer in that word : the environment.” Does he now believe that it is a word as opposed to previously not having believed it to be a word? And, what the Harry does the word environment have to do with “the best employment numbers” and “the best unemployment numbers that we’ve ever had”? I must be honest and admit that I did not, nor do I intend to, read Edward Russo’s book. The timing of the release of Russo’s self published book in September of 2016, just prior to the presidential election, should be noted with suspicion. Even if, and I say IF, Russo then believed Trump to be an environmentalist…he was mistaken! The past three years should have proven to Russo that his thinking in 2016 was erroneous. One must wonder what Russo, if he still claims to be an environmentalist, believes about Trump’s environmentalism now. As far as Trump’s having read this book, mayhaps Melania might have read it to him as a bedtime story…he probably loved hearing a story about himself as the hero! Thank-you!

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    • Oh, my stars! After leaving my comment, I returned to my inbox and came upon today’s “Earther Newsletter” and the lead article by Brian Kahn is about Russo’s Book. It is a must read! I could forward it, which I would have done had I read prior to reading your post, or just give you the information now. Google : > trump-has-a book and it should take you to it. I must say that today’s inbox has had many do not miss reads, such as voting for the Most Outrageous Eco-villain of 2019! Enjoy!

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      • Did I ever tell you about the book I sent to Trump shortly after his inauguration? You weren’t reading my blog yet, but I sent him, via Amazon, a copy of Dr. Seuss’ Yertl the Turtle, with a note telling him that if he couldn’t understand some of the words, I was sure that Kellyanne or some of his staff would be happy to read it to him. Funny, I never did get a ‘thank you’ note. Anyway, to the point … the article in Gizmodo is where I got some of the information for this post! And thank you so much for all you do, and for being such a great friend. I am behind on email, but I swear you’re at the top of the list!


    • I have concluded that when we ask “Does Trump honestly believe ____________ (fill in the blank)”, we are asking the wrong question, for there isn’t an ‘honest’ bone in his body, and his ‘beliefs’ change from day-to-day, sometimes hour-to-hour, depending on what’s in it for him! He held a rally Thursday night, in which he said, “So, we have all forms of energy. We have every form of energy and we are doing great, but they want to cripple your state’s economy. And our air and our water right now is cleaner than it’s been in 40 years, and sadly, I can’t say historic because, you know, a couple of hundred years ago there was nobody here, right? So, I assume that 200 or 300 years ago was cleaner, probably. You never know, but our water and our air is as clean as it’s ever been, and I took us out of that horrible Paris accord.” Environmentalist??? I think not. The man is barely literate and he thinks that in 1720 or 1820, there was nobody here! His handlers must cringe every time he opens his mouth!

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  4. please…………………..PLEASE……….let this be some off-color-semi-humorous joke! If this is “real” then either 1. I have been sent into an alternative universe through a wormhole while I thought I was sleeping….or 2. The end is near, Jesus is riding a white elephant while carrying a bazooka and the world will collapse in 27 minutes!

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    • I wish I could tell you that it was satire or some off-colour semi-humorous joke, but … sadly it isn’t. Thus, since I know you’re still alive and haven’t been trampled by a white elephant or shot with a bazooka, you must have been sent into that alternative universe … actually, I think all of us are now in that alternative universe. Sigh.


  5. Jill, if people who blindly follow his every tweet would just look under the hood and see what is going on. Grease the skids for corporations to cut corners. Who could get hurt? Children, adults, livestock, environment, etc. The Dupont case in the movie “Dark Waters” started with a farmer who buried 200 cows and saved frozen deformed organs from the pollution from the plant nearby. They later learned of how it impacted humans and Dupont knew of this fact,

    Environmental laws and regs exist for a reason. Are some draconian? Likely, but let’s improve them where possible. The answer is not the companies policing themselves – Boeing’s shortcuts are a pertinent example. Keith

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    • It seems those who follow him blindly are mesmerized and looking under the hood is the furthest thing from their mind. I saw a video yesterday of a young man wearing the standard maga hat who, when asked if he thought Trump had ever done anything wrong, stammered a bit, then said, “I-I don’t know … I just support him.” Perhaps we must open the hood and show them the rot that lies ‘neath. As for some environmental laws being draconian, going too far … I don’t think, at this point, that there is such a thing as going too far. Trump touts the economy, and his supporters echo the same, but if we destroy the planet, the economy is not going to matter one bit. The large corporations, the fossil fuel industries and companies like DuPont can well afford to go the extra mile to protect and preserve the environment. We’re all going to have to make sacrifices … maybe some pretty significant ones … and I have no pity in my heart for the likes of Exxon, DuPont, and other multi-billion dollar corporations for having to reduce their profit margins to save lives. But, we must have a government who understands and legislates regulations, for the rich you-know-whats aren’t going to do it on their own.


      • Jill, outside of voting, the main action than can be taken is to picket shareholder meetings of publicly traded companies and boycott companies who are treating people and the environment poorly. Heightened notoriety is a weapon.


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  6. Mr Schwarz really doesn’t have anything good to say about Trump and regrets being a partner in that book ;The Art of The Deal. He confirms what many people knew, that Trump doesn’t read and that he has the attention span of a gnat.Trump is his own favourite subject and he laps up publicity., it’s unfortunate that so may others believe that publicity and are willing to vote for him. Perhaps if they read the piece by Mr. Schwarz they’d see that Trump is always who he pretends to be but never who he actually is.

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    • I think that piece should be required reading for all, but thing is that his avid base will say Schwartz has a bone to pick, or is just jealous, or some such nonsense. You can place a fact right in front of their nose, and they will find a way to deny it. Oh, and it’s all the democrat’s fault, y’know. Sigh.

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  7. Yeah, cool guys you’ve worked out that lightening is a natural event and not a plot by the democrats, good fer you!.
    One small thing guys….
    Let me explain to you in basic language
    Us humans live on the planet, we were made from the stuff of the planet. We consume the stuff of the planet. There is lotsa billions of us on the planet. That’s like lotsa liddle lightening strikes. Now if we don’t tone down our all of our liddle-widdle lightening strikes one day the planet is just gonna take all the effects and shove them right up our collective ass on account of us affecting the balance of the planet.
    Now here’s another secret….Genesis is not actual the literal truth. It’s an allegorical poetical account. So check the fossil records guys about how the planet woiks.
    (Be honest and critical Jill, do ya think was that basic enough for them?)

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