Letter To Senator Re: Impeachment Trial

letterBelow is the letter I have sent to both of the senators for my state.  

Dear Senator Portman,

I am writing today about a matter that is of the utmost importance to the people you were elected to represent, and in fact to the entire nation:  the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate.

As I’m sure you are aware, Donald Trump has grossly abused his power during his nearly three years in office, has literally trampled the U.S. Constitution – that document you swore to uphold when you were last sworn in on 03 January 2017.  We currently have the single worst president this nation has ever had, and my fear, along with some 60% of the people’s, is that he has already done irreparable damage to the nation.

Last December 18th, Donald Trump was impeached, only the third president in the nation’s history to have been so.  My understanding is that Speaker of the House Pelosi will be sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate next week, and that an impeachment trial will begin sometime thereafter.

Now to the purpose of this letter.  Your colleagues, Mitchell McConnell and Lindsay Graham, have announced that they do not intend to conduct a fair and impartial trial, but rather plan to hastily acquit Trump without reviewing all evidence, and without hearing from any witnesses.  This is plainly against the intent of the Constitution, and is against the Senate rules, as you no doubt realize.

I am writing to ask you to please use your conscience and your integrity to demand your colleagues treat this impeachment with the seriousness that it warrants.  It seems that some members of Congress are intimidated by Trump, or by the 40% of the people in the U.S. who support Trump, but that is politics, not governance.  You were not hired to look after your own political interests, but to govern fairly and honestly, and in the best interest of the country as a whole, not a select few.

Mr. McConnell claims he wishes to simply finalize the trial, acquit Mr. Trump, and “get on with the people’s business”, but … the Senate has not been doing the “people’s business” for a very long time now.  How many bills have been passed by the House of Representatives that the Senate has not even reviewed or considered?  More than 400 at last count.  What about the election security bill that would help prevent the foreign influence that changed the landscape of our 2016 election?  In 2019, the Senate passed, I believe only 70-some bills into law, many of which were non-essential, such as the re-naming of a post office or federal building.  What about the universal background check bill, that is supported by more than 80% of the people in this nation, including gun owners?  Or what about the net neutrality bill that would force internet service providers to provide access to all sites, content and applications at the same speed, under the same conditions without blocking or preferencing any content?

I agree that the Senate needs to conduct the business of the people, but they have been deficient in this for the entirety of 2019, and even before that.  The impeachment trial is the business of the people. We the People see our nation being placed in grave danger by the antics of the madman in the Oval Office.  I could provide you with countless examples, but you already know where you and your colleagues have let us down, you know what you should do.  The question now is … are you man enough, are you human enough, do you have enough integrity to do what you know is right?

We the taxpayers, the voters, the people of this nation, will be watching over the coming weeks, and our pleasure or displeasure will be reflected in our votes.  You have almost three years left in your term, but in many ways, that is a very short time, and if you fail us, if you let us down and swear your oath of fealty to Donald Trump instead of the people of this nation, you will not be returned to the Senate on January of 2023.  Do the right thing, Senator Portman.


Jill Dennison, citizen, taxpayer, voter

I would strongly urge everyone to write to your senators, both republican and democrat, and let them know that you expect them to do their job, to do what is in the best interest of the nation and its people, not their own pockets.  Feel free to use any or all of this letter, or to compose your own.  Thank you for making your voice heard!

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    • Perhaps not, but somebody will, an aide or staffer, and they keep tallies of the opinions we express and provide them to the senators. Some letters do get read, for every now and then I do get a personal response. And, bottom line, we cannot sit and do nothing, hoping for the best. Sigh.


  1. Your letter is good, but has a few faults that I think need to be addressed. Your tone contains a certain amount of “holier-than-thou” messaging, questioning his humanity or integrity. This is going to put him on the defensive, subconsciously if not consciously. I’m not saying you have to praise him or otherwise give him an ego-boost, but you have a better chance of making him think if you do not add backhanded insults. Treat him like an equal, even if you don’t believe it. Give him respect, even if he doesn’t deserve it. Tone down the sarcasm. If you want to change his thinking, use roses without thorns.
    This is my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

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  2. Awesome letter Jill. Portman is one of those Senators who come across as reasonable….at times. He could really set himself apart from the other sycophants by stepping up to the plate and showing some real independence. I’m not confident he will do so…..but, good on you for at least trying!

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    This is a message to my US American readers: please head over to Jill’s post and then use your influence as a voter and taxpayer to encourage your senator to do the right thing and not tge selfish one. Thanks very much! 🙋‍♀️🐝

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  4. Well written letter, i will do the same. Highly doubt our letters will be read but we have to try. You summed it up succinctly, huge problem with our gov’t is they don’t represent the will of the ppl… it’s business as usual… for their own interests and their donor class.
    There is hope, if 60% of the ppl do not agree with the President or his administration, then we go full force come election time and VOTE HIM OUT! We need to go grassroots, door to door esp in the swing states. Ppl are inherently passive and need to be motivated to even vote. Perhaps organizing neighborhood carpool service to get as many to the booth, and a ride back home, that would be a practical way to win. Also ask your neighbors to go register if they haven’t already!


    Nice work Jill, we can make a difference with a little effort, future depends on all of us.


  5. I hope a warning that the people are watching and the appeal for them tto regain their honour will be enough to motivate these imbeciles into action.

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    • I hope so too, or that at least it gives them pause, makes them stop and think. Some believe that if he is acquitted, it will only increase his chances at re-election in November. Sigh.


    • Exactly! If we don’t try, then we will never know if we might have made a difference, given some member of Congress a wake up call. I am a fighter by nature … have had to be … but admittedly, about one day out of every ten, I feel like just giving up and kicking a tin can down the road. Never lasts more than a day, though. Yes, largely the same ideology gave you Boris and us Trump.

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