Jolly Day After Sunday!

How, I ask you, did it get to be Monday so fast?  And … do you realize that January is almost half over?  That means the year is 1/24 over, or 4.1% … gone … poof!  In another month, we will all be one full month older! arghAnyway, it is Monday, so … it must be time to start your week with an all-new Jolly Monday!  Today’s food theme, for no other reason than that Jolly and I deemed it to be so, is … blue.  Take heart, though, we didn’t dye the coffee & tea blue!  So, grab a blue snack and let Jolly and I put some smiles on those faces, ‘k?

And, two special treats … a blue sprinkled donut for Benjamin, and a promised Black Forest Gateau for David!

blue-mondayfood-blue-donut           food-bfg-david

Chicken?  Or spinach?

I’ve written a few times about Popeye’s Chicken restaurant … they seem to be in the news a lot these days!  Well, the latest … have you ever seen that game show called “Family Feud”?  I saw it once or twice way back in the day, probably the 1980s or so, and thought it was dumb just like all the game shows, so I never watched it again.  But, they pair up two families, and each are asked trivia-type questions, the family that collectively scores the most points by getting the questions right, wins.

So, earlier this month, a woman named Eve Dubois and her family were competing against the Tomlin family, and the score was tied … it was the final question.  Whoever answered this one correctly first would take home $10,000!  The question was …

What is Popeye’s favourite food?

popeyeNow, of course the question meant Popeye the Sailor Man, who we all know eats spinach by the canful, but Ms. Dubois yelled out excitedly … CHICKEN!  So sure of her answer, she began doing a victory dance … until her opponent correctly answered, Spinach!

So, ‘bye-bye’ Dubois family, no prize for you.  Until … the video clip went viral on social media and came to the attention of somebody in the upper echelons of Popeye’s Chicken.  I’m sure they figured it would be a great publicity stunt, and cost them relatively little, so they offered the Dubois family a little consolation prize …Popeyes-DuboisUmmm … $10,000 worth of fried chicken?  🤢  A heart attack looking for a place to happen!

Technology run amok?

Just because you can isn’t always a good reason to do something.  Now, I admit that most technology has a use, serves a purpose … I’m definitely not one of these people who wants to go back to the days of horse & buggy, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, etc.  I’m even grateful for computers and cell phones, though I dislike the venues the technology has opened for scammers & hackers.  But, I am not a fan of drones.  Unmanned flying machines that can … and often do … kill unsuspecting, innocent people with a blink of an eye.  But … are you ready to ride in an unmanned flying taxi?flying-taxiAccording to United Press International …

A flying taxi with no pilot made its first U.S. test flight in North Carolina with an audience of about 100 people, including several state officials.

Gov. Roy Cooper, state lawmakers and North Carolina Department of Transportation officials were among the more than 100 spectators at Tuesday’s demonstration of the EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicle.

The two-seat drone is designed for use in cargo delivery and human transportation.

Seriously?  They think people are gonna ride up in the air in something with no bloomin’ pilot?  Not me!  I don’t even like the idea of them flying over wherever I might be!  You know, and I know that sooner or later, somebody will make a mistake and … kerthud.  Sigh.  Why can’t they just work on developing things like a cure for AIDS, or a way to help homeless people grow food in their refrigerator, or socks that never wear out, or light bulbs that never burn out, or headlights on cars that don’t blind the other drivers … something useful!

A sporting wedding …

Quick question … where did you get married?  No, I don’t mean the town or city, but was it a church, Justice of the Peace, family home …?  I got married by a Justice of the Peace … we were both on our lunch hour from our respective jobs, met at the courthouse, quick got married more or less in dual languages, then we each went back to work.  All very romantic, don’t ya know.  Neither of our sets of parents would agree to attend our wedding, mine because they didn’t approve of him, and his because they didn’t approve of him, either.  Yes, seriously!  More than a few times during our marriage his mom would say to me, “Honey, I don’t know how you put up with him.” So, anyway (I get easily sidetracked these days) …

Last week, Lonnie and Pam Harris of Kodak, Tennessee tied the knot … at Bass Pro Shops, a sporting goods store!  Turns out that Pam works at the local Bass Pro Shops and wanted her co-workers to be able to attend her wedding.  Says Lonnie …

“I asked her out on a date 37 years ago and she told me no. It took me 37 years to get her to say yes.”

wedding-1The manager of the location said the store previously hosted a wedding about seven years ago.  Well, I guess it’s no worse than a quick wedding at the courthouse on your lunch hour!


The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a Lake Worth Beach resident who heard what sounded like a distressed woman calling for help from a neighbor’s house.  When the deputies arrived, they found the owner of the house working on his wife’s car in the driveway while someone can be heard shouting, “Let me out! Let me out!”

The homeowner introduced the deputies to the origin of the cries — his pet parrot, Rambo, on an outside perch.parrott

“I was changing the brakes on my wife’s car and had my 40-year-old parrot, Rambo, on his outside perch where he sings and talks. Sometime later four police officers showed up saying a neighbor called because she heard a woman screaming for help. I promptly introduced the officers to Rambo and we all had a good laugh.”

I found just a few funny signs a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been meaning to share …


Just a few fun cartoons & memes …


And that’s it … what?  Oh!  I forgot the cute animal video … how dare I?  Wait just a sec …

jollyNow, that’s a wrap, folks.  Go forth and have a productive week and remember to share those million-dollar smiles I see on your faces this morning.  People need them now maybe more than ever.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

33 thoughts on “Jolly Day After Sunday!

  1. Love the parrot incident.
    Reminds me of one of the old ‘What do you get it you cross a….. with, a……’ jokes
    What do you get when you cross a parrot with a tiger?
    A six foot tall bird with black and yellow plumage that bites your head off and says ‘Who’s a cheeky boy then?’
    Shared the cute pups on my FaceBook page

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I don’t think I could watch family feud… And all that chicken….. We’ll, yes hold a street party every month, and take the left overs to a homeless shelter… until its gone. Maybe Popeyes will sponsor it even further…. Although, not the healthiest stuff to eat! 😶

    I got married in a Registry office… with just two witnesses. No fanfare at all…
    Went for a pub meal after and then home again. Most of my family didn’t know for years.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is very little on television that I can stomach these days. Interestingly, after we dropped our satellite t.v. several years ago, my daughter signed up for Britbox where we get a large number of t.v. shows from your side of the pond. She finally managed to get me hooked on a British soap, Coronation Street, and it is the only program I watch with any degree of regularity.

      How on earth did you manage to keep your marriage a secret from your family for years?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well now, “Miss Jill”, there is a noticeable absence of Benjamin’s milk. Fortunately for you, Benjamin is not here today as he is otherwise engaged Monday through Friday in the pursuit of an education. I will credit Jolly with remembering to offer the coffee, half&half and tea today that were quite noticeably absent last Monday. Does the blue coloration of the food hold some significance? I was unable to leave a comment last Monday, as I had told Benjamin that I would not open his “Jolly Monday letter from Miss Jill”. I admit to peeking and unless questioned by him I will not be caught since I left no incriminating evidence behind by commenting! Too bad, I could have gone on at great length about the Peep Mobile…mayhaps another time! But, I digress! I have never tried Popeye’s Chicken. It seemed to be an unlikely product for Popeye to sell. I mean really, shouldn’t Popeye’s be serving something like a spinach souffle? There is one located nearby, just a few doors down from the Colonel Sanders KFC…guess whose establishment gets the most business? It was sweet of Pam to utilize Bass Pro Shops as her wedding venue in order to share her day with all of her co-workers. A practical choice and probably not as pricey as other locations too. I wish them many happy years together. The owner of that parrot is lucky that the officers didn’t shoot first and ask questions later! Love the signs and the cartoons! Thank-you for the much needed diversion and smiles!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I forgot the milk! 🤦 Perhaps you could let Benjamin have a sip or two of your heavily-creamed coffee to wash his donut down when he does see this? No significance to blue … other than I like it! 😉 Since regional tastes differ, I can’t guess whether it’s KFC or Popeye’s that get the most business up in your neck of the woods, but I’ll guess KFC, simply because they’ve been around longer, and New Englanders tend to be traditionalist. You really should try Popeye’s sometime … we like it a lot! I thought the same about the guy with the parrot … it surprised me that the officers let him get up and walk toward the house, not knowing what was coming. I’m so glad you got a smile from Jolly Monday … and I’m so sorry I forgot the milk! Perhaps it will miraculously turn up before Benjamin sees this 😉


    • Ummmmm … let me put on my thinking cap … ummmmmm … 🤔 … … … Hillary? 🤣 Yeah, and the best man was even more obviously a trumpeter!

      Glad you had fun with Jolly Monday! We all need to remember to laugh sometimes.

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  4. I know a few people who have got married without telling anyone – one couple on the spur of the moment when they were on holiday in the USA! We got married without any parents, because they were too far away – or that was their excuse! Anyway the two families never met each other except my aunt and uncle once met his brother…

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  5. Jill, I love the confident strutting by the woman with the “chicken” answer to Popeye’s favorite food. In fairness, the right answer was far from a unanimoud number 1 in the underlying poll, so she may not have been alone.

    As for the Bass Pro Shop wedding, the song says “there are too many fish in the sea,” but the right one is at Bass.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved the look on her face when she was told she was wrong ! I suppose you’re right, but the first one that came to my mind was spinach. But then, I am a Popeye the Sailor Man fan from way back when. 😉

      I think Bass should have given them a really nice wedding present, since they obviously gave Bass some free publicity!


  6. Again “they” won’t let me “like” this. But I do like this comment (regarding rapid advances in technology), especially:
    “Why can’t they just work on developing things like a cure for AIDS, or a way to help homeless people grow food in their refrigerator, or socks that never wear out, or light bulbs that never burn out, or headlights on cars that don’t blind the other drivers … something useful!” Something that will truly benefit people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The ol’ WP monster is at it again, eh? Yes, it seems like if people who invent dumb things like a pilot-less flying taxi would put their talents to more beneficial, practical inventions, the world might be a better place. Have a happy week, my friend!


  7. The Popeye chicken people obvioysly think they’re on to a good thing, thinking she’ll never be able to spend all those vouchers. If I was her I’d gather all the neighbours around for a community chicken feast just to show them!
    Thanks for keeping us amused on Mondays, Jill.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heh heh … I had the same thought … they could treat their family & friends once a month for likely the rest of their lives! Or … every week order several hundred dollars worth and take it to homeless shelters.
      ‘Tis my pleasure, Frank … I figure providing a few laughs is the least I can do, considering how much angst my posts provoke during the rest of the week. 😉


  8. Thank you for the BFG , I could only manage a half so I want to watch a fight for the other half or a piece of it. You’ve got hilarious stuff today. I like the woman who tells her husband he’s gonna die when you know it’s just because she won’t help him as prescribed.

    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re most welcome! I am sure somebody will eat the other half, otherwise I’ll stick it in the fridge for you to have tomorrow. I’m happy you found humour here today. Methinks that poor woman had been conspired against by the doc and her hubby!


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