A Bit Of Fun …

When you wake up even more tired than you were when you went to bed an hour before, it’s time to lighten things up a bit with some humour, don’t you think?  Dear friend Ellen, who knows me quite well by now, realized this morning that I was in need of a few laughs and she sent me a few video clips to watch.  I watched.  I laughed.  And now I want you, my friends, to laugh also.

The other one is not “embed-able”, but here is a link to the Trevor Noah clip

I hope you had at least a chuckle … you don’t want to forget how to use those smile muscles in your face … too much frowning leads to permanent scowl lines!

22 thoughts on “A Bit Of Fun …

  1. I am so pleased that you shared your smiles and laughter! They are much needed these days and will be even more so in the weeks ahead. As one tries to muddle through the muck that Trump leaves behind, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep smiling and maintain a sense of humor. My Father was a Civil War buff and had a deep admiration for Abraham Lincoln. I can still hear him reciting the Gettysburg Address from memory as we walked across the battlefield. But it was the stories he told about Lincoln during those walks that I enjoyed most. I first learned from my Father that Lincoln had frequent battles with periods of melancholy and relied on his sense of humor (bawdy at times) to pull himself from the depths of his despair. It was my Father who introduced me to Lincoln’s words : “I laugh because I must not weep – that’s all, that’s all.” And so must we! Thank-you!

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    • And I thank you for sending me these bits of humour, for I become so engrossed in staying on top of and interpreting the news of the day that I rarely take the time to go in search of humour anymore. Your father and my friend Herb would have gotten on famously, for Herb lived in Gettysburg until just a few years ago and owned a Civil War shop for many years, selling artifacts and memorabilia. Thanks again, my friend … I love the Lincoln quote — so true!


    • I’m not surprised by that … I couldn’t find an embed-able one of Trevor Noah’s either. Sorry … I think they wait a couple of weeks before putting them on YouTube, by which time it’s old news. Glad you enjoyed the Colbert ones, though!


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