Blame It On Nancy

I stumbled upon this last night, and thought you might find some wisdom and humour from it.



Yesterday, A Canadian CEO blamed Donald Trump for the lives lost by Iran shooting down the Ukrainian airliner.

Iran was responding to the United States killing its top general while he was on his way to the airport in Baghdad. The general was killed after Donald Trump ordered his assassination. The CEO, Michael McCain, chief executive of Canadian food packaging company Maple Leaf Foods, says one of his colleagues lost his wife and 11-year-old son when the airliner was shot down.

Iran has taken responsibility for shooting down the plane a few hours after shooting rockets at bases in Iraq where American troops where stationed. Iran’s attack was a response to Trump’s ordered hit.

McCain, who’s probably going to incur Republican wrath for his last name alone, lashed out on Trump through Twitter, and not just his private account, but his company’s. He said the 57 Canadians killed in this…

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28 thoughts on “Blame It On Nancy

      • Hello Jill. Sorry I disagree. We need to call out the deplorables and we need our elected leaders to do so also. She did not mischaracterize them, they are deplorable and they are proud of it. I reject the notion we must always appease the worst among us. I sat through a class in my twenties that taught people rise or fall to the standards of the people they chose to be around. Choose higher standard people and your own standards will improve, or choose to be around people with lower standards and your will drop to their level. I have seen this work. Heck it is working in our country and around the world right in front of us. We need people willing to say VVV is not acceptable and we will call you out one it, now more than ever. I feel the people Hillary were talking about are deplorable and they should be told they are. Hugs

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        • Well, Scottie, while I understand what you are saying, I do have to respectfully disagree, on two levels. First, the name-calling was divisive and unprofessional, and I suspect Hillary regretted the words shortly after saying them. Name-calling just doesn’t accomplish anything. Now, if it’s you or I, we can do it and maybe it helps us get out some of our angst. But we aren’t running for president, we aren’t public personas who are held to a higher standard of accountability. The second thing is that between that and Jim Comey’s ‘October Surprise’, it probably cost her the election. I know of people who, while not fond of Hillary, were planning to vote for her nonetheless, but changed their minds solely on the basis of that comment. Is that right? Maybe not, but the reality is she lowered herself to the level of the scrappers at that point, rather than holding herself to that higher standard. There is a way to make a point without name-calling, as Keith often reminds me. I agree with you that we need people to call out rhetoric and behaviour that is unacceptable, but it can be done without the name-calling. Hugs!

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  1. By assassinating the Iranian general without congressional approval, Trump is now officially a terrorist and war criminal. Typical neocon tactic, do the exact thing you claim your enemy will do, and blame it on them! Unreal.
    Now Ms Pelosi has add’l articles of impeachment to submit while the trial heads to the senate. I can only hope both parties set aside their partisanship and do the right thing.

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  2. Not in anyone’s defence, but the plane took off an hour late. Some triggerhappy underling, or some power-drunk general, probably saw it as an big anomaly that was not supposed to be there. No matter what or why, Trmp put the region on nerve ends. We should probably be glad only one civilian plane was blown up. I am only looking at facts, not blame.

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    • Hello rawgod. Yes I agree. Hannity, the State Propaganda TV host tRump is most enamored with proclaimed that night that planes were on the way to attack Iran. WTF. How would we expect anyone to react knowing that and seeing an unexpected blip on the radar coming into a sensitive military site? This is totally on the US and the State Propaganda TV. Hugs

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  3. I’ve now heard there was some time between the first missile fired at the plane and a second missile. That sounds to me as though it wasn’t a mistake but done deliberately. I haven’t yet heard why that would have happened. —- Suzanne

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      • Hello Jill and patriciaruthsusan. From my research with very spotty sources I find the first missile totally missed the craft, the second missile exploded in front of the craft which put all the shrapnel into the airplane and caused it to then explode and crash. That is the best scenario I can find on line for what happened. The evidence is the reports that the parts of the outer skin were perforated with lots of holes. I can not find a source that states or shows either missile launched actually hitting the plane, not that the end result would have been different. This could be wrong but it is what I could find. Hugs

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        • Thanks, Scottie! I hadn’t read that. As you say, the bottom line is it doesn’t much matter. The 176 people are still dead, either way, and Iran has accepted the responsibility. I will always hold Trump accountable, for had he not had General Soleimani assassinated, none of it would have happened. But that, too, is water over the dam. Sigh. Hugs

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  4. It says more or ;less what we;’ve said since it happened except they didn’t mention the Nuclear Agreement being reinstated under Trump’s name rather than President Obama’s. Trump wants successes in his name more than anything else.

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  5. Hello Jill. My understanding is that Hannity on his program that night had mentioned that planes were on their way to Iran to avenge / respond to the Iranian missiles attack. Hard to blame Iran for being worried about a counter attack after the US assassinated their second in command. How would the US react if a country took out Mike Pence on UK territory? Hugs

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