Discord & Dissension – Part II – “How did we get here? – Part 2”

We proudly present the second part of this week’s ‘Discord and Dissension’ project … please feel free to comment and make any suggestions you may have … we want this project to make a difference! Thanks to all of you!

On The Fence Voters

Note to readers: This week’s post on our ‘Discord and Dissension’ project ended up being too long for a single post, and so it will be presented in two parts. The first part was presented earlier this morning, which you can read here. The following post is the second part. 

Bush v. Gore

The 2000 election was extremely close. In the end, it came down to the state of Florida. George W. Bush had a lead of only 500 votes over Al Gore, and a recount ensued. It was during this period where the partisan divide between the two parties was on full display. One of the closest and most contentious elections was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court when they settled in a 5-4 decision to halt the recount—a split decision which also reflected the conservative versus liberal ideological makeup of the court.

The fact that Al Gore ultimately…

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16 thoughts on “Discord & Dissension – Part II – “How did we get here? – Part 2”

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  2. Yes my blood is fizzing and I’m miles away. The worry is that it’s playing out the same way as the UK. Someone who just can’t win – wins. His fan base is solid. He just needs to erode, remove or disillusion the other voters. Watching the Democrats is like watching our Opposition. Fighting amongst each other and forgetting they have a common enemy. They seem to think that he’s that bad he can’t win. Well look at the UK and urgently think again.

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    • Yes, that is my fear, too. The only absolute certain way to make sure he doesn’t win is his death, for which I continue to hope … first time in my 68 years I’ve wished death on somebody. But, even if that happens, it doesn’t solve the problem anymore than it would solve the problem on your side of the pond, for the people who wanted this change would still exist, and they would be even more determined to topple the existing order … or what remains of it. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, I will comment on Jeff’s post once I am logged in later. This is an excellent summary. A couple of added thoughts:
    – the Bush election gave us Dick Cheney who knew how to game the system. One of Cheney’s worst offenses was to insert language in the 2005 Energy Act that frackers need not comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act or the Clean Air Act. Wny you might ask?

    – it still amazes me how a non-soldier could successfully condemn a soldier who won a medal named John Kerry. The term “swift boating” now means to gaslight a public perception that is not based on truth.

    – Finally, we should not forget Bush’s henchman sabotaged John McCain’s candidacy in SC after he had momentum in the 2000 primaries. They lied and said he fathered a black child out of wedlock. The truth – the McCains adopted a Hindu girl.


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