A Few Mini-Rants …

I am growling today.  Every headline I read raises my hackles and makes me wish I had never heard of the United States, let alone have to live here.  Typically, I blame 90% of it on Donald Trump, and certainly he deserves the lion share, but I also have to blame the blind 40% of this nation that still … STILL … after the corruption, the childish temper tantrums, the shredding of the Constitution and the ill will he’s brought from our allies … they STILL effing love him!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Ditch the veggies – give the kids burgers instead!

Donald Trump’s main mission in life, it would seem, is to attempt to erase President Obama from the annals of history.  It must be miserable to be so jealous of one man.  Granted, Obama was far wiser, much better looking, had integrity, dignity, spoke well, and had a genuinely beautiful family … all those things that Trump lacks.  But, his envy is costing us in so many ways.  First, there was the rollback of all the environmental regulations that had been put in place during Obama’s tenure to try to do our part to combat climate change.  Then, there was the rollback of law enforcement oversight to try to better screen and train law enforcement officers as we hoped to reduce the tragic shootings by police of unarmed black men.  Then there was the utterly ludicrous pulling out of the Paris Accords and the terrible decision to leave our allies holding the bag on the Iran nuclear deal.  And all for one reason and one reason only:  because he is jealous of President Obama.  But this latest …

You may remember that Michelle Obama’s key initiative during her time as First Lady was fighting childhood obesity and providing better nutrition in school meals.  A worthy endeavour, indeed.  Well, that’s the latest thing being rolled back.  Yes, pick your jaws up off the floor, but the USDA Deputy Under Secretary Brandon Lipps proposed new rules for the Food and Nutrition Service that would allow schools to cut the amount of vegetables and fruits required at lunch and breakfasts while giving them license to sell more pizza, burgers and fries to students.

Why, you ask?  Well, the gobblety-gook explanation Mr. Lipps gave was something about having to provide students with two bananas to meet dietary guidelines.  Okay … sooooo … bananas are cheap … what’s the problem?  Well, the real problem is that it was under Obama that we began taking school nutrition seriously, and both Obamas were instrumental in providing more healthy foods and less fat to kids in school.  Can’t have that now, can we.

Another likely reason is the potato lobby that has been pushing for this change, and that the potato industry was behind a change that happened quietly last March making it easier to substitute potatoes for some fruit in weekly breakfast menus.  Once again, corporate profit over the well-being of people.  Sigh.

Senator Martha McSally, bitch extraordinaire

The incident in and of itself was bad enough.  A CNN reporter, Manu Raju, asked Senator McSally a legitimate question …

Raju: Senator McSally, should the Senate consider new evidence as part of the impeachment trial?

McSally: You’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.

Raju: You’re not going to comment, Senator?

McSally: You’re a liberal hack, buddy.

Whoa!  McSally is quite a step down from her predecessor, the late Senator John McCain.  McCain once interjected when, at a campaign event while he was running against Barack Obama, a fan was being critical of Obama, calling him an “Arab” among other things.  McCain did not let the woman finish, but took the microphone from her and said, “No, ma’am. He’s a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that’s what this campaign issue is all about.”  And here is his successor calling a reporter a ‘liberal hack’ simply because he asked a very valid question.  Yes, that would have been bad enough, but …

McSally was so proud of her behaviour that she put a video of the incident on Twitter.  And, McSally’s re-election campaign is already using the incident as a fund-raising tool!


Now, McSally faces re-election later this year, as she was only appointed to finish the term vacated by reason of John McCain’s death.  She ran for the other Senate seat from Arizona in 2018, but lost to Kyrsten Sinema.  And, she wasn’t even Governor Doug Ducey’s first choice to fill McCain’s seat … he initially chose Jon Kyl, but Kyl resigned due to health concerns.  With such low values as she has shown, I don’t care if it’s Moe from the Three Stooges running against her, I hope she loses big-time.  Where is the decency in politics today???  Oh … I guess she’s just following this example …Trump-mocking-reporter

A great bunch of people … NOT!

Yesterday, Trump announced that Alan Dershowitz; Ken Starr, the independent counsel during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial; former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi; as well as  Robert Ray, who succeeded Starr at the Office of the Independent Counsel during the Clinton administration; and Jane Raskin, who helped defend Trump during the Mueller probe, would join White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow in defending the president on the Senate floor.

I don’t know much about some of them, but let me share with you what I do know.  For one thing, Dershowitz, Starr, and Ray have made roughly 300 appearances on Fox News in the past year, which should tell you something about their integrity right there.

Ken Starr was named the 14th president of Baylor University in Waco in 2010 and chancellor in 2013. After the mishandling of campus sexual assault allegations, he was ousted as president in 2016 and resigned as chancellor and law professor shortly after, cutting all ties with the university.

Alan Dershowitz defended Trump’s ol’ buddy Jeffrey Epstein in his sex abuse cases, and was himself accused by no less than three women.

Pam Bondi was Florida State Attorney General back in 2013 when her office was investigating the now-defunct Trump University on charges of fraud.  Donald Trump wrote a check for $25,000 to Bondi’s re-election campaign and suddenly there was no longer an investigation.

So, Trump has a fine, upstanding legal team.  Doesn’t matter, does it, since the jury reached their decision before there was even a case to try.  Welcome to the tinpot dictatorship of America.

I shall now retire to my dark tower to growl in private and practice howling at the moon.  Have a fine weekend, if you can.

39 thoughts on “A Few Mini-Rants …

  1. Unbelievable isn’t it? Our President is a bad example for our children. That business about school lunches is terrible. He might not see anything wrong because he eats like that. Nothing he does should shock us anymore. I don’t watch the impeachment because I know how it’s going to end. All that’s left for us is to all get out and vote. He’s embedded like a tick on a dog. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • The one thing we must not do is become complacent, become inured to the atrocities … we cannot let this become the new “normal”. We must keep our eye on the ball, keep calling out his ridiculousness, his abominable actions and rhetoric, keep people on their toes. Otherwise, we will lose this battle for human rights.

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    • I will have to do some research into this, Mary, but as it stands now, the electors are free to vote differently than the district … that was the whole purpose of the electoral college, so that if the people voted for a real jerk (gee, ya think?) the electors could override the vote. I’ll see what I can find and get back to you. Thanks for the tip!

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  2. Not much to say really. MAGA world is so terrible for the planet that I don’t consider it to be of importance to humanity any longer. The rest of the world would do well to try and get along without MAGA world… I cannot call your country by its official name as it has been hijacked by zealots intent on destroying everything to keep a few rich people, rich!

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    • I agree, Colette. I know I’ll vote even if it’s rigged and all the Bernie people don’t vote, so then will it even matter?

      If I was young, I’d leave the country…probably New Zealand or the Scandinavian countries ( but they’re too cold for me).

      I worry that this ultra right conservatism is spreading, though, to other parts of the world..I see that in other news. South America is definitely prone. And parts of Asia.

      It’s like the world is entering a return to the dark ages and the US is leading the way with trump. We have elected a mad king of old, from the medieval times.

      People are really burnt out on this. I see it in my friends who are tired of even talking about it much anymore, because everyday it’s some new atrocity from him.

      How can 40% of the citizens be like this! I know Fox has great influence and religion, but this much?

      My consultation is that I’m old and I have no children or grandchildren to worry about. But I’m not too old to see the horrible times coming if he is re -elected. But I won’t live long enough to see if there is any turn around, if that even occurs.

      And I agree, the rest of the world should just tune us out..let us go and hope they don’t get infected as well…
      Or we start WWIII

      Ok enough of my ramblings…

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      • Hi Mary, sad but understandable. Bernie Sanders’ supporters are protesting a rigged system by withholding their votes. Last year it was the DNC’s shady superdelegates who are actually party insiders of each state’s delegation pre-announced in 2016 that they will vote for Hillary, essentially knocking Bernie out of the primaries.
        This year the DNC colluded with CNN as shown during the last debate, CNN debate moderator implied that Bernie is a sexist and proclaimed a rumour as fact that Bernie stated women can never be President. Many reporters from the mainstream media called out the bias and Liz Warren was deemed liar and a cheat.
        It’s very disheartening that the Democratic party will do anything to please their big money donors and find a way to eliminate Bernie. The American public see thru these obvious ploys of manipulation and hence faith & trust are lost.
        The lesson is – no party can deny the will of the ppl forever without suffering our wrath. Sadly I see Trump getting re-elected b/c of DNC’s bias against Bernie & fair elections.

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    • Ah, but the importance of it lies in its very threat to life on planet Earth. We could get along just fine without the trumpeters, but they aren’t going to just go away, and it’s not allowed to just do away with them, so we have to find ways to compromise, to live with them. But, you know all that. Hugs, my friend!

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  3. Senator McSally surprised me, very unprofessional as a servant for the ppl. Prior to Trump this sort of behavior would be scandalous and she would be out the following term. Now it’s all topsy turvy, she’ll probably win?!
    Why would anyone rollback nutritional guidelines, that is so wrong! As if childhood obesity isn’t bad enough in this country. This is ludicrous and ass-backwards, jeez! Potatoes and other starchy grains should be eaten sparingly, more fresh fruits and raw veggies are the key to vibrant mental & physical health. Now i understand why, Trump wants his electorate to be fat, ignorant, addled minded just like him. Otherwise who in their right mind who vote for him? Sigh

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    • I could be wrong, but I don’t look for McSally to win this November. She wasn’t all that popular in Arizona to begin with, and she’s surely not earning any brownie points in Washington. Her comment was rude and arrogant, but beyond that, it denigrates the very Constitution she took an oath to uphold, and the right to a Free Press. Yes, it was unconscionable and really ignorant to reduce the nutrition of school lunches. If I had a kid in school, I would start preparing his lunch at home. Heck, a peanut butter sandwich would be more nutritious than some of the crap they dish out.


  4. When McSally called Raju “a liberal hack,” I wish Raju would’ve replied, “Is that worse than a right-wing hack?”
    Why should reporters like Raju have to ignore being insulted just because they’re supposed to be professionals? It’s time to stop letting right-wing bullies (including Trump) get away attacking the media with impunity..

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    • Well, your comeback is a good one, but Raju held himself to a higher standard, showed himself to be the more professional of the two, and I applaud him for that. To the bigger point, though, these politicians … and McSally is far from being the first … who treat the press in this manner are subtly eroding the First Amendment right to Freedom of the Press, and that is concerning.

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  5. I understand your growls dear, hugs! My husband has to work with people who are vocal Trump supporters and its hard at times!
    If you need a smile, read my post when you have a chance, its about Dragons, yes I retreated into the fantasy world again, inspired by Ellen and sweet Benjamin 🙂

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    • My daughter works with a bunch of them, too … I don’t know how she does it. It’s good that I’m retired, because if I had to listen to it day in and day out, I’d likely be in jail now! Yes, I’m planning to pop over in just a few minutes, as soon as I finish answering comments! Looking forward to it!

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  6. Jill, good growls. I posted an email on McSally’s website asking her to be among our better angels. Like with Rep. Gosar’s posting of a doctored photo and belittling a reporter, what McSally did was poor form. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! I posted on McSally’s Twitter post that as a senator, it is her job to protect the First Amendment right to Freedom of the Press, not to denigrate reporters just doing their job. I bet if it had been a Fox News reporter she wouldn’t have brushed him off like that.


      • Jill, check out my current post when a leader, in this case a baseball coach, admonishes a player for racism. It serves as a metaphor for what all leaders (and we) must do to confront poor behavior. When people in leadership fail to be among our better angels, it is even worse. Keith

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        • I did check it out and liked that story very much … the coach taught that young man a lesson … hopefully one he learned and will remember for his entire life. And then, I turned to Hugh’s most recent post (I’m behind again) and read another baseball story about the cheating … in major leagues … where players are under multi-million dollar contracts … to cheat! Sigh.


  7. Ugh, the WordPress algorithms sure got the ‘More on WordPress.com’ wrong.

    I saw the picture of Obama below and followed the link to a blog called Truth2Freedom only to find it’s a maga site. Worse, the post about ‘Judge Jeanine’ accuses Obama of master minding the hate against Trump…even before he was elected. So…everything you write, and I write, about the monster in the White House, that’s all been engineered by Obama and his cronies.

    Apparently real Americans know that Trump is loved and that all the bad press is just a…conspiracy against him. Is this what Fox viewers are all told? This is brainwashing…

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    • Ha ha … that’s why I never bother with those things! Every now and then one will catch my eye, but for the most part I’ve found them to be pretty useless. So, Obama is masterminding the hatred against Trump, eh? Well, I suppose one could make the argument that it is the contrast between Obama’s grace, dignity and intellect that makes Trump’s clumsy, slovenly stupidity stand out even more! 😉 Yes, it’s those “real Americans” who know it all. I have actually been told no less than 3 times to “get the hell out of the country”, and have received a couple of death threats. Welcome to the good ol’ U.S. of A. Sigh.

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  8. That man is so pathetic, it defies belief. School lunches now? I guess the overweight, undereducated fans of his ‘base’ probably think they’ve won a battle against the Care Bears. Freedom to eat and die as they please…

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    • You’ve just about hit that nail squarely on the head, my friend. I’ve actually heard people say that it’s their right if they want to be fat, and they’re not going to deprive their kids. And … look at Trump … over 300 pounds of wobblebelly, so what does he care? Sigh.

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  9. All worthy of your loud growling Jill! Please wish me luck today. I will be attending a birthday dinner later this evening. I’m being led to believe it will be well attended by some Trumpers. My hope is that politics will NOT come up. If it does, however, biting my lip may not be an option, even though my better half advised me to please do so. I wonder if I could just growl and howl at them, instead of debate them? UGHHH!! Nevertheless…..if you feel the earth move, you know why!

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    • I understand. You hear to avoid toxic people as you get older and I so agree. I literally cannot be around trump supporters, as I feel the fight or flight syndrome kick in. I can be around them casually, if need be, for a short time, but I dread politics coming up. I know how I feel and why, but I’m not good at confrontations and expressing myself in person.
      I could never be close friends, at this point, with a trump supporter, as to me it says more about them than trump himself. Fortunately my friends and the few family I have left are not.

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      • I fully agree when you say “it says more about them than trump himself”. In my book, the only people who, at this point, can still support Trump are the bigots, the gun nuts, and the holier-than-thou crowd … none of who I have common ground with. I’ve lost probably half my friends and relatives over this. It once bothered me, but now I just shrug my shoulders.

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      • I hear you Mary. Just an update….Politics didn’t come up and I had a nice time! It’s sad that I had to mentally prepare myself for the worst though. That’s where we are in this upside down world of Trumpistan though!

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    • Thanks Jeff! Oh you poor man!!! I do NOT envy you one bit! I couldn’t do it … I would feign a headache, or perhaps even a heart attack. I would jump off a roof and break my bloomin’ neck before I would attend a gathering of outspoken Trumpeters! Your wife must surely realize that she has asked the impossible of you? It’s a bit late … well, with the time difference, you’re probably still at the party … but for what it’s worth, best of luck to you! Shall I send ‘thoughts and prayers’? 😉

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