2nd Amendment Run Amok

You’ve most likely heard about the big gun rally planned at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond on Monday, but perhaps you don’t know all the who, why, and what-for of it.


You mean, apart from the fact that a handful of gun nuts care more about their right to own an arsenal than they care about their own children?  Well, pull up a chair, my friends.  After the 2018 elections when both chambers of the Virginia legislature flipped from a republican majority to a democratic one, one of the priorities was to pass some meaningful gun legislation.  Now, it wasn’t as if they were banning assault weapons, or taking away people’s guns.  The proposed legislation has only three parts:

Two things should be noted … First, 80% of the people in this country support gun regulations such as these, and Second, these are only common-sense measures … nothing that requires gun owners to give up their currently-owned guns, nothing that stops people from buying guns … simple, common-sense measures that might actually save a few lives.

But …

A group calling themselves ‘Virginia Citizen’s Defense League’, a misnomer if ever I’ve heard one, has taken umbrage.  And thus, they are planning a rally at the State Capitol that has attracted the riff-raff and gun-toting scum in and outside of the state.  The rally has drawn the attention of militia groups from as far away as Nevada and Oklahoma, including those tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

Others vowing to attend include individuals associated with the Light Foot Militia, some of whom were banned from Charlottesville after the “Unite the Right” rally in 2017, which ended in the death of a counterprotester. Richard B. Spencer, a prominent white nationalist who is among 24 defendants in a lawsuit over the rally in Charlottesville, also said he might attend.

So far, Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam has declared a ‘state of emergency’ and banned guns from the capitol building and grounds, and the FBI has arrested three neo-Nazis linked to the ‘Base’, a group that aims to create a white ethnostate.  Chatter picked up on Facebook and in chat rooms by the FBI indicates that various extremist organizations are calling Monday’s rally the “boogaloo.” In the lexicon of white supremacists, that is an event that will accelerate the race war they have anticipated for decades.

These people, folks, do NOT represent the population of the United States.  They are an extreme minority, and yet …

“They are fanning the flames for this event.  They want chaos.”

The three bills will almost certainly pass the legislature, and Governor Northam has already promised to sign them into law, and yet these gun-loving people (and I use the term ‘people’ loosely here) are determined to bring chaos into the capitol.  If I had to guess, I would guess there will be violence and there will be injuries, if not deaths.

Let me quote for you the text, word for word, of that 2nd Amendment they so love …

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Twenty-seven words.  Nowhere does it say that every household should have the right to own a gun.  Nowhere does it say that people have the right to own high-powered, automatic weapons that can mow down hundreds within minutes.  Nowhere does it say that people have a right to keep an arsenal in their garages.  The framers’ language was vague, but their intent was not.  Their intent was not for John Doe to have the right to carry a gun into the grocery store and start shooting, nor for a family in the suburbs to keep a loaded pistol in their home.  People have so broadly interpreted this that any law that has the word “firearm” in it automatically riles the gun-lovers.  If I were given the task of making revisions to update the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the electoral college would be on the chopping block.

Now, to add insult to injury, the fool that sits in the Oval Office felt a need to ring in on the subject.  Now, as president, he might have used his office to call for calm, to call for the rally to be canceled, or to urge people to keep the protest peaceful, right?  But noooooo … he tweeted …

“Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

This from the so-called “president” of a nation of 330 million people.  Keep your eye on Virginia tomorrow, my friends, because this may well be a harbinger of things to come.

49 thoughts on “2nd Amendment Run Amok

  1. Ive never understood the obsessive objection to basic gun reform laws. No one has ever said that the democrats want to take people’s guns away, god forbid. Although they screamed it all through Obama’s presidency.
    It’s simple background checks and control over felons involved in violent crimes owning them and some mental illness situations. And perhaps liability for owners allowing their children easy access, as not everyone is responsible.

    My god, if one person is saved from death and trauma for the family, isn’t a little gun control logical.

    And the stupid logic that it’s people who kill, not guns..well no sh- -. And that’s precisely why we need some sensible gun control because there are mean and hateful idiots out there that would thinking nothing of killing you or your child for a lark.

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    • The majority (80% or so) in this country are in favour of basic gun laws, and even an assault weapon ban. But … the NRA fires up the extremists by telling them that this is only the first step, that “they” are coming for your guns, that “they” will take over this nation, blah, blah, blah … People are fools, and the NRA knows how to play on that, plus they have half the members of Congress in their pockets. There is a contingent of people in this country who truly value their guns more than their children.

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      • Yes I forgot ban on assault weapons, which they need to do too.
        This love of guns here is a sickness tied to conspiracy theories against the government, unless it’s trump, of course.

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        • I’m happy to report that there was no violence at the Virginia rally that I know of. I’ve listened to some live stream videos and not one gun nut killed anyone. Isn’t that great news?

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          • Hello Scott. There was harm done though. The harm of the fear regular people felt that violence might erupt. The harm of anxiety and fear from so many mass shootings in our country by someone with one of these types guns. Harm due to the information that a white supremacist nationalist group planned to come to the rally and shoot people but were stopped by the FBI. Harmed by the question “is there more of this group the FBI missed”? So yes no person got killed which is a great thing, but the emotional health of the country took a heck of a hit. Hugs

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            • Well said … I hadn’t even thought about some of that, but you’re right … there was certainly an implied threat. And, while we dodged the bullet this time, what about next time and the time after? Hugs!

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        • saw this on twitter and I couldn’t resist posting it. There is probably some truth to this actually, a rare thing for twitter but it happens once in a while.

          “Statistically, a gun is much less likely to be used in a crime than a Senator, Congressman or Presidential candidate.”

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          • Well that’s true. A gun does short term immediate physical damage and longer term for the families involved and only involves small numbers.

            But senators or presidential crime is a long term effect that can roll down through generations and have years of residual harm to many people and the very planet we live on.

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  2. Hello Jill. Grand post, I love the passion you write with. I looked up the District of Columbia v. Heller case. It seems this is the case that the SCOTUS used to screw all of us who want to live without the threat of dying by bullet.

    a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, unconnected with service in a militia, for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home, and that the District of Columbia’s handgun ban and requirement that lawfully owned rifles and shotguns be kept “unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock” violated this guarantee.[1] It also stated that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and that guns and gun ownership would continue to be regulated. It was the first Supreme Court case to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense or if the right was intended for state militias.

    I have read that many of the white nationalist racists groups still say they will bring their guns, in their minds hopeful a race war will start. Why is it they automatically go to the idea of a race war? This was about gun regulations, not race? I worry that this country has become far too accepting of gun violence and the idea the NRA pushed that nothing can be done about it so everyone should arm themselves for protection. We are becoming one of those dysfunctional third world gang run violence torn countries like the central American nations or the ones in Africa. Hugs

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    • Thank you, Scottie!!! And thanks for the info on the Heller case. What I’m hoping is that sooner or later, the families of one of these school shootings are going to file a class action suit that makes its way to the Supreme Court and then Heller could be overturned. I truly fear there will be violence tomorrow. The governor has banned even sticks, poles, torches … anything that can be a potential weapon, but let’s face it, the police cannot frisk the thousands of people that are expected to show up, and I’d bet money that some weapons will get through. I hope I’m wrong. Why, you ask, do they keep talking about a race war? Because close to half this nation are arrogant jackasses who believe, somehow, that their pale skin makes them superior, believe that people of colour are what’s wrong with this world. Okay, maybe not half the nation, but there certainly is enough bigotry in all its forms that our very lives are on the line every time we step out of our house. You’re right … this nation is on the path to becoming a tinpot dictatorship, no better than any third world country. Sigh. I take no pride in being a citizen of this country. Hugs, dear friend.

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  3. I am so sick and tired of the mainstream media and progressives demonizing gun owners when we all know that it is the evil in men’s hearts that causes them to kill other people and not some inanimate object. Why the hell is this so hard for people to understand? What is so difficult about acknowledging and recognizing that the person is responsible for the crime? This is not rocket science.
    by the way, I have read that bus loads of antifa thugs are going to show up to this rally dressed wearing maga hats and NRA gear to give the appearance that it is the gun owners who will be the ones starting violence. antifa has done this kind of reprehensible shit before so tell me again, who are the deplorables in this country?

    Yes, background checks are necessary, I don’t want some maniac owning a gun who doesn’t have the mental capacity to be able to utilize it correctly but limiting gun purchases to once a month is a bit draconian.

    I’ve also read that 91 out of 95 counties in Virginia don’t support this legislation.

    If I were in charge of the constitution, the 16th amendment would be the first on the chopping block for me.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I mostly don’t respond to these antigun posts but I had to say something about this one.

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    • Hello sklawlor. It is not the demonizing of all gun owners that is happening, just the pointing out the violent aims of some groups the news has pointed out want to come and while there hoping there will be a mass shooting they can be involved in. The truth is the easy availability of guns is a huge problem in the US. All countries have the same rates of mental illness, video games , and violent movies that some like to claim causes mass shooting, but only in countries with easy access to firearms do these mass shootings take place regularly. The point is someone can attempt to harm a group of people without a gun, but it fails quickly, with much fewer casualties. Hugs

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      • Hello sklawlor. I also want to mention the Democrats ran on imposing gun control laws, and they got the majority of the votes, so this is something the majority of the state want. Hugs

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      • the correlation that some like to make between violent video games and shootings has been refuted so many times over the years and still, it’s a wonder that people continue to believe this silliness.

        Now I do believe that a good guy with a gun has a much better chance of stopping a bad guy with a gun, a premise that will no doubt be met with much disdain by a lot of people but if you think about it logically, in the right hands and with the right mindset and proper training, the gun becomes an equalizer when necessary. If someone came up to you or your family with the intent on doing harm and that person had a gun and you didn’t, how would you protect yourself from such malicious intent? The answer is you probably couldn’t.

        Sure it doesn’t happen as much as people who are in the business of selling guns would have you believe but it does occur and the people who have guns to defend themselves against someone with a gun are in a much better position to save themselves from such a reprehensible individual.

        I would be happy to be told I’m wrong on any of my points if such an argument can be made from logic and rationality.

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        • Hello sklawlor. Yes a person well trained, who keeps up with their training, who is in good health can use a firearm to stop a bad situation. It happened recently in a church shooting. A shooter went to shoot up a church, shot two people and was in turn shot and stopped by a former FBI agent, a trained Law enforcement professional. But most of the time a good person with a gun is either not in a situation to use their weapon or is a bigger danger themselves due to lack of training and the thinking they are John Wayne with adrenaline spiking through their system. One problem a person has to ask themselves is when the police show up to an active shooter scene will they be thought of as the shooter and targeted. There are far too many news reports of these harmful attempts to help than the few and far between ones where a shooter is stopped by a “good guy with a gun”. Hugs

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    • Now Scott … my post plainly DID NOT demonize gun owners. It called out gun nuts, those who value their guns more than the lives of their own children, those who would fight for their guns before they would for civil rights or even human or animal rights. They are obsessive, and yes, I call them out. The reality is, and I believe I mentioned, that 80% of this country INCLUDING gun owners want better gun control. This event was scheduled purposely on Martin Luther King Day to draw the white supremacists in to help increase the numbers of the gun nuts holding their rally.

      Now, about that 16th amendment you’d like to abolish? Then where, my friend, do you think the funding for schools, highways, hospitals, and more would come from? Hugs.

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  4. Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam has declared a ‘state of emergency’ and banned guns from the capitol building and grounds.

    Now why would anyone ban guns if they aren’t dangerous? Hmmmm?

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  5. Over the years American TV has taught me all about The Cheesecake Factory, The Big Bang Theory and that Leonard gets the girl. It also taught me about Comic-con and Trekkie-con but never in all my years of watching did I realise that you could accept a killu-con in the face of all the mass shootings in the USA just during the last 12 months alone. This really is rubbing the faces of the survivors and the families of those mourning losses in it. Is there no sensitivity anymore, Do people there really prefer to show they have the right and the means to create carnage rather than just quietly make sure their death dealers are safely under lock and key where no-one can touch them and misuse them. Given that we hear how many people, gun owners included, feel it’s time for safety measures to be put in place that’s what Monday should be about and your Head Honcho should be wearing the white stetson trying to protect the majority instead of acting like an adolescent school boy coming down on the side of the black hats and tweeting messages he knows will stir up trouble.

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    • I’m always amazed at how much better some of you who live outside the U.S. understand what is happening here, how much more clearly you see the ridiculousness of our gun culture than people who live here. You are right … this is a slap in the face to the survivors and families of the mass shootings, school shootings, and even those who lost a loved one due to a gun-related suicide. There is, in this culture, almost a worship of firearms. That saying from the old Pogo cartoons by Walt Kelly comes to mind: “We have met the enemy, and they are us.” And as if it weren’t all bad enough, the so-called president weighs in on the side of the perpetrators of violence, almost inciting them to violence. Sigh.

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  6. So glad you brought this up Jill. I saw that tweet yesterday. Anger is not a strong enough word, in my view. The fact this guy could win again makes me sick to my stomach. You’re right, a call for calm is what any other president would have done. We’re so passed the point of normalcy. We really are in the fight for our lives with this idiot.
    But, on a positive note. You see what can happen when you have Dems in charge of statehouses. Things like sensible gun legislation and Medicaid expansion seem to get done don’t they? It’s why flipping the Senate, as well as removing Trump, is so important. Change CAN happen Jill. Good to see the Virginia legislature and Governor stepping up to the plate!

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    • I truly believe that you’re right, that this is a fight for our lives as we know them, but when I say that, I am accused of being a ‘drama queen’, told to ‘get over myself’. The people of this country, or some 40% of them anyway, are as much a part of the problem as Trump & Co, I think. And no doubt there were some who applauded his tweet. Those of us who hate the path this nation is taking, have become “the enemy” in the eyes of Trump and his supporters. Bah humbug. But yes, I am pleased to see the Virginia legislature and Gov. Northam stepping up to the plate and I hope they don’t cave to the pressure of the loons tomorrow.

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  7. Thank you for sharing!.. there is an element of worlds societies that are closed minded, self entered, care about no one else but themselves and found their “comfort zone” and refuse change.. unfortunately today’s technology as given them a voice.. Trump is not going to do anything to upset his “fan base” and will tell them what they wish to hear irregardless of the consequences… 🙂

    They should take some advice from Mark Twain; “Sometimes it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and appear stupid, rather than open it and remove all doubt” ( Mark Twain )

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    • My pleasure, Dutch! Yes, I cannot understand the mentality of those who can tune out the pain and suffering of others, who would rather add to their own wealth and comfort than to help another. But I do acknowledge that there is what seems to be a growing contingent of such people, and in this country, they support the madman at the helm of the ship that’s headed for a very big iceberg. Or, perhaps that’s why he is reversing environmental regulations … to increase global warming and melt all the icebergs!

      I have always loved that Mark Twain quote, and it is certainly apt here.

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    • It is … and made even scarier by the planned attendance of so many white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, making me think there was no coincidence in the choice of the date … Martin Luther King Day.

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      • As for how the schools and roads would be funded without a draconian IRS, voluntary contributions. You’d be surprised how many people would be willing to contribute towards projects for the common good if they’re given the choice and it’s not mandated by the government. Just look at how much money is raised on sites like Kickstarter, go fund me, etc., for projects that aren’t necessary for the good of the whole.

        How willing would people be to pay for roads and schools they would use if they voluntarily funded them?

        billionaires need roads too, they just don’t magically fly through the air on broomsticks.

        Think about it.


    • Yes, it is what he did in 2016 also. It seems to be a favoured tactic of strong-arm dictators and wanna-be dictators. Remember that saying that has been used by politicians for centuries: “United we stand, divided we fall”? It’s pretty much true, and it seems that neither Boris nor Donnie much care whether we can still stand by the time they leave office.

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  8. Trump would have been wise to just keep his moth shut, as in, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” But he never has anything peaceful (nice) to say, and he can never say nothing al all. He wants the race war to happen, because he knows his cowardly scaredy-cat gun owners will have way more firepower than those who do not want a race war. That is why he is still alive today; had he been a democrat he would have been shot down long ago.
    What is going to happen tomorrow I do not know, but I hope Trump will be there, and if guns do go off, I hope one of them is pointed at him!

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    • Your first sentence says it all “Trump would have been wise …” for we all know that one cannot use ‘Trump’ and ‘wise’ in the same sentence without bursting into hysterical laughter. Heck yes, he would relish a race war in this country. Trump will actually be far, far away tomorrow, for he is going to Davos, Switzerland, to the World Economic Forum, another opportunity to embarrass the heck out of us. Sigh.

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