The bushfires and climate action

The Australian bushfires continue to burn. Last I heard, some 14 million acres had burned or were burning. The devastation and loss of wildlife are simply heartbreaking. Our friend Anne Lawson has written a highly informative post about it that I ask you to take a look at. There are several links to additional information, as well. Thank you, Anne, for this excellent post and for all the information. Keep safe, my friend.

Anne Lawson Art

You know that there are mega-fires burning in Australia.

You know that fires have been burning for months now.

You know that lives have been lost, many houses burnt and huge areas of bush land scorched. If you would like to read more depth about the fires, including the background to the extended fire season and the extent of the fires and scary videos, read this article and/or this one. My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones and their worlds. And a huge amount of gratitude to the fire fighters who have done such an incredible job, sometimes sacrificing their lives.

You know too that the generosity of people from around the world has been overwhelming. More about donations later.

So, read elsewhere for the facts and figures; I want to give you my opinions.

There have been horrifying images of injured and dead…

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8 thoughts on “The bushfires and climate action

  1. We needed climate action 30 years ago. Now, it is not going to be about anything but survival. Will that be ours at the expense of everything else… That is looking like the plan of Governments. How stupid that is!! To be honest, the only way that I see some sort of survival for our current flora and fauna, is to stop all power production now. That means ending our civilisation. Many people would die because of that… But maybe, just maybe, a few would survive, and so would the wildlife perhaps. There is one problem though… That is the aresol masking effect.

    Right now much of the air pollution in our atmosphere is protecting us (ironically) from the sun’s rays, while also locking in the heat produced here on earth.

    Simply switching to clean fuels (solar, wind, etc), will still create heat… And without the aresol masking effect after the pollution drops out of the air in as little as three weeks, the added sun radiation will heat us up even faster.
    World Governments know this… And they don’t want us to know. It is a death sentence to everything. This is why Governments are rolling things out slowly, and it is the real reason that Scott Morrison is a coal lover. He thinks pollution will save him, at least for a while. All Governments do!


    • It was a great post because you wrote from the heart! I tried three times to reblog it on Friday and Saturday, and it wouldn’t go, but I gave it one final try today and it worked fine. Thanks again, Anne. My heart breaks for your country. 😥


    • This was a great post Ann. All our hearts are with you in Australia. The world is mourning the loss of wildlife and habitat. Yes, I have seen all the terrible images.

      The so called ‘arsenist’ theories are a misnomer. The fires start when people are careless or just don’t see the risks (for whatever reason). What is most telling is how the climate changes have set Australia up to be a tinder box of apocalyptic proportions. While people see water running out of their taps, they are not aware of the depletion of its life giving force out on the land. With or without fire, lack of water will kill everything. This is a new reality that we need to face up to in a constantly heating planet.

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  2. It’s been a major shock to me to learn just how many people have been arrested to do with arson or insufficient care during this time.
    Police in New South Wales released a statement disclosing that since Nov. 8, 2019, 183 people, including 40 juveniles, have been charged with 205 bushfire-related offenses. Of the 183, 24 people have been charged with deliberately setting fires. According to police, of the 183, another “53 people have had legal actions for allegedly failing to comply with a total fire ban,” and an additional “47 people have had legal actions for allegedly discarding a lighted cigarette or match on land.”

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    • Yes, you’d think people would be doing everything possible to use extreme caution under the circumstances, but old habits, such as tossing a cigarette out the car window, etc., die hard. I am disappointed, though, that many are using the statistics you just stated, to claim that the fires are not attributable to climate change, and that simply is not the case. When the statistics were released, many jumped on that band wagon, including our own DT Junior. Sigh.


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