The Sham Trial Begins

I gave you my take on the impeachment trial, the dog-and-pony show yesterday, but I thought it would be interesting to read Jeff’s perspective as well. He and I think a lot alike, and even use some of the same verbiage, but since he is actually listening to the trial (what a way to spend your vacation, eh?) he has a bit better view of the participants. Thanks Jeff … good work!

On The Fence Voters

Reflections from the car

So here we are my friends. Finally, the President of the United States is being held to account. The impeachment trial is in progress and it’s heartening to see the Republican Party stepping up to the plate to make sure he answers for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. My sarcasm vein is ready to burst!

Seriously, though,  I wanted to quickly share some thoughts from yesterday’s sham trial in the United States Senate. And I’m going to do it from a different perspective. Yesterday, my better half and I departed on a vacation to Southern California. The trip is a long one from the Pacific Northwest, and we’re driving.

Instead of watching it on TV, we listened to the proceedings on the radio, in the car for over six hours. To some, that might be considered torture. To me…

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8 thoughts on “The Sham Trial Begins

    • Hey Scott! Well, I don’t agree, but let me ask you a couple of things. First, do you want to see Trump remain in office? Do you believe he is an honest man who is actually doing good things for this country? And lastly, since you don’t approve of the way the impeachment has been handled, what would you have done differently? Rather than just name-calling, or making accusations that may or may not have merit, let’s open up a conversation here, okay?


  1. But this will make you proud if you haven’t already seen it. Such a fine decent man. Too bad he is not running for president…

    9 min. Worth a listen even though we know the outcome of all this. But men of integrity still exist, just not in the Republican Party.


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  3. I can’t bear to watch this trial… It is like watching a terrible ‘Chimp Tea Party.’ You know that at the end, chaos will ensue and the chimps sent off to their cages to cool off by outraged zoo keepers! The US is imprisoned by Trumpolitics.

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    • I haven’t watched more than a few clips, for frankly I don’t have either the time or the patience for it. If I watched an hour of it, I would likely have thrown my laptop through a wall. As it is, just reading the summary at the end of each day is enough to make me go kick something! My hope is that we chimps will get our dander up and fight!

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    • It does, but it must be allowed to play out, with as much evidence made public as possible, for the public needs to know just how much corruption exists in their government. The stakes are high here … the future of life on the planet, as it were.

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