Saturday Surprise — Minis & Critters

Good Saturday morning and welcome to, at long last …weekend

I came across something the other night so amazing I just had to share it with you!  I’d like to introduce you to Chris Toledo …Chris-ToledoChris has three things that I don’t have:  unlimited patience, artistic talent, and lots of time.  Chris has had a love of art and architecture ever since childhood, and he has combined the two to do some amazing miniatures.  Says Chris …

“Each model I create starts with extensive research of the era and time period I’m trying to recreate. Over the years I’ve collected home plans and building guides from the early 20th century to make sure my pieces are 100% accurate representations of the past.  The process for building my pieces is much like building an actual house or room. I start with simple layout drawings to make sure everything flows cohesively and harmoniously.

From there, I create a more detailed blueprint which I eventually construct on a 3D computer modeling program. This helps me visualize each project and allows me to make any changes before I begin construction of the actual piece.

I remember going to Disneyland as a child and being totally fascinated with the miniature buildings along the Storybook Canal Ride. About that same time, I discovered the world of dollhouse miniatures and I loved the idea of being able to build these tiny creations myself. I began with kits that I would find at local hobby stores and eventually moved onto creating my own designs,”

Take a look at some of his work …art-1art-2art-3art-4art-5art-6art-7art-8art-9art-10art-11art-12

Isn’t that just amazing?

I checked, but could not find what his pieces sell for, nor where he sells them, though he has a presence on both Pinterest and Etsy.  I’m sure it’s far out of my price range, whatever the price!  But isn’t this man super-talented?

So many tragic, heartbreaking stories of loss of wildlife have come out of Australia in recent months, but every now and then there is one with a happy ending.  Such is the tale of seven wallaby babies who lost their moms in the fires and are now in the tender, loving care of a non-profit organization, Agile Project, whose efforts are to rescue and care for wallabies.

According to project manager, Shai Ager …

“They’ve pretty much ‘bunny hopped’ from carer to carer up the coastline because we put a call out saying we’re here to help and take on joeys if needed.  When they first arrived in our care, they were very stressed as they’d all experienced some type of trauma. A few of them had some minor injuries but considering what they had been through, they were still in high spirits.”

wallabies-1As the joeys settled in and made themselves comfortable, their rescuers decided to give them all names — and wanted those names to pay tribute to all the people who have done so much to help Australia during this crisis.wallabies-2The two boy joeys were named Andrew and Geoffrey, after two firefighters who lost their lives. The five girls were named after Chris Hemsworth, Ash Barty, Margot Robbie, Celeste Barber and Rebel Wilson, to acknowledge the celebrities who have helped during this time of great need. Everyone at the Agile Project hoped the gesture would show how grateful they are for the support and showcase exactly who all that support is helping.wallabies-3The seven babies have since been placed with different carers through the Agile Project and are getting the help and healing they need. They’ll be released back into the wild once they’re around 14 months old, in an area that’s safe from the destruction of the fires. In the meantime, they’ll have lots of space to relax and tons of blankets to keep them cozy.

And speaking of those Australian bushfires …

Magpies are Australian birds who, rather like parrots, are known for mimicking songs and sounds that they hear in their environment.  Take a look at what this magpie has learned …

It’s sad that the bird has heard so many sirens of late that he’s got that act down pat.

And … I cannot end a Saturday Surprise without a cute animal video, now can I?  This one is actually a short compilation from back in 2016, but cute nonetheless.

Now … go enjoy the heck out of your weekend, for Monday will be here all too soon!

28 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Minis & Critters

  1. I had lovely doll houses that my Father built for my sisters and myself, that later were enjoyed by my two daughters as they were the only granddaughters…but, not anywhere near these works of art by Chris Toledo! I love the photos with either his hand or an object added to emphasize the small scale of the pieces. I cannot imagine how long it takes to complete a room, never mind the entire house. This man is talented! The joeys are too cute, how could you not want to care for them? Adorable video too! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the miniatures and the joeys! What happened to the dollhouses you once had after the girls outgrew them? Do you still have them? Yes, Chris Toledo’s work astounded me … I would never have the patience (nor the steadiness of hand) to do that. And the joeys … as you said, how could one not fall in love with then? I had hoped Benjamin might be with you this morning, for I thought he would enjoy the joeys. Hugs!


  2. Jill, if one did not read the script, they would scroll down and be surprised by the giant hand in the rooms. They are so well done. I love the saved joeys. The wild fires take so much. Thanks for sharing. Keith

    Liked by 2 people

    • That’s what happened to me … I glanced at the photo first, thought surely the hand must have been photoshopped in, and was surprised to read the article and find out the truth. Yes, my heart breaks when I think of the lost wildlife, so any bit of good news helps.


  3. Very sad about the fires down under — but delighted to know there are those who care. And it is also good to know that there are artists among us who don’t regard art as simply the act of throwing paint on canvas in a random fashion or placing urinals in a museum! Remarkable young man.

    Liked by 2 people

    • The loss of wildlife is heartbreaking, but as you say, it’s good to know there are those trying to rescue and care for the displaced critters. Wasn’t the attention to detail and talent amazing? I am in awe … heck, I would never find the patience to even make that table he showed us! Enjoy your weekend, my friend. Got snow?


    • Thank you! I don’t think many had dollhouses quite so intricate and detailed … I’m still trying, just out of curiosity, to find what he charges for them. Yes, a little hope … tragic loss of wildlife in the past few months 😥

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  4. I thought the room was real till I scrolled down and a giant hand appeared. Perhaps Chris will miniaturise himself so he can enjoy living in his dream mansion.
    Knitters and sewers in Britain and no doubt elsewhere have been busy making pouches of all sizes for the many orphaned animals. Wouldn’t we all like to have a little joey and carry it around tied toys like parents do with their babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was the same … when I first saw it, I thought perhaps the hand had been photoshopped into the picture, until I read the article. Amazing talent … and patience! Agreed … I could so easily fall in love with a joey … my heart breaks for the number of lives lost so far in the fires, and it isn’t over yet. 😥

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